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June 22nd 2015
Published: September 14th 2015
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Got up pretty early, but some mishaps with our card made it impossible to get pounds from the ATM. Interject: PEOPLE MAKE SURE YOUR CARD HAS THE CHIP! JUST MAKE SURE IT HAS THE CHIP! life will be so much easier for you across the pond. So we wasted a good deal of our morning trying to get that fixed. The rest of the morning was spent in the charity shops (thrift shops), which were plentiful in Lewes, but there wasn't a lot of variety, getting some gear for Glastonbury. After getting everything squared away, we made our way to Brighton to get camping stuff (bed, sleeping bags, wellies) and to wash our clothes. This is also where we discovered Sainsbury's :] There was no laundromat in Lewes and because we couldn't get any pounds we couldn't use the one at the hostel. That was a crazy fun adventure and we would definitely like to go back and get to spend some real time in Brighton. From Brighton, we headed to our midway point which was the Eden Project (EP). This is a FAIRLY long drive and we really don't recommend arriving after sundown. Make sure your going the route that has you get off the A390 at St. Blazey and take bridge street in, because the road to the back entrance approaching from the WEST is CRAZY TALK. do not do it. Yeah, so we got in about 10 minutes before the hostel desk closed and checked into our super awesome micro apartment/shipping container. DUDE. SO. COOL.

Next morning, we got up early and headed into the EP basically when they opened. We both enjoyed the flora along the walkway to the domes. Some really cool and odd plants that I've never seen before. I thought the rain forest dome was pretty cool, Susan reserves judgement and would like to come back several years down the road when it's really had a chance to fill in. The Mediterranean was kinda lame. Half of the space was a restaurant and also, we had just come from there and it wasn't as lovely as what we had seen. We had DELICIOUS, DE-LICIOUS! Organic ice cream here - the chocolate and the caramelized hazelnut were just SO FREAKING GOOD. We also got some scones and organic clotted cream. Their t-shirt stock was disappointing though : It was actually a fairly quick and east drive over to Godrevy/St. Ives. Had we known, we would have just stayed two nights at EP instead of booking at the YMCA hostel in Penzance which I DO NOT suggest you do. The kitchen was so gross and the rooms were just really sad. The whole place was just sad and worn. Anyhoo, we got to Godrevy with plenty hours of daylight to spare and just spent several hours hanging out on the cliffs looking at the lighthouse and the ocean and walking on the beach. It was like the end of a literary pilgrimage, definitely a highlight of my life :] We drove over to St. Ive's to watch the sunset from this little park at the end of the waterfront and to somewhat see the view that V.W. would have seen. That was pretty awesome too :]


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