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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence June 15th 2015

After a lovely time in gay Paris, we took the Thello back to Italy. The train station is massive and the checked luggage is a bit of a trek, you'll see signs and you they aren't super helpful. It's on the lower level in the furthest back corner on the right if you imagine yourself standing in front of the train station and looking in. It's a GREAT deal though! HUGE locker for 24 hours for only 9 euros. We put two travel backpacks, a rolling piece of luggage and some misc bags in there and STILL had space. Unfortunately, Le Train Bleu (restaurant at gare de lyon train station) only has bar/lounge menu service in the hours leading up to the departure time for our train so we didn't get to splurge on a meal ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 11th 2015

So paris taxi drivers are pretty much assholes. Had my ankle not still been messed up, we would have avoided them at all costs. If you don't have GPS on your phone you're basically getting bamboozled. Here is the pertinent info on rates and such: Our first cab driver from the airport took the long way around and overcharged us by 10 euros. The second cab driver gave our friend the amount of money back in change that we were supposed to pay. I didn't realize in time, and shut the door, and he had driven off by the time we realized that he stole 6 euros. The third cab driver took the long way around the latin quarter, and this time, I sat in the car so he couldn't drive off and I was ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 7th 2015

Due to a mistake in reading the freaking Euro calender (friday and saturday should be the last two days NOT saturday and sunday. poop, on you euro calendar), we booked our train a day earlier than intended for leaving Linz than we wanted so we wound up with an extra day in Venice. We stayed at the Ostello Domus Civica. Great location! Especially if you don't want to shell out for the vaparoto. Older building and dusty especially if you open the wardrobe, but we had a balcony and very spacious room #40 on the second floor . The shared bathrooms were clean and the staff friendly, but it was hella hot as there was no air conditioning, but we just slept with the windows open and got bitten by bugs. We came in did a ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Linz May 30th 2015

So this was the unofficial start of our trip as it was our first intended destination, but not the start of the vacationing because Susan was working remotely. Not sure I mentioned it yet, but I fucked my ankle in Oslo and basically could not walk by this point in the trip. I would highly advise you against purchasing Saucony's as they are the shittiest of shit shoes and nothing good will come from wearing them. Anyhoo, we were welcomed on the platform by Carrie after a lovely train ride from Munich. I like trains and include them in our itinerary whenever I can :) We weren't really sure what to expect from Linz because we didn't really do any research on what there was to do since the main purpose was to get to hangout ... read more

Europe » Germany May 30th 2015

The last time I was in Germany most of my interactions amounted to someone being incredibly rude and/or aggressive towards me. This trip was no different. Old people and young people were literarlly pushing me around on the plane in and the people at the main train station were just outright assholes the next day. We stayed at Pension Locarno which was a very short walk out the front and to the left of the main entrance to Munich HBF. It was nothing fancy - clean and totally fine for an overnight with a morning train depature. The area was a bit sketchy at night and full of drunken "singing" revelers. As I spent what few hours we had in Munich finding a place to print a train ticket (which if you need to print/get on ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 29th 2015

So we totally were down to the wire with printing, packing and making our way to the airport. We got a great deal on a flight to Europe via Norwegian air and their dreamy dreamliner, seriously it's a nice ass plane. Check in was a breeze, but international terminal one at JFK is abysmal. The food options are a fucking joke: the Chinese place Chop X (that X is made from chopsticks. Shakes my head) is literally cup o' noodles. Seriously? Anyhoo, get your food BEFORE you get there or have enough time to eat in a different terminal. Moving on, the plane is beautiful! It was also delayed over an hour and Norwegian Air takes economy international flights to a new level and doesn't even give you water. Do bring WATER or it'll cost you ... read more

North America » United States » New York May 20th 2015

it's been many, many moons since we last undertook a trip of such epic proportions. now we're back, older, wiser and still chasing that music festival high. lots of last minute filaments to take care of, but we're increasingly excited as our departure date approaches! in the meantime, getting in some face time with all the peeps will miss seeing : and looking forward to friendly faces awaiting us on the other side of the pond. photo credit to MD.... read more

Oceania February 22nd 2009

this is the whole shabang set to music! pretty much unedited montage of all the photos we took : the first one is "australia: 3 weeks in 10 mins or less" and the second one is "new zealand: 7 days in 6 mins." ***PLAYBACK: click the white triangle on the bottom right of the video screen. a bar will come up. click on "HQ" - the playback quality is better *** a note on the music: while we were at woodford we totally fell for the artists: kate miller-heidke and wild marmalade. they provide the soundtracks for these and we HIGHLY recommend you look into them : you can see some other shorts, including an awesome aussie rap! what!! on youtube. search: tuckermisra for the videos on youtube or follow this link: we had a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland January 20th 2009

auckland was our last hoorah. after working the morning shift on our air new zealand flight, we got into auckland around midday. by this point we were a little road weary so we decided to turn in points to stay at a westin (yay for westins, 'cept they don't have as good comps as sheratons so yay for sheratons too) instead of going to the hostel that we booked. after a false start and crappy google directions we got to the city and our hotel and took a power nap now! (inside joke) before heading to waitomo and our glowworm cave blackwater rafting adventure! the trip down wasn't too bad, but again it was windy unsigned roads so it wasn't all that awesome either. we rocked out to Kate Miller-Heidke (we HIGHLY suggest you look her ... read more
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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island January 19th 2009

we had to get up around eight to make the drive to greymouth from franz josef. this stretch was pretty easy and straight. there's a town on the way called: hokitika (think that's the right spelling). definitely worth the stop for food and souvenirs. we basically bought everything in hokitika and it was way cheaper than in greymouth or aukland. greymouth is a good size and very walkable. we milled about while waiting on the train to come in. it was about two hours late. now i was really excited about this part of the trip. i l-o-v-e trains. that part of my old soul is just calmed by them and it's just nice to watch the world go by like that. all the materials i had read promised me stunning scenery and that i would ... read more
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