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North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland April 5th 2019

Hi,this is my first blog ever and hope I can gain some knowledge and tips on what attractions are best and places to eat,drink,and sleep. Here is my itinerary,Paris from9:30am 06/23 to 10:30am 06/25 staying at a Airbnb in Bastille.Salzburg Austria from 2:00pm 06/25 to 06/27 checkout of Airbnb and headed by car to Bad Gastein Austria for 6 nights.I plan on going to the Formula1 Austrian race on Sunday 06/30 and checking out of my Airbnb in Bad Gastein on Tuesday 07/02 and not sure if i'm taking rental car back to Salzburg and taking a train to Vienna or driving to Vienna and return rental car there.I spend 1 night 07/02 in Vienna and fly from Vienna to Krakow Poland at 3:30 pm on 07/03 and arrive in Krakow at 4:30pm.Again I stay at ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 20th 2018

Late start today and I meant to have a bit of a sleep in, but I got up early around 6.00am to start the travel blog writing and get the first blog published. Kerry & I went downstairs to the breakfast provided on the mezzanine level. It was basic food fair and barely OK. It had been raining all morning so we took our time getting ready and headed out about 12.00pm as the rain had now stopped. First stop was the lobby to get 3 drinks vouchers for the evening hotel provided drinks and supper session which we enjoyed last night on our arrival. We had a couple of glasses of wine and heaps of cheese and crackers. We then had a quick look in 5th street arcades across from our hotel looking for souvenirs ... read more
Elise out front to Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Museum
Johnny Cash's original tour bus
The Federal Reserve. The only one of 12 in USA still in it's original building

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 19th 2018

Up early after bad night sleep after big storm and nosy air conditioner and road noise from the nearby interstate. It was much cooler today after the big storm last night. We had breakfast provided and were away pretty early today. Just before we left I took a photo of these beautiful blue spruce trees native to this part of the world. Not long and a squirrel was seen running up the tree (they are so cute). We have seen these trees everywhere on the drive so far. Once we left about 45 minutes south on US Highway 223 and we crossed the border into the state of Ohio (USA State number 36). I played the song called Ohio by Damien Jurano which is an awesome tune. About 15 minutes further and we arrived in Toledo. ... read more
House # 1 - West End Toledo
Better Half Family Diner in Sandusky Ohio
Say hello to Lolley the Trolley

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 17th 2017

Today will be our first day on this trip so far where we never even started the motorcycle. We intentionally selected qa hotel that was in walking distance of the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame so that we didn't have to deal with parking or anything. In fact, since we are parked at a free meter, if we move the bike and lose our place, we will be forced to park in the $18 per day Guest Parking. Not knowing what to expect, I looked around to find some other things to do downtown if we finished early. That would not be a problem. There is a Starbucks in the lobby of the hotel, so rather than having a formal breakfast, we just stopped at Starbucks for coffee and a muffin. The girls at Starbucks ... read more
Cleveland - The Girls From Starbucks!
Rock 'N Roll - Yardbirds, Animals - Early Rock
Rock 'N Roll - Doors - Riders On the Storm - Original Lyrics

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 16th 2017

The weather forecast this morning for both Columbus and Cleveland was bright and sunny with no chance of rain. There also wasn't any wind. Temperatures started at a cool 77 degrees and rose to a balmy 84. It was the perfect day to ride. And after a quick breakfast in Columbus that's just what we did. I set the Garmin to avoid highways, and for the almost 4 hour ride from Columbus to Cleveland, it was just 2 lane country roads all the way. Small town after small town passed by with very little traffic along the way. After yesterdays 4-lane highways and grooved pavement interstates, it was just the relaxing ride we needed. We're planning on spending 2 nights in Cleveland, and our hotel is withing walking distance of the Rock 'N Roll Hall of ... read more
Cleveland Museum of Art - Coffin of Nesykhosu 950 BC
Cleveland Museum of Art - Hindu Figure
Cleveland Museum of Art - Contemporary Toothpaste Tube

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland August 1st 2016

Another day of driving and baseball. I've hit the home stretch of this trip, since I'm now back in America and every place I visit brings me closer to where I started - Georgia. I woke up in Canada but was back in the US before noon. It's been a 3-state-and-1-province day, and I now find myself in my first hotel room since my first night in Canada. And only the third of the whole trip. I've never seen this part of Ohio before, but it really does look like most of the rest of it. Checking out of my dorm this morning was a painless process. I was out of the parking deck before 8AM and heading south towards Niagara Falls. I've seen the falls twice before, once from each national side; the Canadian side ... read more
The only thing wrong with this picture is the Pepsi
Brock's Monument at Niagara
Buffalo City Hall - massive art deco building

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 30th 2016

Geo: 41.5043, -81.6905It was a crazy work morning, and I also had to go pick up some new renal-diet food for Mysti. (Silly old cat.) But by a little after 11am, we were ready to go. We drove to SFO, encountering some traffic on the Bridge, and leaving our car in the usual lot. (We were amazed at how uncrowded it was, considering it was just before a three-day weekend.) The shuttles were slow, and we were a bit pressed for time, but we made it. Thank goodness for Pre! We didn't go to the club but went straight to the gate. The flight was delayed about 20 minutes, so it turned out to be fine, timewise. We had exit row aisles and worked the entire time. Arriving Cleveland, we just drove to the hotel. As ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland August 2nd 2015

I was born in Ohio and lived there the first 25 years of my life. In all that time, I never made it to the art museum. This was my very first visit. We wanted to do something in Cleveland on a weekday afternoon, and we chose the art museum because it was free. FREE! That is an enticing factor when you are traveling with four kids. I have never been much of an art connoisseur, so I really wasn't expecting a whole lot. We simply piled in the van and headed downtown. The first thing we saw was the giant atrium area. Apparently brand new, it was really beautiful. We marveled at it for a short while, then explored the very nice museum gift shop. Then we began our journey through the world of art. ... read more
Egyptian stuff

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 29th 2015

DaY 3: Latitude 41.52, Longitude 81.67. Sunny and 70 turned to some rain in the afternoon upper 60's Yes, we visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Plus, next door was a science center that had a tiny NASA exhibit featuring my hero John Glenn. But, did you know that Cleveland, Ohio is where they shot many of the exteriors for A Christmas Story. I was so excited I almost shot my eye out. Tracey and the boys were waiting for me to exit the John Glenn exhibit and when I walked out Tracey said Ralphie's house was just a few miles away and closed in an hour so we rushed right over. We'll come back to that. When planning the trip, we asked the boys what sites they would like to see in America. ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland April 16th 2015

If you happen to drop in to Cleveland, OH with children of any should visit the Great Lake Science Center. The first floor has great displays and interactive things to do pertaining to NASA. The subject of outer space usually only appeals to me if a new discovery is made or if it involves aliens. However, this Science Center had my full attention through out the whole center. I can not explain how much fun it is, even for adults! The weekend we visited their was a special exhibit dedicated to the show Myth Busters, that would have costs extra than the regular admission price. The location is right next to the Museum of Rock and Roll. You would be able to do both if you wanted to without having to park your vehicle twice. ... read more

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