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North America » United States » New York September 22nd 2022

Thursday 22nd: Leaving Hancock we were in full rain wet gear. Not only was it raining but it was only 11 degrees. Immediately, following our BDR Route, we were on a gravel track through a forest with very dark trails. The weather was seriously gloomy and with overhanging trees it was like night time. Our GPS’s didn’t adapt so the glare from them really affected our vision. I changed my GPS to 50% backlight which solved the problem. After quite a few miles on this “dark” trail we came to a road closed sign on our route. We decided, discretion once again winning out over valour to backtrack and work our way around this road closed situation.Not always as easy as it sounds but it worked out ok in this instance, albeit with a big loop. ... read more
Bryan enjoys a Gyro Sandwich
Gyro Gourmet in Fleischmanns
Fleischmanns Cafe

North America » United States » New York September 21st 2022

Wednesday 21st: Rest day so I had a sleep in. Up at the crack of nine & then dozed read & generally did nothing for a couple of hours. Ian, Keith & Bryan had breakfast at the Circle E Diner.(traditional American Diner – see photos). Bryan went to fit his new battery to his bike that the parts guy had assured him was the right one. Too big. Blast, damn & other expletives! I surfaced, walked around town, had a nice brunch in the Little Italy restaurant (very genuine) proprietor sounded Italian and they played Italian music. This town is quiet with some commercial buildings closed up but walking across the bridge over the Delaware River the residential area is very nice with well-kept houses and gardens. The town is on the confluence of two branches ... read more
Ian in Hancock Our Hotel in Background
In shop window Hancock

North America » United States » New York September 20th 2022

Tuesday 20th: Leaving Corning (or at least trying to, without getting onto the expressway) we ended up travelling a roundabout route getting a mini-tour of the town. Eventually after around 15 miles of back roads, we linked up with the BDR route. We were on country roads both sealed & gravel through forests and farmland. This area appeared from the architecture (especially Farmhouses & barns) to have a Dutch influence look about it. Looking it up later I found, there has been a Dutch influence here since the 1700s and Pennsylvanian Dutch is still taught as a first language in some communities. The Pennsylvania Dutch (also called Pennsylvania Germans or Pennsylvania Deutsch) are descendants of early German immigrants to Pennsylvania who arrived in droves, mostly before 1800, to escape religious persecution in Europe. Travelling through these ... read more
Keith, Ian & Bryan on the Deck Of Hancock Hotel
Main street from Hancock Hotel
Main Street looking North

North America » United States » New York » Lake Placid September 11th 2022

While Karen and I packed the coolers and cleaned up after breakfast, the guys went for a quick fish in the river. On the recommendation of Miss Elaine, We were heading up the Au Sable River to Lake Placid. The Ausable River, also known as AuSable River and originally written as "Au Sable", runs in the U.S. state of New York, from the Adirondack Mountains and past the village of Lake Placid and Au Sable Forks to empty into Lake Champlain. It has an East and West branch that join at Au Sable Forks. That is exactly where our house was located. As we drove up the Au Sable toward Lake placid we kept wondering where the attendees of the 84 Olympics spent the night. It’s fairly rural and accommodations were limited. Miss Elaine worked in ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Schroon September 9th 2022

Today was a fishing day for the guys and an organizing, washing clothes, resting day for the girls. After the fished in the stream in front of our house, we all drove to Starbuckville Dam to try a hole I read about. They really haven’t had much rain up there so the water was low. While we were at the dam a lady pulled in from the Rotary. She was selling chances on a hand hewn canoe. Always wanting to support people and their organizations, we bought tickets. She was telling us of a couple fishing holes, then she said, “Since you bought from me and ate so nice just go to my house, on the Schroon, and fish!” She gave us directions and away we went. She had a beach area, picnic tables, a dock, ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Richfield Springs September 8th 2022

Today is the day I planned specifically for Ed and Terry…we were headed to Cooperstown…the Baseball Hall of Fame. Anyone who knows anything about St Mary’s, knows the Wilson’s we’re all about baseball. Their dad, Truman. Was their coach. There mother sat in the stands and cheered on 5 boys and continued on thru their coaching careers, as long as she was able. Going to Cooperstown was a dream of theirs. My son, Corey, is all about baseball and has been a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan since our neighbor, Zeke Hubbard, sat a Braves cap on his head when he was five years old. Several years ago Corey and Jennifer visited Cooperstown for the baseball Hall of Fame induction. Bobby Cox (longtime Braves manager) and several Braves players were taken on to the Hall of Fame ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Richfield Springs September 7th 2022

When I work up, this morning, my first thought was, “Boy, it’s foggy outside!” Then I got out of bed and what I thought was fog, was the lake surrounding us. It was a little dreary, as it had been for this entire trip. But, it was so peaceful and picturesque. I could love it here! Breakfast and coffee first, then outside to explore. The back yard down to the lake was so nice. There was a stone patio with outdoor furniture, a fire pit, a grill, and steps down toward the lake. There you found two more Adirondack chair and then steps down to a small dock. The guys could fish right there. The only time we left for the day was a quick trip to the bait and tackle shop and the hardware store. ... read more

North America » United States » New York September 6th 2022

Today we got up, ate breakfast, packed the suburban and drove down to the falls. We found parking at Queen Victoria Station Gift shop for only $10 for an hour. It was an easy walk to the falls. We took pictures, struck up several conversations, watched the Maid of the Mist boats and bought souvenirs. It was a travel day to get us from Niagara Falls to Richfield Springs, NY (near Cooperstown). We took a detour to visit Letchworth State Park, considered the Grand Canyon of the East. Thanks, Beth Andexler, for the travel tip! Getting out of Canada wasn’t as difficult this time because we went down to the Peace Bridge and crossed into Buffalo. We met a very pleasant border crossing guard. He loved that we were from West Virginia. He had just taken ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Wellsville September 3rd 2022

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year. There is a coolness in the air more often. A few leaves have fallen to the ground. Others are just beginning to change color while still clinging to their branches. The golden rod is flourishing in the fields. In the distance, we hear a call: “Come back, Come Back to Tropical Palms! Your concrete pad is waiting for you!” Ooooo….concrete pad….. nice. Who wouldn’t want to get back to a concrete pad as fast as they could? Cory is revving up the motor…..Start Your Engines! So we are giving you a heads up to start packing. We don’t want any stragglers. We will be pulling out of our Shongo location this Wednesday (7th). Not sure what our arrival date at Tropical Palms will be…just when we land on our ... read more
Lulu is assigning seats!
Lunch with Lory & Kim at the Texas Hot
Bad storm came through and knocked down trees

North America » United States » New York » New York August 31st 2022

30th August, 2022 Got up around 8am, showered and packed the last minute stuff into our suitcases. We still had a bit of alcohol left but couldn’t take it with us and neither could the boys so we donated it to the cleaning staff who were very appreciative. The doorman downstairs organised a taxi for us to go to JFK airport. Another harrowing experience. I swear New York drivers have a death wish. We had plenty of time to get some lunch before our 2pm flight so we had a drink and something to eat in the sports bar and watched some of the tennis. At 1.15pm we were called to board and we were given the exit row seats which meant extra leg room. Yay! We reversed out right on time. Then everything went to ... read more

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