Summer 2K12 No Regretz

Published: May 21st 2012
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So here we go... My first attempt at blogging.

I leave for France in 4 days you guys... what??? I'm sure I'll get no sleep Thursday night just thinking about all the things I could possibly forget. I finally bought a quick phrases book for France, Germany, and Italy yesterday, and I successfully sang the German version of Happy Birthday to my roommate. So I'm basically fluent. But in all reality I'm scared to death of getting lost at the train station and not knowing how to talk to anyone.

So for anyone who might actually decide to read this, I'll just give a quick summary of what you can expect over the next several weeks.

For starters I'll be taking International Finance and International Business at the Universite de Strasbourg in none other than Strasbourg, France. I shall be residing at Citadines Apart'Hotel and it looks pretty tight. Here's the link if you're interested:

Apart from the school aspect, which I'm sure will not be of much interest to most of you, I will get to go on some pretty awesome professional visits such as the Mercedes Benz headquarters in Germany. Maybe a quick test drive on the autobahn? I'll try my best. And then of course we have our weekends off. I'm pretty set on what I'm planning on doing, but this trip is all about spontenaity right? So here's the gist:

June 1-4: Cologne/Bad Honnef, Germany (I have a friend who lives here so I'll be setting off on my own to spend time with her and her family)

June 8-10: Prague, Czech Republic

June 14-17: Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium

June 21-24: Rome, Italy

There you go! You can officially stalk me around Europe if you so desire. Please don't though. We don't need a Taken situations on our hands. Plus I'm pretty tough and I'll be carrying pepper spray. So goodbye for now! Next time you hear from me I'll be sitting in a cafe eating a CROISSANT (that was for you, Sarah) and wearing a beret.


22nd May 2012

fun fun fun!!!
Sounds like a great journey --can't wait to continue to read your blog! Jackie c…
24th May 2012

Bon Voyage
Love your pre-trip summary and we'll be anxious to 'follow-you' on your "walk-about" GO SEE DO !!! You are precious!

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