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North America » United States » New York October 25th 2018

This has been the best vacation day EVER! Ever, ever, ever! AT HER REQUEST, I just got to recite the "band of brothers" speech from Henry the Fifth for a, get this, classically trained, professional, currently employed by a New York City Shakespeare company, Shakespearean actor! And she said she liked it! i am going to bed cuz it's not going to get any better than this.... read more

North America » United States » New York October 25th 2018

This has to be quick as by the time you get the next one, we will be paying through the nose for shipboard connection! Real fast. Carriage ride through Centrail Park yesterday. Driver is A;i from Turkey, horse is Baltimore from New York.Driver wearing glasses. Huge gaffuffle in mid-town with hundreds of cops blocking intersections (and mostly standing around waiting) because of "devices found delivered to various Democratic types. Had to loop around a few extra blocks to get around them. Emmy, the afternoon manager here at the hotel, is from Hull,England. She was invited to move to the States as an actress, and of course, needs an extra job to make ends meet. N'theless, her company will be performing Antony andCleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, and Twelfth Night either outdoors at Central Park or in the ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 24th 2018

Yoo-Hoo! Time is up! It’s time to pack up and head South. Remember we told you we would forewarn you as to which day we would leave .....that’s what we’re doing now. Thursday, October 25th will be our departure day. Check, Check, Check.....check everything twice. Our check-off list we use so we don’t forget anything has over 500 “to do” or “to bring” items. You can get exhausted just reading it. Kind of like what happened to you after reading my last monster size blog. After weeks of sorting and resorting and Cory hauling it all out to the rig, it looks like we are down to just the last minute things that will get loaded on D-Day. We are whipped! Ready for rest & relaxation in the sunny south. We hope you all are set ... read more
Cory hauling stuff to our RV
Welcome Aboard
Once you are all loaded

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 24th 2018

Let the self indulgence begin! I’m on VACATION!! Oh, and so is Susan. We are in the lounge where she is swilling free tomato juice like it was, er, free while I type this while sitting in a – wait for it – comfy chair! Such decadence. And when I finish this, oatmeal! Yee and haw. We splurged and upgraded to business class – at least for the leg to Montreal. Upgrading on the New York leg would actually cost MORE than the Edmonton run. Go figure. And since even tourist class on the New York flight is only two seats across, we get to sit together, which is the most important part. As long as Susan gets the window and I get the aisle, we’re golden. (And, yes, thank you, I am aware of the ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 18th 2018

Cu toate ca vizita nu este facuta de mine, tind sa cred ca am jucat un rol extrem de important in aceasta vizita. In primul rand, o sa observati altfel de fotografii in comparatie cu cele facute pana acum. Fotografiile au fost facute cu un aparat aproape profesional, iar lectiile de fotografie au fost date de fotograf de nunta in bucuresti, iar acest lucru schimba tot. In fine, o sa vedeti voi pozele si trageti concluziile la final. New York-ul este o destinatie extraordinara. Cu toate ca, din punctul meu de vedere, riscurile sunt un pic crescute, din motive evidente: oricine poate ascunde o arma in buzunar, America este vizata de toate gruparile teroriste, deci oricand poate exploda cineva pe langa tine, iar pentru final, e plin de nebuni! Cu toate acestea America este de vis ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 11th 2018

Alert! Attention! Alert! New Update: to all our family and friends who travel with us via our blog on our journeys. A few changes are happening. Lulu has continued to remind me to get in touch with all of you. She is such a persistent nagger. But we all still love her. Now is the time to get ready! Dust off your suitcases and start packing. We are heading to Florida much earlier than in the past. We will check into Tropical Palm’s RV Resort on Oct. 29th. Our Treat - no trick....Happy Halloween! That means we need to load up and leave here (Shongo, NY) around Oct. 25 or 26. I know we aren’t giving you a lot of time to gather your things around but you can do it....just get busy cause we can’t ... read more
 Happy Halloween
Woman of the Year Honor Dinner
New vehicles

North America » United States » New York October 7th 2018

Peggy’s Cove and Paul Mcartney. The Beatles Tribute band were really popular as a main attraction in The Show Theatre , so they had them play a dance party in the lounge. We knew we would have to be early to get a seat and normally we walk the stairs to the 11 floor. Tonight we took the elevator and got to meet the boys. Well close up they were a little older than boys. 20 years performing Beatles music Paul loved my Marilyn tie , of course we didn’t have a camera with us! Said he would trade his Liverpool accent for it. Were told by our British friends , not Kaye and Richard , that they had seen the Beatles live in the early 60’s in Liverpool and his accent wasn’t right! Sydney is ... read more
SwissAir 111 Memorial
Peggy’s Cove

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls October 4th 2018

4th October 2018 Return to Niagara Falls Continuing our journey through Ontario and New York State. (3 of 3) Leaving behind the wonders of Pennsylvania’s Hawk Mountain, we headed north through new territory for us. It’s a long drive to the northwest, out through rural Pennsylvania, past open-cast mines and farmland in the general direction of Niagara Falls, taking our time to savour the last few days of our North American adventure, 2018, and stopping off wherever and whenever the fancy took us. Wellsboro, on our route, is often referred to as the gateway to Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon. A 50 mile long canyon, a few miles out of town, carries the Pine Creek thundering over dramatic waterfalls and deep narrow channels through the Leonard Harrison State Park. A short walk offered us some grand views of ... read more
Leonard Harrison State Park
Middle Falls

North America » United States » New York » Greenwich October 2nd 2018

We stayed another week in Monastir after our two day trips which gave us time to work on packing to head back to the US and get the boat ready to leave. We did make it to the market for one last time this season, but it was more for the atmosphere than it was for buying as we were actually working on getting rid of food on Tsamaya. The last time we went to the market Bob even stopped to look at the clothes which is definitely unusual for him. We found a shirt that time for him so figured we’d check again this week – no such luck, but still fun to go to see what is in season food-wise and check out the numerous items on sale as they also have a flea ... read more
Plenty of Dates For Sale at the Market
A Popular Local Dish - Chickpea Soup
One of Many Vendors at the Souk (Market)

North America » United States » New York » New York » Brooklyn September 30th 2018

We’re now four and a half days into our seven day visit to New York City and so time to start this blog. We’ve also had a slightly quieter day today in an effort to give Terry’s sore feet a bit of rest. We arrived here last Monday after a very early (3:00am) start in Los Angeles, 6:00 am departure followed by a 5-hr flight to NYC. By the time we collected our luggage, caught a taxi and crawled through the heavy traffic at JFK it was probably about 3:30 pm before we reached our apartment in the Clinton Hill district of Brooklyn. Once again, we are staying in an AirBnB and chose to stay in Brooklyn rather than with the throngs of other tourists in Manhattan. Our apartment is lovely, a 1-bedroom affair in a ... read more
At Madam Tussauds
A bunch of dead Presidents
The Oculus at World Trade Center

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