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North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis February 7th 2021

The Memphis BBQ Food Scene is very much a large part of The River City. A BBQ joint is seemingly on every corner and fills every nook and cranny of Memphis. Although larger cities probably have more BBQ places, Memphis certainly has the largest rib joint to per capita percentage in the nation. With just under one million residents in Memphis and surrounding suburbs, that is a bold statement, just like some of the sauces we tasted! Just thinking about it can make your mouth water….superbly slow-cooked meat with a sauce that is just this side of heaven. Meat that literally falls off the bone, having been subjected to several hours of magical heat made possible utilizing the finest wood available. Such is the artistry of preparing barbequed ribs. With great pride many states claim to ... read more
Central BBQ Ranks #1
Memphis Barbecue Co Ranks #2
Great slaw and Mac and Cheese

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 21st 2020

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato Our latest adventure takes us to a very special place if you're a fan of certain genres of music. We were safely "isolating" on the beach in Florida when the call came in ... would Dave like to work at a pediatric hospital ..... in Memphis? This was too much to pass up, both professionally and because of the special types of music in this city. Memphis is a very special place and is aptly titled the “Home of the Blues” is located in the southwest corner of Tennessee and sits on the mighty Mississippi River. Deep in the heartland of America, rich in history, Memphis is a stone’s throw to both the Arkansas and ... read more
Elvis's Pink Cadillac
Issac Hayes
Sun Records

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 3rd 2019

We had an extra half day in Memphis which was very welcome as there is so much to see and do. The bad news is that we can’t get up to Red Wing and Minneapolis because of the flooding. A number of the docks in the towns we were scheduled to stop at are under water. The good news is that we have an alternative - shortly we will be changing course and sailing up the Ohio River and finishing on the same date in Cincinnati. The riverboat company will just change our flight from Minneapolis to Chicago to Cincinnati to Chicago. I have to say I am not surprised as the river has risen a few inches as we have been sailing north instead of receding as expected. So a new adventure awaits us. One ... read more
A rather long barge to get under the bridge
The Lorraine Motel
Balcony where Martin Luther King was shot

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 1st 2019

Being in Memphis, Tennessee we just had to visit Graceland, the home of Elvis and weren’t disappointed. The house itself is very gracious and homely. As far as mansions go it is quite modest. He bought it for his parents and the last person to live in it was his Grandmother who outlived them all not dying until 1980 aged 90. The decoration inside is just as it was when she lived there. Stunning peacock stained glass windows separated the lounge from a small side room. The photos tell the story best. I didn’t realise he was the surviving baby of twins, his brother being stillborn. In the Rock and Soul Museum in the city (Graceland is only 15 mins out of town) you could listen to songs, two in particular, Blue Moon of Kentucky, and ... read more
Lounge with peacock windows
Fireplace in the lounge

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis September 29th 2018

Today we drove to Memphis. We left, as usual, 3 hours past the time we thought we would, but the drive was beautiful. It was sunny and 71 degrees. Once we got through the Arkansas mountains, it was all flat cotton fields as far as the eye could see. The cotton looked ready to be picked with the full, fluffy branches. Neither of us had been down this way in years so it was neat to see again. We drove most of the way with the windows half down. We stopped in Jonesboro, Arkansas (population around 67,000) at a small Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market so Kamie could use the bathroom and he grabbed a hot dog at the deli. He’s a cheap date - $1 hot dog with free mustard. 😊 We sorta fell in love with ... read more
Green Elevator
The Pyramid

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 2nd 2018

We were pushing south as fast as we could. When passing through Memphis we stopped off to see Elvis’ house.... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis May 21st 2018

Monday morning, May 20th, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. When we checked in last night at the hotel, I asked the check-in clerk what things we might see or do here before driving to Memphis. She confirmed that the movie "Gone Girl" was filmed here and that there was a route to see some of the filming sites. I also asked about Rush Limbaugh, since I knew this was his hometown. She quickly asked, "Are you a big conservative?" A little surprised, I answered yes. Then she told me that she attended Hillsdale College, a private university in Michigan. I told her that I had completed many of the Hillsdale College on-line classes. It is a small college but one of the best schools in the USA for study of the Constitution and American history. The hotel ... read more
Cape Giradeau, Missouri
Cape Giradeau, Missouri
Cape Giradeau, Missouri

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis August 11th 2017

I know, I'm serious late on blogging, our little visit to Memphis is actually a full month late! You are going to laugh, we have already left the States, I've seen whales underwater on scuba diving this week-end, and I'm writing this between two meetings in Congo! It's a small world, one in which I'm really busy lately! We did the long five hours drive from New Orleans to Memphis. This implied for us crossing the all length of Mississippi from South to North. We stay mainly on the Interstate, beside a short stop to lunch in the middle. Well, I can say that from this short experience, Mississippi has a lot of trees! This is mainly what we saw on the road. You come to Memphis for Elvis or for Martin Luther King. I know, ... read more
One of these iconic places in the States....
Beale Street, we walk in, and out...
You remember Rosa Parks? This is the bus!

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis June 30th 2017

We started off with a authentic southern breakfast at Nashville Biscuit house. The Biscuits and Sausage gravy were tasty as expected. Jamie even got to try some grits and country gravy although the boujee Jamie was not into either. We had way too much to eat once again on our vacation. Then it was off to Memphis. We had some time to kill before stopping for the reason we were visiting Memphis (more food) so we instead went to the biggest bass pro shop I have ever seen that is housed in a giant pyramid. Mike purchased a very high class trucker hat and we got moon pie's. Was a good way to waste 90 min or so as our bellies made space. Then we are off to Central BBQ for the Memphis specialty. We had ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis April 27th 2017

Lots of good pictures at the end of this one - scroll on after you read. On our walk around the Fulton campground the night before we left, Kim and I spoke to a man whose license plate was DINGOUT. Guess what he does? He and his wife travel around the country following the severe hail storms, repairing dings in automobiles, RVs, etc. We told him about Elvis’ birthplace, he told us about Sun Records. Broke camp early (for us, anyway) and were on the road by 9:30. Only about 100 mile trip from Fulton MS to Memphis TN. Seen along the road near Memphis was an ad for FOSTERS AUTO BODY in RED BANKS. I lived on Foster Street in Red Bank, NJ. That was an omen; I’m still trying to figure out for what, ... read more
storm map courtesy weatherbug.  We were blue dot
lightning map courtesy sparks
Elvis' TV in the dining room!

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