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Oceania December 27th 2008

Yay! We can post via the blackberry :) pls excuse any impending grammar, spelling and txt language. Whenst we last spoke there was a rain of mythic proportions beating down on us at woodford. This was also the first day we decided not to carry our rain gear :( ALSO the window to our home away from home (some suv model nissan that was rather cosy and easily fit our air mattress - our tent proved worthless, literally puddling water during the first pitiful rainshower on the first night) was cracked so we returned to a damp but doable spot on susan's side but elsewise were unscathed. Woodford: completely amazing experience! We hope to come back and bring some of y'all with us! We spent our days eating scrumditiliumcious food from all over: yemen, hungary, japan, ... read more
Woodford - Chai Tent
Woodford - The Opening Ceremony
Woodford - HARD AT WORK :-)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Woodford December 26th 2008

we landed in brissy on christmas day. you wouldn't know it from the sunshine - it was hot and muggy. we checked into our hotel, but of course our room wasn't ready so we went for an hour walk along the river and had our first australian meal: french fries. yes. french fries. we also meandered through the botanical garden and i (susan) went crazy for the trees. they have hoop pines here and booyan trees and mangroves - very cool. and then, very hot and tired, we took the ferry back to the hotel. when we got back to the hotel, it turned out that toisha was very allergic to the room. the front desk clerk was superfriendly and gave us a couple of drinks while they tried to find another room. BUT IT WAS ... read more
We're Allergic to This Hotel but the View Is Great!
Lamington - Inside the Fig Tree
Lamington Tree Walk - From the Planks

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Woodford December 25th 2008

so we left like a bag with ALL of our chargers and shit in susan's office in new york. then we couldn't get into the building with our master key and we had to call a locksmith at 3 in the morning. he was worthless and fleeced megan of $45 on our behalf (hi megan!) and then we hopped into a cab and flew out of new york. by flew out of new york i mean we gave up seats on an overbooked flight for vouchers (that's our next flight to NYC or DC) and then got upgraded to business class with the most awesome-est flight attendants and sat on the runway in the snow for like two hours AND THEN we flew out of NYC. we caught up with our luggage in LA (thanks jenna!) ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York December 19th 2008

yeah, yeah so we're skipping that we touched down in the city of brotherly love. eh. one last hoorah on the coast with the most before heading back west and wrapping up all those last minute loose ends. i heart ny. we'll be flying out tuesday. can't wait to cross the dateline!... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 13th 2008

we FINALLY have our itinerary! See our map on the next page... Brisbane - Lamington National Forest Woodford Folk Festival Port Douglas - Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation Whitsundays Uluru Melbourne - Great Ocean Road Sydney Auckland (just overnight) Queenstown - Lord of the Rings Tour Milford Sound Franz Joseph Glacier Train from Greymouth to Christchurch Auckland HOME!!! ... read more

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