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North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast June 1st 2012

Day 6 Rainy, Soggy, & Wet Disappointed! Disappointed with a capital D! Mother Nature has again put a wrench in our planned activities. She really needs to get with the program and follow the itinerary as outlined – I do not have room for deviations or major changes. I am beyond disappointed – I am mad. It has rained ALL night and ALL day. A thick cloud of rain and fog has been with us the entire day – all 325+ miles. This was the one day that we really needed sunshine – or at least not steady cloud cover – this was our day – the only day - to see the coast line and all it’s wondrous sights. Most of the sights remained unseen. So, with that said, there is not too much to ... read more
Oregon Coastal Highway
Puffin birds on cliff edge
Oregon Coast

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast May 27th 2009

My guidebook told me that at the Natural Bridge Viewpoint the trail at the south end of the parking lot would take me to a spectacular viewpoint. I grabbed my camera and backpack, and set out. I like “spectacular”. The trail started out fine, then it narrowed. Then it split. I stood for a moment, then decided the most likely way would be toward the sound of the ocean. Although, with these trails, the most likely way is not always the right way—I’d found they can meander in ways you’d never guess, they can go on for miles, they can dwindle to nothing, or they can exceed your wildest expectations. And the signage generally sucks. I thought I did well to actually carry my Moon travel guide with me in the car, but in this case, ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast April 29th 2009

After an absurdly brief overnight in Portland I set out for Flint Rock, California, taking the 101 down from Lincoln City, Or. My trusty mileage map said it was just over five hundred miles. I knew that it would take longer than the 8.5 hours projected because I'd have to stop and stretch my legs, and grab a beer or two (for later) at the Rogue Ales Public House in Newport. ... read more
Sea Lion Cave?
Cape Blanca
Actually we just hid right around back.

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast September 26th 2008

My trip from Ocean Shores to Newport South Beach, Oregon was quite pleasant, although the mist started to roll in as I approached the coast and by the time I had got set up it was quite cool. The next morning was the same so I put on my wind suit and went for a walk on the beach, which is just 150 yards away and was lovely. After a shower I drove into Newport and stopped at the Chamber of Commerce for area information as well as the proverbial “where is Wal-Mart?” Incidentally, local folks frequently apologize that their Wal-Mart isn’t a Wal-Mart Superstore! Sign of the times I guess. The next morning was the same, but I decided that I wasn’t going to sit home for the next ten days so after my beach ... read more
South Beach Coastline
Matter of Time

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast June 20th 2008

Candy has done a wonderful job keeping you all updated so far, thanks to her as I would never be able to do it as well as she has. She has covered most of what we have done in detail so I will not back track over it again. I just wanted to say Hello to you all. I’m sorry about saying it that way, out here it is “ Hello to You’s guys”. So here are my thoughts after 13 days on the road. Every morning as I put the RV in gear to take off, I hear it in my mind-- that famous song that plays over and over …. “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC (because most roads out here suck and I’m not a morning person and don’t like to be bumped ... read more
I was actually scared to drive down the mtn in this!
The Big Bad Wolf
A Caddyshack Want-a-be

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast June 19th 2008

Tim and I decided last night, as we were laying bed, that we wanted to have what we described as a "lazy day". We've been going strong for 12 days and we just wanted to "do nothing" for a day. I found a great KOA Campground in Walport, Oregon that is right on the coast so we decided to head out in the morning and spend the day and night there. Tim let us girls sleep late this morning while he packed up everything and started driving around 9:30 a.m. It felt really good to sleep-in and not be stressed about where to take a bath and what everyone was going to eat for breakfast. It still seems so weird that we can sleep and ride down the road at the same time and it's kinda ... read more
Tree Farm in Oregon !
Entering Waldport, Oregon !
Town Sign !

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast June 16th 2008

Ditched the city chaos to return to my beautiful home state of Oregon for a week's vacation. I think the world of Seattle, but do frequently feel claustrophobic in the city. The fresh sea air and open spaces were a perfect remedy. Few places compare to the Pacific Northwest in natural beauty, and I feel lucky to live here. In all my travels I have never really found anywhere I have been more in love with than the Oregon Coast. A true Oregonian never utters the phrase “I am going to the beach” (unless of course she is going on vacation to California). The only place Oregonians go is “the coast”. I suppose that is because a beach implies somewhere one lays in the sun, and in Oregon it is rarely sunny and usually too windy ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast July 25th 2007

We're starting out this sail with a bit of a disappointment: Brother Dwight, from Arkansas, was leading us on for a bit that he might be joining us for this last leg. But his clients just need him too much. And they won't let us have him. Durn. But we're working on next year, when we can slap a patch behind his ear and get him out on the water. Our sail plan on this leg is pretty simple, if not particularly relaxing. We'll leave Newport as soon as the weather settles, and sail to Neah Bay, Washington. It's a passage of about 250 miles and will take us about 40 hours, assuming we make good a speed of 6 knots. We'll be sailing between 25 and 50 miles off shore, well beyond the 50 fathom ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast July 5th 2007

Woke up well rested. Katrina & Josh’s friends were visiting on vacation. We all went to the science museum, OMSI, except for Elan & Eric who did not want to see the Body Works 3 exhibit. The rest of us had a good time and the exhibit was very interesting to see. Got home and had a snack then Elan & I hit the road. We decided to head west towards Tillamook. Drove slowly and enjoyed the scenery. We toured the Tillamook Creamery, had some ice cream, bought some cheese and then headed up the coast. Little towns along the way were very picturesque. The coast was absolutely beautiful. Some of the areas reminded me of the east coast when I drive up to Camp. We found a motel in one of the places. The ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast July 5th 2007

Our trip so far...Mem DaJust a few more photos of our evening stroll on the beach in OR after dinner!... read more

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