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North America » United States » New York » Albany December 15th 2014

Our excitement for our trip has been dulled by the news that our ship, Oceania’s Insignia, had a fire in their engine room which caused the death of 3 crew people on December 11th. This in turn caused the cancelation of the current cruise and another one scheduled before ours. Of course, the priority is for the families of the deceased and the return home of the passengers who had to be evacuated. We just don’t know at this point what our status is in relation to the planned cruise. We will wait and see…... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 1st 2014

Kellemesen utaztam a vonaton, olvastam, zenet hallgattam, majd ugy 3.5 oraval kesobb megerkeztem New York-ba. Szembetuno volt a kulonbseg: Washingtonban csendesek voltak az utcak es a metro, marmint voltak rajtuk emberek, csak eppen nem voltak zajosak - New York-ban viszont, ahogy lementem az allomas alatti aluljaroba, ami a metrohoz vezet, sok fiatalt lattam a kulonbozo bufek es kisboltok kornyeken, eleg sokan hangosan meg reszegen, kesobb a metroban ugyanez folytatodott. Nem itelek el senkit, csak a kulonbseget erzekeltetem :) Bar a metro, amire gondoltam, epp nem jart, jott egy masik, es a Penn Station-tol eleg hamar eljutottam a W 72nd St metromegallohoz, amiben a W azt jelenti, hogy Manhattan kozepetol nyugatra van, a 72. pedig az utca sorszama delrol eszak fele haladva. A szallasom 1-2 utcaval arrebb volt, egy haztombnyire a Central Park-tol. Igazabol ezert valasztottam ezt ... read more
Times Square
Modern epulet a High Line mellett

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan November 22nd 2014

Yes I'm in New York for work again, but feel so bad to say this that I'm so looking forward to leave today. Heading to Sydney. Yah! Flying from New York to Sydney is my longest haul flight 23 hours! How did I like New York?? Hmm. It's freezing! I couldn't feel my ears every morning. So coldddd. I was onsite and hotel only, for 5 days my entire trip. This morning before flying out, I spent 1.5hour for quick walk on Wall Street and took a quick glance at the NYC Freedom Tower. Such a pity though didn't see more though. Sharing with you some of the site photos for a new brand we working with called Sisley Paris (cosmetics). Sydney I'm coming...... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan November 14th 2014

“May I present to you: heaven!” dit is wat de ober in Morton’s steakhouse zei waarna hij het stuk vlees dat ik besteld had voor me op tafel zette. Hij had gelijk, deze steak was de beste die ik ooit gegeten heb. Mals en enorm veel smaak. Over de prijs ga ik het niet hebben, want daar ben ik zelf al vaak genoeg van geschrokken. Een collega had mij op vrijdagmiddag getipt om bij Morton’s te gaan eten, maar dan moest ik wel van tevoren reserveren. Ik had eerst op de menukaart op internet gekeken en die zag er goed uit. Er stonden geen prijzen bij de gerechten, dat had ik echter al vaker meegemaakt dus ik boekte vol vertrouwen mijn eenpersoonstafel voor die avond. Bij het restaurant aangekomen parkeerde ik zelf mijn auto (geen valet ... read more
Times Square
Eekhoorn in Central Park

North America » United States » New York » Saratoga County November 9th 2014

History, health and horses. This is the Saratoga motto that has made this sweet little town a very special summer destination. Only 3 1/2 hours north of NYC but just as chic and fabulous, Saratoga offers excitement and fun for just about everyone. History If you're a history buff, you will love this 26,727 populated city. There's the battlefield of Saratoga where our founding fathers fought the British, and won, during the American Revolution. Considered one of the fifteen most decisive battles in American history, the Battle of Saratoga is an important place in history. And Saratoga is one of the few places where they dedicate entire weekends (usually every October) to war re-enactment, decorating the entire grounds as if you were back in the 16th century. But you don't need to go to a battlefield ... read more

North America » United States » New York November 9th 2014

Again, this is going back a few years, so some information might be outdated….. NOTE: a) of course you can switch some days around – such as days 2 and 3, for example, so as to have the best weather for Niagara Falls. b) If you hate changing accommodation often: on this tour it is possible to spend the first half of the trip working out of one “base”, and then find another accommodation south of Rochester for the second half of the trip. That way you would only need to get settled in at two hotels. Day 1 – approach to Buffalo: In the morning, see Graycliff, a lakeside retreat built by Frank Lloyd Wright. You need to book a tour in advance! In the afternoon, see Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Day 2 ... read more
Buffalo City Hall

North America » United States » New York » New York November 7th 2014

As we all know, this year marks the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of WWI. War seems now more prevalent than ever, and it is increasingly important that we not only support our troops, but the organisations dedicated and committed to working with and helping them. The Healing Heroes Network is a fantastic non-profit organization based in Florida. They have been serving military men and women and their families since its establishment in 2008. Committed to providing financial assistance to aid the healing of America’s military heroes, Healing Heroes Network are an integral part of military support today. The Healing Heroes Network serves soldiers and military personnel through raising money for communication, education and community outreach. Dedicated to raising awareness, HHN strive to treat those ofte... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York November 5th 2014

Have you ever wanted to be able to make a difference to the world you live in? Want to know something that is very inspiring? There are thousands of soldiers who are standing in the gap for you on a daily basis at the battle field so that you could be free and live a safe life. Every time, a need arises, there are a handful of brave souls who rise up and take their position. But the point that we miss is, do we care about those soldiers? Are we grateful or are we just plain selfish? Well, here are a group of people who are living out that statement on a daily basis and refuse to turn their faces away from those who are in need. Healing Heroes Network is a Florida based 501(c)(3) ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Queens November 4th 2014

When my parents dropped me off at the airport to leave for Ecuador we all choked back tears and then failed as we separated at the security gate: me on an adventure of independence and them to go back to life as usual, but without their baby. This trip has had such a gradual departure it's lost the surreal air a big adventure can have. Somewhere between the bus ride from Philly and arriving at JFK 6 hours early for our triple delayed flight, the excitement became something more natural. What hasn't changed though is that this is still a journey towards claiming independence and embracing my freedom. With only a backpack and a friend in tow, I'm sooo ready for this this. It may be an escape, a break, a taste... I'm not trying to ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 28th 2014

Day 7 has been the warmest day yet and despite the forecast of overcast skies, it's actually been quite sunny. We started the day by catching the subway North to a sports shop Max had found online. His day was made by finding the trainers he wanted, even if he did need size 9.5! He is now also the proud owner of a US soccer shirt. We then headed downtown to Pandora where Chloe treated herself to a new charm. After a little more browsing, we came back to the apartment to pack before one last visit to John's Pizzeria. We ended our New York trip with tickets to a Broadway show. It was tricky to find a show to suit us all and any suggestions we put to Max, the answer was no, no, no. ... read more

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