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May 30th 2015
Published: June 18th 2015
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The last time I was in Germany most of my interactions amounted to someone being incredibly rude and/or aggressive towards me. This trip was no different. Old people and young people were literarlly pushing me around on the plane in and the people at the main train station were just outright assholes the next day. We stayed at Pension Locarno which was a very short walk out the front and to the left of the main entrance to Munich HBF. It was nothing fancy - clean and totally fine for an overnight with a morning train depature. The area was a bit sketchy at night and full of drunken "singing" revelers. As I spent what few hours we had in Munich finding a place to print a train ticket (which if you need to print/get on the internet there is a place tucked into the back of a jeweller/phone store just outside of the train station. you cross the street, go towards the bank/school and take a left at the corner, it is just a bit up that block), I will leave the writing of the remainder of this post to Susan as.

I had a great time in Munich. I didn't talk to anyone given that the last time I was in Germany, I also had had a bad experience *or several. And the solitude was fantastic. I woke up early and walked around the city to three different gardens. No one was up at 8 am and so I was all by myself. It was a bit weird but also pleasant. I walked down long boulevards past the botanic garden {which was small but pleasant} and through another garden with a beautiful gazebo and a path to several arts institutions. Our friend Aaron recommended the English Garden, and since it is so fast to walk around I decided to go there. It is amazing. Like one of the biggest parks I've been to; I only got to see a quarter of it. It has forests and a river and beautful grassy fields. I stumbled across a bunch of surfers that were taking turns surfing a wave in the river that was caused by a man made waterfall. That was so cool, I also noticed that no one talked to each other despite waiting in line with the same people for 15 minutes for a turn. That was weird. After the English Garden, I wandered over to the art museum and past the palace. No they aren't close to each other, but it was a loop that I made up. The palace was also a cool spot. There were a bunch of dirty couches and seats outside on the plaza that you could hang out in, and I did. They were comfortable and I just didn't think about how much rain and mildew must be inside them.

Last, I went to see the bells ringing. I remember the square vividly and how much I loved the bells the last time. The square was just as beautiful, but the bells weren't like I remembered. It was fun to see the old puppets moving on the clock, but it wasn't as amazing as the first time I saw it. I think that is probably because I've seen a lot of similar things since then. Also, the bells were terribly out of tune. Still, I'm glad I saw it and I did love the square a lot. Then I joined Toisha is trying to print out our tickets. Next time we'll print everything before we go...


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