What I'm Packing

Published: July 15th 2009
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What I'm packingWhat I'm packingWhat I'm packing

The big items
Imagine trying to pack everything you need for a year of travelling in all seasons and backcountry hiking into into a carry-on bag. Most hikers wind up with 40+ pounds for just a weekend trip. My pack weighs 28 lbs fully loaded and I feel like I'm packing way too light but I've got everything I really need. Most round-the-world travellers pack very light in effort to move fast and easy, and by their standards 28lbs might even be a little heavy. However I will be spending quite a bit of time travelling in the backcountry so I need to carry more than just clothes and a guidebook. Here's what I'm packing:

55L backpack 2/3 full
Small but uncofortable sleeping pad
Thin sleep sheet
Bowl, spoon, cooking stuff
Water bottles
Bleach, iodine, and ceramic water filter
Leatherman pocketkife
Carry-on daypack
Malaysia guidebook, mandarin language book

Clothes- including what's on my back
Trail running shoes- think hiking boot crossed with a running shoe but less ugly
2 t-shirts, 1 long shirt
Warm jacket
Rain Jacket
Long pants, shorts
2 Socks, 1 long leech socks (for jungle treks)
3x underwear
That's it for clothes! I don't any more
What I'm PackingWhat I'm PackingWhat I'm Packing

The little stuff
than this

SLR camera
-It's about 1/4 of my pack but it takes such nice photos
Small pocket size camera
30 gigs of memory

Small Stuff:
Spare glasses
Cell phone for emergencies
Chargers and adapters
Malaysia guidebook
Thumb drive loaded with e-tickets, documents, and electronic pdf guidebooks

Emergency/med/repair kit
Enough malaria meds to keep a hippo safe
Prescription strength antibiotics
Sterile needles, syringes, sutures for 3rd world countries
Leatherman pocketknife

Thats all! I don't really need much more. If space and weight were not an issue I would like to bring a small tent, sleeping bag, and more warm clothes. However, I have strict baggage weight restrcitions to meet so I must cut weight somewhere. If weight was really not an issue I'd bring a climbing rope and rack of gear, belayer, and skis. It will be a shame to pass by so many top notch climbing destinations and only stare up from a trail. Oh well, maybe next year.

I'm new at blogging on this website so I will try a few links and photos to make sure everything is working.

My complete photo collection
Popout set of photo collection


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