We are a family of four who want to see as much of the world as we can together. Having fun on the road and getting amongst it all.

North America » United States » New York » Westchester April 17th 2023

Tired and a little delirious from our NYC time-travelling - we left on the 17th and arrive back here after 21 hours of travel and it's the 19th - I type this final blog strangely back in Gordon Park. I have to write this before the day-to-day consumes me and I logout of the for who knows how long. Last night (well Sunday night in Mamaroneck) I booked the uber for 12.05. I choose 12.05 to ensure we have plenty of time for our 3.30 flight from JFK and 5 minutes past 12 to avoid the dreaded am/pm error. Up early with plenty of time to pack and bid farewell. A bowl of kicks or some toast and tea for breakfast as time evaporates while we pack the suitcases for the last time. A light ... read more
230417 CVS Candy Haul
230417 Hoverboard on Frank

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 16th 2023

Our last full day in New York and we head into Manhattan to soak up the NYC vibe one last time. No real plans but just want to see the city again. Dave and Alex's house is our home away from home and we take a while to get moving. The overland train to Grand Central takes about 45 minutes and the Sunday off-peak timetable sees the morning trains going hourly. We leave the house with 15 minutes til the 10.35 train. Google maps says it takes 18 minutes but Niamh assures us we'll make it in 10 minutes. She wasn't allowing for me taking an early left hand turn and sending us in exactly the wrong direction. We get over the blame game for missing the 10.35 and take the opportunity to check out Mamaroneck ... read more
230416 Dunkin Donuts
230416 Premier Deli external
230416 Premier Deli

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 15th 2023

Tough for all of us to leave Toronto but the Uber is booked for 6.30. The skylight in our top floor bedroom generally helps with waking up but it still feels early. We beat the sunrise but only just. And what a beautiful sunrise it was. Looks like another stunning day ahead. But...we'll be in transit for most of it. Uber costs $100 but the ride goes well this time of day. Toronto traffic out to Pearson Airport is notoriously bad but our ride is smooth. Until we get to the airport. Ubers and Taxis are double parked at the terminal and there are so many people checking in and dropping bags. We foolishly assume that we can check in and drop bags at the self serve terminals. Nope! We have to download an app for ... read more
230415 Mamaroneck Front Yard
230415 Hovercraft
230415 Mamaroneck Tennis

North America April 14th 2023

Enjoying a more laid back time in Toronto. The intensity of the first week in NYC was impossible to maintain and the slower pace in Toronto is welcomed by us all. Millsy is better again but still not firing on all cylinders. Probably a combination getting over her bug and running on a low battery. Another bag of bready goodness from Cobs to get us going and a couple more loads of washing to freshen up the suitcase. We hang out in the Airbnb before Jane pops over for a chat. Deaks is keen for another skate park session and heads out after a couple of hours of Brooklyn 99. We drove past the Beah Skate Park on our way through Toronto. It's across the road from the lake and looks enormous. He spends a few ... read more
230414 Lounging Around
230414 Ballpark Lunch
230414 Jules and Jane

North America » Canada » Ontario April 13th 2023

Another well deserved sleep-in. The last 10 days have been brilliant but hectic and our cozy Airbnb is perfect for R&R. We check out the Queen Street East shops and Jules finds a more reasonably priced carry-on bag but elects to check what might be available in the city. Another cracking day weather wise – mid 20s and sunny – and it’s t-shirts all the way. We ride the 501 to the familiar stop near Union Station and disembark for some sightseeing and shopping. Dropped a pin in maps last night so we could find the Shoppers Drug Mart that sells the Florence by Mills that Millsy has been hunting. It’s not in The Beaches Shoppers Drug Mart but Jules spotted it as we headed for the Streetcar after last nights game. We don’t find THAT ... read more
230413 Florence by Mills
230413 Old City Hall
230413 Poutine by Mills

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 12th 2023

Our Airbnb is awesome. Awesome location and so comfortable. It's great to have some space and the character of these old homes makes it such a warm place to stay. The street has an idyllic feel about it. The sky is blue, dogs are basking on front porches in the spring sunshine, pre-schoolers are singing in the front yard of a daycare and birds are chirpings in the trees home to busy little black squirrels. Toronto feels like it's awoken from hibernation this week and everyone is making the most of the weather. We promised the Fosters we'd bring the warm weather, but this is actually ridiculous. It is beyond great and the relief and joy is palpable. It's an unfamiliar feeling for us from the seasonless Brisbane. Have I mentioned that we have a Cobs ... read more
230412 Big Red Chair
230412 Snirt
230412 Toronto Skyline

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 11th 2023

While our hotel appears to teeter over Niagara Falls, it's a 15 minute walk down to the edge of the waterfall. Milla has awoken and still looks like death warmed up. Poor thing. She's being such a trooper about it - resting when she can and not complaining. Niagara Falls (Twin Towns) is like a ghost town and we settle for Subway breakfast rolls before walking down to the water's edge. It's sunny but windy and as we get closer the mist from the falls starts to thicken. It feels like it's raining and the cool mist is refreshing in the sun. It would be far less refreshing if we were here even a few days earlier when it was 15 degrees cooler. We watch a boat full of tourists slowly enter the whitewash and mist ... read more
230411 Kenny Jules
230411 Niagara Falls
230411 The Beaches Airbnb

North America » United States » New York April 10th 2023

Up early and packing the bags again. We leave a bit of excess weight in the Mamaroneck basement - books and shopping - and load up the Jeep. The Armstrong-Robinsons are also heading off for their spring break - Camp Cod for them. The weather is glorious for this time of year and Alex and Dave are deciding if they could even take their surfboards. Milla has woken up sick. She's had a sore throat and headache and now it's a full blown head cold and she's feeling a little nauseas. Good day to be sick, she can rest in the car for 7 hours. We virtually retrace our route to West Point and getting out of Mamaroneck and onto the freeway is confusing, stressful but at least a little familiar. We cross the Hudson River ... read more
230410 Brisk
230410 Delaware Pitstop
230410 Niagara Falls Hotel Veiw 2

North America » United States » New York » Westchester April 9th 2023

Those Mamaroneck Martinis pack a punch! Woke up in Dave and Alex's basement apartment a little disorientated. It doesn't help that these North American houses have so many doors. I know it helps to contain heating but there's 4-5 doors between the guest bedroom and the kitchen. And I tried to walk into a closet thinking it was the stairs. I made it to the kitchen and the kids were up having cereal and joking together. Never a dull moment with Ollie around. A fresh bagel and Panadol gets me back on track. Alex and Dave booked us into a tour of West Point military academy. It's about an hour from Mamaroneck and we have booked the 11 am slot. It's not an attraction that we'd ordinarily be drawn to but Alex's Dad spoke highly of ... read more
230409 westpoint view
230409 westpoint monument
230409 westpoint cathedral

North America » United States » New York » Westchester April 8th 2023

Most days we've passed the New York Public Library and talked about going in. So close to our hotels but not close enough to our destination. We have a few hours after checking out and we make the short stroll to 5th Avenue and Library Way. Another wonderful building and the scene of many films - Ghostbusters, Spiderman, Gossip Girl. We chill out in one of the reading rooms adorned with portraits of old white blokes with beards. The treasures room is really interesting - old maps and original versions of the declaration of independence and other significant historic documents. There's also original Winnie the Pooh toys and books. We check out a couple of shops on 5th Avenue and grab some sandwiches and snacks from the Walgreens. The Walgreens across from Grand Central has the ... read more
230408 New York Public Library
230408 on the move 2
230408 Uptown

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