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They came from near and far for the Atkins reunion. Roberta from Green Valley, AZ; Judy from San Luis Obispo, CA; Linda from Northville, SD; Susan and Kevin from Sausalito, CA; Mike from Sioux Falls, SD; Annette and Tom from London, UK; Tom and Leila and granddaughter Aleila from Sioux Falls, SD; Mary and Bob from Sioux Falls, SD; Betsy and Tim from Minneapolis, MN; Teresa and Matt from Des Moines, IA; Steve and daughter Ellie from New Plymouth, New Zealand. Our sister Peggy was there in spirit from heaven. After lots of searching, we found just the right place for the reunion: the Black Hills of South Dakota. We rented three houses with four bedrooms each. The Gilded Mountain Residences were just the right size for our daily get togethers and our nightly dinners. Each ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood March 6th 2013

Once upon a time, and as I have mentioned a few times throughout my previous blogs, we decided to go on a big long roadtrip – the furthest we’d ever driven one way! From Calgary to Halifax, Nova Scotia, but primarily through the United States. The problem with roadtrips is backtracking…in my opinion… The roadtrip is really fun and exciting the entire time, UNTIL it’s time to come home, and then I just want to be home. Instantly So, we decided to by a “disposable” car. It was 1984 Ford Marquis, purchased for $400. It was SO comfortable – it passed inspection – perfect! Our plan was to drive it one way, and, if it made it in a decent shape, donate it once we were ready to come home, and then fly home. It was ... read more
Daisy Deux looking on
Entering deadwood
Original tombstone

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood June 17th 2012

Time to recap the past 48 hours or so! On Thursday, I attended a meeting for Green and Gold Days (Orientation/Welcome Week) and agreed to help my supervisor with some projects for that, coming up with new ideas, etc. Then, I attended a "Garden Party" lunch where the campus garden intern and the director of food services talked about the campus garden, plans for that, healthy eating, and new ideas for the fall semester. That afternoon, I helped weed in the campus garden for 2 hours, then I showered and took off for Deadwood to see my cousin! My cousin, Erin, was in Deadwood the past few days for a conference - at the end of the night, I still didn't really understand what type, so I'm just going to say some medical type conference and ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood September 6th 2011

And you can just picture it! – marvellous. Lots of the original buildings have been restored or replicated following fires. If you ignore the sounvenir shop fronts and look up at the buildings you can see what it must have been like originally. They even have cut out figures in the top windows of some of the saloon/gambling houses! For those of you who like us watched the tv series Deadwood, The Gem even has the balcony out front overlooking main street where Ian McShane used to sit! Seth Bullock’s Hotel is still there. We went up to Mt. Moriah cemetery and saw the graves of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and her friend the ‘madam’. Bit disullsiouned to find out that Calamity Jane and Wild Bill didn’t really know each other, I much prefer the ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood August 20th 2011

Deadwood is located less than an hours drive west of Rapid City. It is a historic place and is the town in which Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down. In fact he is buried in the local cemetery, Mt. Moriah, along with Calamity Jane and Potato Creek Johnny. Because of this, the cemetery is a tourist attraction. The Adams House and Museum are located a few blocks apart and are both worth a visit. The house, built in 1892, is built in the Queen Anne style and is quite a charming old place. It is not as large as a Victorian Mansion but is quite spacious. Harris and Anna Franklin built it and later sold it to their son, Nathan, in 1905. In 1920 he sold the house to W.E. and Alice Adams. Adams' first wife ... read more
tiger at the wildlife sanctuary

Made our way east into Sturgis/Deadwood area and pulled into our nicest campground yet. A really nice place called Rush-No More Campground. It is a great campground..lots of trees, hot tubs and a bar. You can't ask for more than that!! We unhooked the car and headed straight to Deadwood. What an awesome is a national historic area and trys to duplicate it's old western heritage. We watched a gunfight in the streets and had a beer next to a re-enactment of Wild Bill Hickok being shot in saloon number 10. It is a fun town with casinos, restaurants and bars. There was a big concert in town...Gretchen Wilson so the town was packed. Went up to the old cemetary and saw the graves of Wild Bill, Clamity Jane , Madam Dora Dufran and Charlie ... read more

Adams Museum Today was a day for contrasts; different traditions of the American west. I spent the early part in the Wild West, Deadwood. The Adams Museum tells the story of the town. It’s named for a mining executive who founded the museum in the 1930s, W.E. Adams. The museum is filled with items of all sorts, ranging from the deeply profound to the inane. All of it is packed closely together. Fans of western lore could get lost in here. The first part talks about Deadwood as myth and url= The town was founded in 1875 and quickly rose to prominence. During this time, the rest of the country was feeling nostalgia for a vanishing frontier. Deadwood fit perf... read more
Wild Bill Hickok
Calamity Jane
Deadwood Chinese

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood August 9th 2010

Sturgis 70th Black Hills Rally 2010 Hi here I am in Sturgis, South Dakota, I have had a great 4 days and am now holed up under shelter at Cabalas, from an eminent thunderstorm, while on my way to pick up Tony from Rapid City Airport. I hope he is not taking Strings job as the ‘Rain Maker’? The weather has been fine up to now. The Rally this year is much bigger than last year, but has given me the chance to catch up with a lot of folk from the past years, and to meet new friends along the way. I will let the photos tell most about the event. It was a bloody long way here this year and Raewyn (Bones) has written how she nearly got sucked in…… NEARLY SUCKED Auckland ... read more
Rosco and Bones
I made it
From the South

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood June 25th 2010

After a 6 mile walk, we ate breakfast & headed to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs. An amazing find of creatures from long ago that fell in a sink hole & were preserved for future generations. Had a great lunch at "All Stars Grill & Pub" (not quite like the one in SA I'm told. This one is more of a family place.) We then headed to Deadwood by way of Rapid City. To make the most of the day, we listened to the sound track from Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. If you have never seen it, you are missing a great movie. Had a great dinner at Kevin Costner's Jakes in Deadwood. After contributing 6 bucks to the hotel's slot machines, spent the night at the Historic Bullock Hotel. More tomorrow!... read more
Murray Antoinette
Don't you just love Rubes?
Ahh, to look young again...

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood August 16th 2009

I am starting this blog while I am winging my way back to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the biggest motorcycle event in the USA. Raewyn and I came to this event for the first time in 1990, for the 50th, and have been back 4 times, the last being in 2000, for the 60th My Brother, Trapper, from a different Mother, that I first met up with when he was still living in North Carolina, but now lives in Lead, just outa Deadwood, with the love of his life, Hobby. Deadwood is my kinda town, somehow I just seem to 'fit in'over there. It only took a phone call from Trapper, a phone call to Hamish, my travel agent and one to the Qantas air points department and they confirmed that I had enough air points ... read more
Trapper and Hobby
Powder Blue
Up Spearfish Canyon

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