tucker misra


tucker misra

i wanted to go to europe.
she wanted to go to south america.

there was silence and much way was not given on either side.

then we compromised: australia & new zealand!**

it's sure to be a google of miles & points well spent :]

looking forward to: the great barrier reef, the daintree rain forest, cape tribulation, sailing the whitsundays, the twelve apostles, the milford sound, franz josef glacier & the glow worm caves

looking forward to: watching water go down the drain the wrong way :] uluru, a foreign casino buffet! franz josef glacier and the lord of the rings tour!!! one ring to rule them all!!!

we are both excited about the woodford folk festival and the chance to spend some time reconnecting with each other :] aww.

**Now with Euro Trip and Asia/S.E.Asia!


Til We Head To The Land Down Under!


Til We Return Kiwi-ed!

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima October 27th 2019

The only thing worse than being sick is being sick and having to travel. At least it wasn't an airplane with a headcold. So getting to Naoshima sucked. It also kinda sucked being there because we weren't prepared for literally everything to be sold out or booked up. We arrived a little before noon and found ourselves completely locked out of our hostel with no place to leave luggage and they were totally nonresponsive. There were no bike rentals until the next day either. So we made reservations, but we were kinda stuck because we wanted to go check some stuff out, but the last checkin for our hostel was 7pm and the earliest 4pm and headed out we risked missing both. This is particularly because the public transportation is TERRIBLE on the island and between ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto October 27th 2019

By this point we have the trains down so none of that WHY DIDN'T you get off the train?! that was our stop!!nonsense! that we experienced getting to Hakone. Getting to Kyoto was easy breezy from Tokyo. We did a quick luggage drop at our hotel as we have also figured out that the check-in time in Japan IS THE CHECK-IN time and headed over to Nishiki market. Which can I say that I LOVE that the pasmo card I use for public transit works in a completley different city and that is freaking awesome. Anyhoo, I have never been a fan of street meat even when it comes nicely packaged as stall meat. So this market was cool, but I really only tried one thing and snagged a bag of cucumber kimchi at this spot ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 6th 2019

Tokyo! This city is pretty amazing. We kicked off our travels with a week here because I like, LIKE cities. Protip: sumimasin is the best word ever. Learn it and use it. We flew in separately (Susan from Bali and myself from NYC) to Narita. I had purchased an orange for good tidings for our trip intending to share with Susan, but we forgot to eat it before she left so I brought it with me to Japan. It was confiscated and quarantined. I didn't know citrus was such a contentious fruit. Turning in our vouchers for our JR Pass and ticket on the Narita Express was a breeze. Line was longish but moved quickly. There are several 7-11 ATMs at the airport, I suggest pulling out cash immediately. The pasmo card (for Tokyo Metro) can ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Bronx September 14th 2019

We're prepping! But not like crazy prepping end of days in a bunker kinda noise just the how can I get all the t-shirts I'm gonna wanna wear over the next 2.5 months into a pack and keep it under 12kg. But also not really. But REALLY. We're vacc'ed, visa-ed and verifiably ready to get some quality time off the continental US. Vaccine protip: if you're all, damn it I need to get shots for this trip! and you live in NYC and you waited until the absolute last minute (or even if you didn't) we totes recommend travelclinicny.com easy to get an appointment, best prices and no waits for any of the vaccines. Sadly, this is the first time our trusty packs aren't making the trip with us; they were just too big to reliably ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 28th 2015

London in the summertime is HOT. Who knew? Not I, said the cat. All my dreams of dreary, old London were crushed by brilliant rays of light : There wasn't a single unpleasant day the entire time we were in London which was, honestly, pretty much a disappointment for me. Also, by this point, I was paracetmol-ed out from overmedicating/had re-exasperated my injury at Glasto and there just wasn't a whole lot of will to get out and walk around the city, especially in the oppressive heat. No hostel for us here! we were hosted in a friend's flat in Sheperd's Bush and it was SO NICE to have a bed under our backs. Super easy to travel into town from there. We didn't do too much, caught up with one of Susan's college buddies and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance June 22nd 2015

Got up pretty early, but some mishaps with our card made it impossible to get pounds from the ATM. Interject: PEOPLE MAKE SURE YOUR CARD HAS THE CHIP! JUST MAKE SURE IT HAS THE CHIP! life will be so much easier for you across the pond. So we wasted a good deal of our morning trying to get that fixed. The rest of the morning was spent in the charity shops (thrift shops), which were plentiful in Lewes, but there wasn't a lot of variety, getting some gear for Glastonbury. After getting everything squared away, we made our way to Brighton to get camping stuff (bed, sleeping bags, wellies) and to wash our clothes. This is also where we discovered Sainsbury's : There was no laundromat in Lewes and because we couldn't get any pounds we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Lewes June 21st 2015

We had a flight from Naples to London Gatwick Saturday evening. We caught an after train from Paestum to Naples and then took the local bus to the airport. You can get tickets for the bus at the tobacco shops in the train station. They were like 3 euros a pop. The walk to the bus stop is super sketchy. I barely recommend it during daylight hours and wouldn't recommend it at all after dark. You exit out the front of the station and there's a plaza out front across the street, you will go to the side with the McDonald's and cross and walk straight until you reach the end where there's another plaza with a bunch of busses, it's also by a McDonald's. The airport bus is the furthest away from the curb. If ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Paestum June 20th 2015

Took an early morning boat ride from Positano to Salerno. Quick and easy. There weren't too many people on the trip and staying up top is perfectly fine if you have an motion sickness issues and also to avoid the gas smell of being below. It's about a 15 minute walk from the docks to the train station. We had already purchased all of our regional train tickets in Naples, but there are kiosks and workers here too. Just remember that you may need to validate the ticket before getting on the train (ours were prevalidated by the machine). We had a light snack and a lovely goodbye to Sarah at a coffee shop on the strip just around the corner from the train station. If you do not have toilet paper or napkins, you will ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Positano June 17th 2015

Positano! It was super easy to get here from Sorrento (and also to get from Positano to Salerno). So easy in fact that looking back, we probably would have done this as a day trip. This was another disappointing AirBnB experience: the entire apartment that we rented at quite a high rate was actually just two rooms, a balcony a common room and NO KITCHEN. I don't know what Italians do in their homes, but an apartment needs to have a kitchen to be a freaking apartment. Anyhoo, within about 15 minutes of our arrival, there was a HUGE downpour. Luckily, we had ensconced ourselves at a local patisserie place and hunkered down with some sweets, drinks and a rousing game of heads up! Then we got some food stuffs and settled into our place. We ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples June 16th 2015

Took one of those super fast, super comfortable trains from Florence to Naples. Did some bag checking so we wouldn't be on the train with our junk (more on this later) and then headed to the Circumvesuviana to get to Pompeii. These trains are on the lower level, stairs are in line with track 13, you go down and go as far left as possible. You can only purchase tickets there. Take a picture of the time tables so you know when to expect trains. This is a VERY VERY cheap way to get down to Pompeii or Sorrento. You're not going to beat the price. You're also not going to get to buy the tickets you want: we checked our bags because we wanted to come back and eat in Naples and wanted to get ... read more

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