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Published: June 9th 2015
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Monday, June 8we had a free day, so decided to drive up to College Station, Texas to visit Texas A&M University, and in particular, the President George H.W. Bush library and museum. It was a beautiful day, and as we got farther from the coast the country became more hilly. Ranches and beautiful grazing grasses made for a typically Texas kind of day. Somehow, cattle grazing in the field makes one think all is well in the world (not so!).

Texas A&M used to be known for its agricultural programs and its military training for its students. NOW, it is one of the premier educational institutions in the state of Texas. While President Bush (#41, not #43) did NOT attend the school (He is a Yalie), he is a transplant from the east coast to Texas, and loves the school's spirit and commitment to educational quality. So, he chose this as the location for his presidential library. The museum's displays are excellent and it is not difficult to admire the man and his life and work. He continues to live in the Houston area with his wife Barbara, who just turned 90 on Monday.

Two sculptures outside the building were quite striking. One features horses escaping over a broken wall. Entitled "The Day the Wall Came Down," it represents the fall of the Berlin wall during Bush's presidency. The other sculpture is a very well done representation of the man himself - not dramatic - just a man standing with his hand in his pocket.

All-in-all, a good day. The Texas highway system continues to boggle the mind, and many construction projects are ongoing on the road system as well as business and new home construction. Houston is growing like crazy, and its a good place for our kids to be and for the grandchildren to grow up. There are many opportunities here, and the educational systems are very good. We're having a great visit.

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The Day the Wall came downThe Day the Wall came down
The Day the Wall came down

Beautiful statue representing FREEDOM the day the Berlin wall came down.
United Methodist Church 01United Methodist Church 01
United Methodist Church 01

Tall spire reaching to the sky
United Methodist Church 03United Methodist Church 03
United Methodist Church 03

Education building
Entrance gate to a Texas ranchEntrance gate to a Texas ranch
Entrance gate to a Texas ranch

Beautiful tree-lined driveway into the ranch.

12th June 2015

June blog to Texas.
Thanks for taking us along on your journey through the blog. Wonderful and very interesting about the history of the university. Travel mercies.

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