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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef January 17th 2009

sorry about that title, but i just couldn't do a travelblog without at least one "the road to post". ha! dude! so the reason people do the south island from christchurch to the west coast and then down, is cause it is STUPID to drive yourself from queenstown to franz josef. it's just long winding roads, no gas stations and when you near the end there are signs that basically say oops! we built this road so close to the ocean that you should be wary of high tide 'cause it's literally like two feet away. there were highlights: we saw double rainbows and beautiful lakes and once i woke up to catch susan taking a picture WHILE driving (the car was LITERALLY moving and she was TAKING a photo) and had to confiscate the camera. ... read more
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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Milford Sound January 16th 2009

the next morning it was up bright and early and off to milford sound for our overnight boat trip. we headed out of queenstown and were on our way! then we stopped for some ridiculous add on train ride. then we stopped again in a random housing development. then again for some other random reason. basically what probably could have been done in a couple of hours was stretched to seven (yes, this is our reflection on tours in Australia and NZ - tours are for people who think life is a journey and would like to spend more time getting to their destination; they are not for people like us who want to spend more time at the destination). anyhow, we had a slightly bitter driver who's commentary reflected the waning tourist economy and missed ... read more
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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown January 15th 2009

After flying from Sydney to Auckland we stayed at a sketchy airport hotel - they are designed to pick up foreigners at midnight, give you a bed to sleep in, and then bus you back at 5 am for your next flight. (it wasn't that bad! they had this cool art installation of fish in the lobby and i pretended to sleep with the fishes - not to be missed photo op!). RANT: i'd like to go on record now about air new zealand. they suck. it's like the american airlines of nz - slightly too old planes, shitty service, and ridiculous fares. you have to check yourself in, print your ticket, print the tag for your bag, TAG your OWN BAGS, then lift them onto the belt to the flight while "attendants" stand around doing ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 13th 2009

We woke up in the morning to the beautiful view outside our room (THANK YOU POINTS!). after a quick morning flight we arrived in sydney! was SUPER excited to get on a subway and they have these cool double decker cars that reminded me of the magic bus in the harry potter movies so i was mentally pissing my pants with excitement tee hee. our hotel overlooked hyde park and from the pool at the top of the building you had a great view of the city : sydney was our last stop in australia and i was a bit travel weary, but i finally wasn't sick. when we got to the hotel i decided to take a nap and susan went off on one of her walking adventures By this point in our trip, we ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong January 12th 2009

so after melbourne we got our little bucket on wheels from thrifty and headed out to the great ocean road. of course we got lost in melbourne. NOT our fault though! their signage SUCKS!! it took us about 15mins of circling, but we finally found our way onto the B100 (that's the great ocean road!). we went to geelong to check into our hotel and upgraded to a room with a view - it was a stunning view of this gorgeous blue bay. THEN we officially headed out onto THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD (seeing a theme here...?). the scenery is really beautiful until apollo bay, but after that there's no ocean view, just miles of sloping hills and farmland. it took us a longer time to drive than we imagined and so we got thwarted at ... read more
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Oceania January 11th 2009

So we flew Tiger airways from alice springs to melbourne because the tix were 1/2 the price of qantas. If you think your life is worth $130 then feel free to save it and fly Tiger. This was hands down the sketchiest plane I have ever been on - I was sure it was gonna fall out of the sky - and it definitely didn't feel like the pilot knew how to fly a plane.Then, the "terminal" was this gated-in fire hazard with those rotating bar exits like you find in subways and toilets that were only maybe 2 steps up from portapotties. (I (Susan) thought it was worse than the New Delhi airport 15 years ago!) Also cabs in melbourne are unregulated and totally take ridiculous routes from the airport so avoid them and take ... read more
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Oceania January 9th 2009

I was sick, drugged up and walking around the desert with a box of kleenex. Susan will be writing this post... To get to Uluru, we had to fly to Brisbane. That night in Brisbane was fun - we stayed at a great hotel that was very affordable (the Rendevous, or something like that) and ate dinner on Queens Street. And then the next morning we flew back to Cairns and then to Uluru. This time I was ready with my camera and took lots of pictures (discretely since you are supposed to turn off all electronics) from the air. I got some great shots of the great barrier reef, Cape Tribulation, and the outback. The outback was so much more gorgeous than I ever imagined. In fact, I had not even wanted to go - ... read more
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Oceania January 7th 2009

just seeing if this works... If so, a post to follow soonishly...... read more

Oceania January 5th 2009

After the mostly bust that was port douglas we headed south for our 3 day sailing adventure on an australian tallship! The bus down was unexceptional service that one expects from greyhound BUT there was one cool thing : all the seats had seatbelts! I have long pondered why buses in america don't have 'em. It certainly felt safer- I am going to go on record as being an advocate :) accomadations for the night were whitsunday moorings -- a gay friendly b&b where we had the best breakfast - mostly it was the setting, overlooking the marina under a sea of tropical plants, heaps of parrots, at a wonderfully presented table. would certainly stay here again :) We also walked around arlie beach - both toisha and I like fun tourist towns (filled with bars ... read more
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Oceania January 2nd 2009

From woodford we made the hour trek to brissy and caught a morning flight to cairns. We turned in pts to stay at the sheraton mirage an hour up capt cook highway in port douglas. We got lost trying to find the place since the sign is only apparent when you leave town - not when you arrive. The decor was 70's chic and the highlights were the manmade salt water lagoons that served as the resort pools. We took a walk on the beach at sunset and stayed clear of the stinger infested waters.there were further shenanigans that you shan't be privy too ;) we also turned in pts for the $87! Per person! buffet. I certainly would not waste my money for it or pay the nightly rate to stay here, but it was ... read more
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