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North America » United States » South Carolina » Santee April 19th 2019

I wrote the following over several days, so it might not flow as well as others I have written, and I finished it up when I got home. Seems like my iphone really chewed up data while I was at Santee SP, and I used it sparingly. I am now home and can add the few photos I need to easily. Read on: Friday found us using another segment of our Atlanta CityPass and touring Fernbank, a Natural History museum with walking gardens. The special dinosaur exhibit was amazing. Featuring the flying Pterosaurs, there were many mini films, interactive displays, and hands on features pleasing to both children and crusty old seniors. We were told there were 500 kids there that day for class trips, and they were loud. Being an experienced Nana Field Trip Chaperone, ... read more
Bobbi flying like a pterosaur
selfie at Confederate monument

April 2019 With the Spring months rolling in, my wife and I were starting to get the craving to go to the beach. We hadn't had a chance to go at all that year, and the incoming warm weather was looking like the perfect opportunity for us to finally get away. However, the problem with last minute trips to the beach is the outrageous prices for beachside hotels. We looked at AirBnB but had no luck considering it was just days away until the weekend. I guess that's what we get for trying to book last minute... Suddenly, we got an idea! What if we camped! Being an East Tennessee native, camping was a regular thing for us, and we had all the equipment necessary, but we had never camped anywhere other than the mountains; this ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston January 25th 2019

This is a trip I did a few years ago. Starting from my little village North of Montreal, Canada, to explore sites in Virginia, both Carolinas, Georgia and North Florida. There are thousands of people from Quebec going to Florida every year in the winter, but they never explore other states on the way. For my part, I think one's can find interesting places a bit everywhere on earth, if you learn a bit on these places. One thing I ever wanted to see was cotton fields. We all know the horrible history of slavery in the US, and many suffered to work in these fields. I saw my first cotton fields in Goldsboro ,North Carolina. This is a peculiar plant: The cotton fibers on the plants look like popcorn, and this is quite beautiful. We ... read more
Magnolia's Garden main house
Magnolia's Garden oak alley
Nice house in Paris, Virginia

North America » United States » South Carolina » York November 15th 2018

We arrived at Ebenezer Park on Lake Wylie on Nov 14 and got a nice spot with a view of the lake. There were a few other campers and the plan was to spend 1 night then continue traveling North to WV Thursday. It rained hard all night as we slept. We decided to stay an extra day and wait out the weather at there were snow reports in WV. The weather cleared up some Thursday and gave us some time to walk along the lakefront and check out the area. Lake Wylie is a large lake over 12,000 acres and provides all types of activities. It was in the 40’s (F) so there were only a few boaters fishing. This would be a great spot to spend more time during the warmer summer months. The ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Yemassee October 27th 2018

And we are off again. Make sure you are buckled up. Before we left Fort Chiswell Campground, Lulu had to have a photo op. She spied a herd of cows behind where we were parked. I thought I had heard mooing. Lulu ran over (best she could - no legs) to pet them....and scared them away! She jumped up on the post (best she could - no legs) and posed for her picture. She was happy. As we returned to the RV, I noticed the black cows now were replaced by white sheep. Like a magic show. No more pictures....the scenery might change again. We left the park at 9:30 AM. It was cool, overcast but NO rain. Whew. Oh...hey, I forgot a photo in yesterday’s blog so you will get to see it now. Lucky, ... read more
Parked at Fort Chiswell Campground
Lulu poses on the post in front of the cows
White sheep replacing black cows

North America » United States » South Carolina » Simpsonville September 29th 2018

We were awake by 6am and ready to go. Sean had to leave for work by 7am and Alina was going with us to try again to get out of Ramstein. When we arrived, we saw our old C5 flight, plus the one that had been rescheduled 4 or 5 days, and a C17 to McGuire through Canada. The McGuire flight only showed 14 seats, tentative, so we weren't holding our breaths. As the morning went by, the rescheduled both the C5 flights and the C17 still showed 14 seats, so a number of folks left for greener pastures, including most of the folks that had been ticketed for our cancelled C5 from yesterday. The three of us, Alina, my wife, and I, decided to stick it out and see if we might possibly make the ... read more
Gander Intl Airport, Canada
Our Rental Car Crew; Connie, Jim, Me, Manoli & Billy Ray

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 12th 2018

Growing up in Charleston, a coastal city with large areas that are at or below sea level in elevation, one learns to respect hurricanes. We moved here in 1952, moved away for two years 1954-6, then back here permanently. So we missed Hazel. But we were here for Gracie. At that time we were living in the apartment building on Dunneman Avenue on the Citadel campus. Only the practice football field lay between us and the railroad tracks. At night we heard the poor lion in the small Hampton Park zoo with his coughing roar. Transistor radios were relative rarities, and computers for the home were not yet invented. So what guidance we got was from the television (as long as the station, and we, had power) and from the radio. Radio was mostly AM at ... read more
Hurricane Gracie Charleston SC 092959-Edit

North America » United States » South Carolina » Myrtle Beach September 10th 2018

Whenever my husband and I get the opportunity, we enjoy taking long weekend trips together. Sometimes we go with the children and other times, if we have family members willing to help keep them, we will sneak away for some alone time. A few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to travel to Myrtle Beach and nearby Wilmington, North Carolina for a long weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. In the decade that we have been married, we have gone every February to this area of the Carolina coast. However, this past year we were not able to go on our annual beach vacation because my husband had just changed jobs and didn’t have the time off accrued yet. So, this was a little delayed but a much appreciated respite! We stayed where we always ... read more
Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
Calabash Seafood Hut
Rose Hill Inn Room

The summer is nearing a close over here in North Carolina, and the kids had their first day back to school today! They are in the two-year-old class and the four-year-old class at the local preschool and they love it! Yet, before we went back to school and officially welcomed in the fall season, we were able to squeeze in one last beach trip as a family! We are fortunate to have a close family friend who owns a condo at the beach. While we are used to traveling to south Myrtle Beach for our family coastal getaways, we were invited this time to go with them to nearby Litchfield Beach. This is near Pawley’s Island, on the south part of the South Carolina shore. I had been to Pawley’s Island about 20 years ago, when ... read more
Litchfield at the Sea
Saltwater Pool
Our Family at the Fallen Tree

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston September 3rd 2018

This year we decided to take our vacation traveling the Romantic Road in Germany, with a few extra stops afterwards. Unlike other years, now that I am retired, we did not book our flight. Instead, we decided to fly Military Space Available, or Space A. Because I am retired military, I have the benefit of being able to fly on a military plane to anywhere they go, for free. My wife can also fly, but only with me, and only to destinations outside the United States and return. I found out that Hawaii and Alaska don't count as inside the U.S. or CONUS, so she can also fly with me to those destinations. Before you get all envious (if you aren't retired military), let me add a few important details. As I said, we can only ... read more

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