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Well, things don’t always go the way you want them to. My brother-in-law Raphael gave us a ride to the base around 9am to check in for the possible direct flight to Charleston. When we left, it was showing online as tentatively 0 seats, but we knew things changed, often at the last minute. Besides, there were at least two other flights to the U.S. that day. We camped out in the USO lounge, until 11am when they announced that there would be no Space A passengers allowed on the flight to Charleston, due to the nature of the cargo, whatever that meant. We’d asked the guy at the check-in counter when we arrived and he’d said if they weren’t taking passengers on that one, he’d sign us up for the Patriot Express flight to Norfolk ... read more

Well, it's that time again... vacation. This year we hope to catch a flight on Sunday from JB Charleston in South Carolina to Rota Spain. My wife is travelling with me this time to visit her family, while I try to wear out my feet again. Some of you may remember my trek 2 years ago on the Camino Frances. 500+ miles in 35 days, of enjoyment! I still communicate on a regular basis with some of the friends I made on that walk, but was unable to convince any of them to join me again this time. This time I'll be walking the Camino Portuguese. 360 miles from Lisbon Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, hopefully in about 25 days. We'll land at the naval base in Rota Spain, where hopefully my brother-in-law Antonio ... read more

Welcome to the South Carolina edition of our travel blog! We’ve been so busy having fun with Uncle Tom and Karen that no one has had the opportunity to write for a couple days. Monday morning we woke up in our very nice hotel room in Atlanta (a two-room suite with living room and kitchen at Homewood Suites). Breakfast was complimentary so we headed down to see what they had to offer. Scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, grits and/or oatmeal, all kinds of bread and cereal, and even a waffle station! Everyone loaded up on what they wanted for breakfast, and then we started packing back up for the long hike from Atlanta to Hilton Head in South Carolina. The drive didn’t feature any stops other than gas or food/snacks, nothing to write home about (haha) this ... read more
Oceanside hangout time
On the dock at Hudson’s before dinner. Note that Diego has had a long day of sun and fun at this point <3 ;)
So wonderful to get some family time in

Hi Everyone We left Virginia Massanutten yesterday and travelled to South Carolina,to Lake Marion,it took us about 7 hours. This area is a depressed region,where many of the people are quite poor,but they are so friendly and helpful. We have spent 2 nights here it’s a stop over before we travel to Orlando Florida Tommorrow. The guys went bike riding and had a great time. Glenys and I spent the morning watching the squirrels and birds on the Lake and turtles,there are also Alligators but we havnt seen any yet,!!and finished the morning swimming and sun bathing. We have seen some deer also. It will take us about 7 hours Tommorrow to Orlando,so I’d better get to bed pronto. Thank to all of you that have sent comments,it’s been lovely hearing from you. KS... read more

You're probably wondering about the title of this Blog page. The last time I was in Charleston- Karen and I took a Historic Charleston guided tour carriage ride. The young southern girl serving as our tour guide- pointed out a building which she said: "was a jail where they housed prisoners during the WAR of Northern Aggression". I of course raised my hand and said "excuse me Miss - do you mean the Civil war?" To which she promptly replied "Sir - down here we call it the WAR of Northern Aggression". The civil war began here in Charleston with the attack on Fort Sumter in 1861, so I decided to include the story in my title. The Charleston area was also a center point in the some of the key battles in Revolutionary war, indeed ... read more
The Irish Pub in Charleston _ Tommy Condon's Irish Pub
View from my room at the Marriott Courtyard Waterfront
Novel idea Charleston Chews in your room!

Arrived in Myrtle Beach SC about 4:00 PM after about 221 miles. I was blessed many times on the way down from NC, but the holy water 💦 didn’t last long and never enough that I needed any of my rain gear. The temp hit a high of 91 but for most of the ride the temp was in the low 80’s. The rain actually felt refreshing at times. I booked the Marriott Resort at Grand dunes. I originally booked one night but wisely decided to extend my stay for two nights before heading out In search of the perfect pint. I ended up at “The Ole Irish Pub” down in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Proprietor Jimmy Byrne (sp?) of Dublin. While I try the Guinness at the pubs I visit- the Guinness quest isn’t ... read more
Good sign when you can put your initials in the foam
Josh and Paul the Bartenters du Jour
Jim Brynes and Jim Ruetz

After a restless night’s sleep of maybe 4 to 5 hours, I climbed out of my Jeep, took care of the morning rituals, then packed everything up in my backpack. I grabbed a small cappuccino at Dunkin Donuts at the airport and hit the road around 8:30am. My backpack was obviously heavier than the fanny pack with 2 bottles that I’d used the day before. Just like yesterday, I had a printout of the route to walk, with verbal directions when to turn along with possible places to stop for lunch, water, or just a rest. My first stop was at QT at the end of GSP Drive to get a cold bottle of water to which I added my Emergen-C powder for flavor. I guess I hadn’t mentioned yet that I strongly dislike the taste ... read more
Passing by the Hertz lot
McDonalds for a brain freeze rest stop
Neat photo of a train track

4-Day Trial Walk: Day 1: I left the house a bit later than I’d wanted to… about 9:30am. After parking my car in the Hertz garage at Greenville Spartanburg Airport (GSP), I rode back home with my wife, get my stuff together and started walking around 11am. After walking through our lovely neighborhood, I continue down Neely Farm Road, past W. Georgia Road, until I decided to take a break at the SpinX gas station on E. Standing Springs Road around 12:30pm, where I took my shoes off while I enjoyed a Cheerwine Icee or Slurpee. Can you say brain freeze? LOL Along the way I met a little friend on the side of the road, see the photo. Fortunately although the snake had its head reared up and mouth open, it was quite dead. My ... read more
Pretty pond in our housing area
Leaving Neely Farms Housing
A "friend" I found on the road

Well, this fall I'll be off to Portugal to walk the Camino Portuguese. I've been walking 3 to 6 hours at a time, 1 to 3 times a week to keep me in shape, but felt I needed a little something extra. So, this Thursday, May 30th, I'm going to do a 4-day walk of about 64 miles all together, from my home in Simpsonville to Chimney Rock State Park. I was going to try a 21-mile a day walk for 3 days, but decided it was a bit much. In order to save money, but still keep it as realistic as possible, I'll the first two nights on the trail, so to speak. Thursday my wife will follow me to the Hertz airport garage in GSP, so I can leave my car there. I'll then ... read more

Well, this is it folks: the final leg of our Travels with Tortuga Tour. After a year and a half, 22,000 miles, (and only four countries visited!), Fi and I managed to limp our aging truck & camper to South Carolina, where she's safely tucked away in my parents' storage garage. It's been a wonderful trip - we've seen some incredible places, have made some lifelong friends along the way, and also found a place to call home in beautiful Ecuador. Tortuga Tour may be over, but we have a lot to look forward to in the near future...more of that later. Since Arizona, we plodded upwards to Zion National Park, then through Utah and into Colorado, where we spent some time mountain biking in Fruita, and visiting friends in Pagosa Springs and Colorado Springs before ... read more
Mule Deer in Zion National Park
Angel's Landing hike, Zion NP
Zion National Park

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