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Seattle travel blog Elan, Mark and I once again headed out of town for a concert. This time to Seattle to see Sting and Peter Gabriel together on stage! "Rock, Paper, Scissors" was one of the best concerts ever! We chose to stay at an Air BnB on Capitol Hill. A wonderful choice though a bit noisy. It is on the middle of the city after all. Just around the corner is the most delightful bakery. Brown sugar brioche was so tasty! As well as Elan's smoked salmon croissant. After coffee and pastries we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo. The tiger put on quite a show, preening and stretching on a rock right in front of us before heading off out of the sun and into shade. We saw many different birds, much to our ... read more
Having fun
Red bird at the Woodlans Park Zoo
Woodland Park Zoo

North America » United States » Oregon » Dallas June 10th 2016

6/8/16 The best grilled cheese sandwiches are done on a campfire at Panther Flats campground in Jedidiah Smith State Park under the watchful eyes of the redwoods. Even at 9pm! It is dark out here and fun to walk around and practice using our night vision. A number of years ago we camped at Ledge Park at Horicon in WI and wandered around that way. Can't do that in Alaska! At least not usually. A group of about 50 motorcycles with little trailers came in shortly after we set up camp. How fun to travel as a group! Tomorrow we head up towards Salem and will stay with Katrina and James at their farm. 6/9/16 Saying goodbye to the redwoods today. We will go back again. Maybe you will come with us? Northern CA was lush ... read more
Humphrey Bogart
Black vulture
One week and two week old kids!

Mill Creek Campground: second growth redwood forest. Sad to see but good to know that someday the redwoods here will be old giants one day. Was it so horrible, at the time, for the forests to be cut down? Is it any different than some of the things we do today that our children's children's children will ask, how could we not know the effects of our labor and living would have in their future. As we walked the short Trestle Loop, one could easily see the old giants remains. Their stumps were huge and new trees had used them to grown from. The new ones grew in a circle around the old stumps. Back at our campsite we made a fire and enjoyed the evening falling. It started to rain a bit and due to ... read more

Sadly, our visit with Jim and Bonnie has come to an end. We are looking forward to our next trip back down and their visit up to Alaska! Yesterday we went into Eureka and made a stop at AAA for maps. Makes things easier and more fun when you know which direction to head...or not as the case may be with a 25' RV! Eureka is not a bustling metropolis by any stretch of the imagination. It is a town that is working on revitalization but is not there yet. We did find some BBQ for lunch. I think we will not have BBQ except for when we go back to TX. It was only okay. Then we headed to Arcata plaza. Walked around the plaza and did some window shopping. Arcata is a nice place ... read more
One kitty
Unidentified plant!

Among the wonderful things we have passed on the road one stood out: a lion, tiger and leopard conservation center just north of the CA border. We stopped for gas in Cave Junction, whe I wnet in to get us something to drink Mark was being told by an old hippie that he could get a ticket for pumping his own gas! Mark did not really believe him but then an attendant came out to pump! One can pump diesel, gas into motorcycles, into cans but not into one's own car or truck. Oregon is beautiful! Lots of trees and valleys. We also we through a lot of farmland with cows, horese and sheep! Very pastoral. Crossed the border into CA, true to what we experienced last summer, some of the roads have great simage, and ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Albany June 5th 2016

Elan dropped us off at 11:45pm to the airport and even though I thought there was no more TSA precheck possibilities upon checking in, both Mark amd I got it! We left a couple of hours later, slept very little on the plane to Seattle and finally arrived bleary eyed in Portland. After picking up our suitcase, had to check it because we must be prepared with knife and Swiss tool! And bedding for the RV plus a small pan set and camping plate set... Mark thinks I can make a gourmet meal now! Oh! And a lightweight down blanket... We head out in the 98*F weather on to public transportation to pick up our RV. Ever stand at a bus stop, not knowing quite where you are and seeing the bus you want to catch ... read more
Bird watching
View from our window in Emerald Valley

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage June 3rd 2016

Susan encouraged me to continue my travel blog... so before we head out I had to make sure I could get in and post okay! Mark and I are headed to Portland, OR. We are going to visit his brother John's grave in Trinidad, CA and visit friends near there who were John's second wife's best girlfriend. First to Portland to pick up a 19' RV from Cruise America... we have found that this is quite a wonderful, independent way to travel, even if one has relatives and friends to stay with on the way. If you are getting this blog and would rather not, let me know and I can delete your email from the list!... read more

What do a pirate, a survivor of the Titanic and a soldier in the Revoutionary War have in common? They are all in my family tree! Today is the second day for my brother and I travelling in New Hampshire and Maine searching for family. The list of names in our family is growing. Today we are looking for Sinclairs, Pikes, Fosses and a few more...Paiges, Peases and Peaslees! I was told that the weather would be hot and sunny, due to a heat wave but it is grey and overcast, just like home! I am hoping it will be hot and sunny this weekend. My brother made a family tree that goes from my Father back nine generations! This makes it easy or at least a little easier for me to keep people straight. For ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage August 28th 2011

We left Anchorage after work and got on the road south by 6pm. Dry weather! We hoped this meant we would be able to try out our canoe just recently purchased.  Drove to Tenderfoot campground and found a fairly decent site. Now we have new things to look for at a site to be wary of. A slight slope in parking the van. Placement of the fire pit in relation to the picnic table. This is in addition to our previous list: site on the periphery if there is a loop with inner site, semi secluded, not in sight of neighbors, space for our trailer and foyer beside the van...we don't achieve this every time but the list is good.  We did not even bother to set up our gazebo or tarp, optimistically thinking that it ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage July 29th 2011

Shabbat shalom from Sebec Lake I sit on our back porch looking out at across the lake, a view that has been a part of my life since I was two years old. I am surrounded by memories. In no particular order they come to me. Aunt Bill helping us put together a skeleton of a small rodent we found under the porch, picking berries for pie, hoisting the flags in the morning and taking them down at night while singing "Day is Done", stubbing countless toes on the roots and rocks, taking pictures on the picture rock and on the back steps, watching the sunsets, dreaming about the castle across the lake, riding in the Mary B. across the lake, cleaning brush, sweeping floors every morning, doing dishes, running through the woods with older cousins ... read more

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