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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan September 8th 2018

The countdown is on! In 4 weeks Ruby, mum and I will be in the midst of a great 9 day vacay in NEW YORK! We are trying to make the trip as easy as possible. Staying away from most of the tourist traps (most .....) and just BEING. Soaking up the vintage stores, the food, the river walks, the atmosphere and the general vibe of being in the Big Apple. We are staying between Little Italy and Chinatown - my mouth waters just thinking about it. Close enough to everything, but far enough away from Midtown to feel like we aren't true tourists. We have been to New York quite a few times - having lived in Connecticut for 18 months the 1.5 hour drive was really easy to do. But we were tourists those ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan September 7th 2018

Started with an early breakfast, glad to see that the weather was different from yesterday which was about 93 degrees and poured at the end of the day.Left the hotel and walked to the bike shop, about 10 blocks, got organized, broken into 2 groups. Our group leader was Johanns, orginally from Austria and our sweep (followed at the back to pick up the pieces) Chris, originally from the Finger lakes area of NY, came here to college and never left. Began riding 'in traffic' which was quite harrowing especially at first. Only a couple blocks to Central Park which was better because there were few cars but fast bikes, pedicabs, pedestrians, etc. Stopped frequently for Johanns to give us some background and history. First hour or so, it seemed we walked more than rode. There ... read more
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North America » United States » New York » New York August 25th 2018

So, Mike wants to see Brooklyn--it's in all the good stories, everyone cool is from there, etc. We signed up for a Road Scholar bike tour and started practicing riding, as we have to be able to ride 12-15 miles per day. We can do that. Made train reservations to get us there, bought padded underwear and gloves, made a reservation for the dog at the kennel and hopefully are ready to do this!... read more

North America » United States » New York » Warwick August 22nd 2018

On Wednesday morning, we left the motel around 8:00 AM and drove south into New York state. We checked out one trailhead around Garrison, NY, that went to a viewpoint called Deming Hill but the AT here was overgrown and traversed a marshy area with tons of mosquitoes. After hiking about a half mile fighting the bugs and humidity, we decided to turn around and go to our second choice – Anthony’s Nose. Anthony’s Nose is a rocky outcropping just above the Hudson River overlooking the Bear Mountain Bridge. The AT crosses the Hudson River here along that bridge. We parked at the base of the ridge that the viewpoint is located on and hiked the AT northbound for about a half mile – straight up. You only gain about 500 feet in that half mile ... read more
 Anthony's Nose Trail
 Bear Mt Bridge

North America » United States » New York August 13th 2018

The overnight dew had my tent soaking wet in the morning - stuffing wet stuff into a sack is not my favorite way to wake up. But at least I had dry clothes to start in the early morning chill. It was an absolutely fantastic day for riding - a mixture of sun and clouds, temps in the low 70s and hill after rolling hill on smoothly paved Highway 3. A busy road to be sure, but very scenic with a wide shoulder. We crossed over the Grasse River and stopped for coffee and fellowship at a convenience store. A picnic lunch (yummy Frito Pie) was at mile 40 on Tupper Lake. All the quaint villages we passed through had that feeling of all-American summer - I suspect the locals line up for ice cream every ... read more
Highway 3 to Lake Placid
Lake Placid HS and speed-skating rink.

North America » United States » New York August 13th 2018

My favorite day yet.... We awoke to slightly chilly temperatures and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Northwood Inn before heading to our mostly downhill 58 miles to Plattsburg, a college town where we have the “luxury” of staying in a very nice (but very hot!) college dorm. We rode across the Ausable River 4 miles into the ride and would see it against n several times on our ride. We stopped for coffee at a quaint little coffee shop at mile 13 and enjoyed our beverages while sitting in an assortment of Adirondack chairs (go figure). The ride was really scenic today, taking us through a covered bridge, along stretches of river and to the dramatic Ausable Chasm where our lunch stop would be. After lunch, we meandered through a mixture of farmland/forest with some ... read more
Weat branch of the Ausable River.
Whiteface Mountain ski resort
The ubiquitous ice cream stand

North America » United States » New York August 10th 2018

My favorite day so far - clear clear blue, not a cloud in the sky and 74-76 degrees, after an unexpected thunderstorm last night. In fact, sirens went off over and over and I really thought it might be a tornado warning. But I was too tired to even evacuate for a tornado. Since no one came and dragged me out of my tent, I figured I’d just ride out the thunderstorm - a little flash lightening but no bolts around us. As we rode in the morning chill, the landscape changed from relatively flat farmland to hillier and more forested terrain. We rode early on the Black River trail, a paved trail by the river - very nice but much too short. After lunch, we headed into Star Lake in the foothills of the Adirondacks, ... read more
Transitioning to forest
The Oswegatchie River
Crazy Shoe Scott

North America » United States » New York August 9th 2018

I woke up laughing uncontrollably while still on my air Todaymattress in the gym. Ken and Ruth were sleeping in a spot next to me and started their banter early, quickly sucking me in. It was a great way to start the day plus the sun was shining as we headed out of town toward Lake Erie and our destination near Lake Ontario. The weather remained perfect throughout the day with highs in the low 80s. My legs were feeling the 3 previous high mileage days which must be why I justified the sinfully delicious breakfast at Wade’s Diner in Oswego. Our waitress was friendly and helpful, bringing us a huge cinnamon swirl pancake to share as an appetizer. Then we all picked the stuffed cinnamon raisin French toast-2 huge pieces of French toast stuffed ... read more
Sacket’s Harbor, Lake Ontario
Ken learning how to eat an ice cream cone
Old cemetery

North America » United States » New York August 8th 2018

On Tuesday , we rode a very tough 94 miles from Geneseo to Seneca Falls. Greater than 4000 feet of climbing proved to challenge my stamina but the descents were worth every stroke. Long, smooth , fast descents were exhilarating. However, there was also ALOT of lolligagging (2 coffee stops, lunch, an ice cream stop and a quick outside tour of a well-known mansion in Seneca Falls) as well as Ken’s flat right after lunch ensured that we were the last riders in camp. I was completely exhausted but mustered up enough energy to go into town for pizza with Ken and Ruth. We are working collaboratively to give everyone a nickname - so far we have the usual geographic designations (Irish Mike from Dublin, Aussie Bob from Sydney, Dallas Kent and Erie Kent) as well ... read more
Ruth and Ken Bownes
we’re in Amish Country
Pretty Victorian home in Pan Yenn

North America » United States » New York August 6th 2018

Dan picked us up in Buffalo around noon yesterday and we headed for the Canadian border. It was nice to see Shala again, who’d been my roommate in Spain for that cycling trip in 2011. I also met Scott from Massachusetts (the dude with one red, one blue Chucks which he subsequently augmented w/ colorful knee-high socks every day to complete his cycling attire) and Ken and Ruth from Erie, PA (originally from the UK). After settiling I’m at the local KOA, which was BUSTLING with families camping out over a Canadian holiday. I never realized how much there is for kids and families to DO at a KOA! It was fun listening to and watching all the kids entertain themselves, mostly without Mom and Pop. I managed to fall asleep in my tent despite the ... read more

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