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North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx July 3rd 2020

Nothing stops the annual hot dog eating contest sponsored by Nathan's. Pandemic or not, starving children in Africa, nothing stops this annual event. Would you believe I was talking to my dentist about this? He loves this event! The annual eating of so many frankfurters with competitors url= actually train ahead of the event held in New York’s Coney Island will go on during Independence Day despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is still happening. Joey Chestnut will defend his title on the men’s side after winning four straight titles (he was upset by ... read more
Kobayashi, 6 time winner
Female champ, Miki Sudo

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx July 2nd 2020

This blog was supposed to be about our 3-week trip to Ireland and Scotland that we had planned for May/June. That of course was rescheduled due to Covid-19 and the severe travel restrictions. It is tentatively set for October/November of this year, but if the 14-day quarantines are still in affect in Ireland and Scotland, that is likely to get rescheduled yet again. We do have a Plan B and Plan C for out October trip, but Plan B (Southern Driving Tour) has already been scrapped because of Covid. Plan C Autumn in New England, is in the planning stages, but again unless states lift the 14-day quarantine, that is likely to not happen. That brings us to this 4th of July weekend trip. We are in the middle of phase 2 and 3 reopening’s, but ... read more
The General Store

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx September 14th 2019

We're prepping! But not like crazy prepping end of days in a bunker kinda noise just the how can I get all the t-shirts I'm gonna wanna wear over the next 2.5 months into a pack and keep it under 12kg. But also not really. But REALLY. We're vacc'ed, visa-ed and verifiably ready to get some quality time off the continental US. Vaccine protip: if you're all, damn it I need to get shots for this trip! and you live in NYC and you waited until the absolute last minute (or even if you didn't) we totes recommend easy to get an appointment, best prices and no waits for any of the vaccines. Sadly, this is the first time our trusty packs aren't making the trip with us; they were just too big to reliably ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx June 3rd 2016

Well, I completely underestimated the massiveness of the Bronx Zoo. I had always heard it was the best NYC zoo, but wow. We arrived sometime after lunch and stayed until closing and still did not even get to half of the park. Of course, I immediately booked it to the red pandas when we entered. They have a really neat set up so that you can see red pandas two different ways. The first is at the Wild Asia Monorail. This attraction gives a scenic look of the southwest area of the park and provides visitors with views of lots of Asian deer species, a tiger, rhino, elephant, horses, babirusa, peacocks/hens, and ends with a view of the red pandas. This was a very cool way to see exhibits in a beautiful part of the park ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx June 10th 2015

After taking the kids to school we met Greg - aka Grant - for coffee and a chat before we all headed up to Central Park. A few photographs later, Greg went to explore the Cooper Hewitt while Kerrii, Kev and I went for a walk around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a distance of 2.54 kms. A beautiful summer's day, it was just perfect for walking around the perimeter of the lake, passed of course by the many joggers who do the circuit. Eat your heart out James!! As Grace and Rupert had a half day at school, once they got back we headed off on the subway - "Stand clear of the closing doors please" - to the Bronx. The poorest borough in NYC, the Bronx is the home of the New York Botanical ... read more
Michelle, Kev & Kerrii
Greg, Kerrii & Kev
The Edible Academy

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx April 13th 2014

When we returned from China, and after a short visit back home in Vermont, we decamped to a spacious loft in New York (Mott Haven, South Bronx.) This has been an invigorating period as I have had a chance to immerse myself in some of the urban activities here in the metropolis. Visiting museums (Museum of the Chinese People in the US illustrated the changing nature of prejudice and discrimination against this "favorite" minority. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor the Chinese became allies in the fight against Japan, a struggle they had been engaged in for 11 years at that point. Life magazine printed an article that alleged to give instructions on how to distinguish the Japanese from the Chinese), attending plays ("All the Way" on LBJ and the passage of the Civil Rights Act ... read more
Connections to the home country
Pharmacies everywhere
A fact of life

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx July 29th 2012

We didn’t make the same mistake as I made yesterday and we walked down to meet the “The Real” Bronx tour, via somewhere for breakfast. The tour was in the coolest of busses; basically a kind of school bus, but painted dark grey and black. It really looked the part of travelling into the ghetto. Actually, maybe it being covered in graffiti would have worked better. We were all allocated our stab-vests and firearms (not really) and we set-off along the east side of central park and through Harlem to reach the Bronx. Actually it was nowhere near as rough as we thought it would be. No worse than certain areas of London that I could mention. Our guide explained a lot about the history, covering its slide into depravation, but also all the efforts that ... read more
Bronx Housing

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx June 20th 2012

Being in Paris so near Giverny reminded me that I never finished the blog about the Monet Exhibit which closed October 17 at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. The landscapers and gardeners who planned this exhibit with its replica of the gardens of Giverny were up to the amazing challenge. They brought the color, feel, and tone of acres and acres of ponds and gardens created by Monet in France into half of the Great Conservatory, one of the reflecting pools, and the top and bottom floors of the on-site library for a Giverney experience on this side of the big pond. Nell hired a limo - Thank You Ed of Today's Limo - to take six of us from Schenectady to the Bronx. I had a busy summer, this exhibit is now ... read more
Delphinium and Hollyhock
The Bridge
Giverny in the Conservatory

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx February 11th 2011

We got up and packed up to check out at 11am, and luckily we were able to keep our bags at the hotel for a couple of dollars, as we weren’t going to our next hotel until later that evening. We jumped on the subway, and headed for the Bronx, to go to the Bronx Zoo. I wasn’t nervous at all – it was the middle of the day – however Carl was slightly worried when we were the only Caucasian people on the train =P In the Bronx the trains go above ground, so you actually have something to look at whilst waiting to reach your stop. The zoo is a fair way into the Bronx, and is only about a 4 minute walk from the station. The zoo was pretty quiet, being the middle ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx February 9th 2011

This morning my mother and I caught an early flight from Vancouver to New York to surprise our friend Elia. It was her 50th birthday and this trip had been in the works by her husband for over two years. I had been to New York when I was 16, but this was the first time my mother would be visiting. We arrived around 5:00pm and were picked up by her husband Charlies and daughter Sara and we immediatly left for their home in the Bronx, hoping to get there before she came home from work. We literally walked in the door about 5 minutes before she did! She was beyond shocked to see us! We enjoyed some take out pizza from a local place and called it a night. Tomorrow we will be heading into ... read more

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