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December 25th 2008
Published: December 29th 2008
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so we left like a bag with ALL of our chargers and shit in susan's office in new york. then we couldn't get into the building with our master key and we had to call a locksmith at 3 in the morning. he was worthless and fleeced megan of $45 on our behalf (hi megan!) and then we hopped into a cab and flew out of new york. by flew out of new york i mean we gave up seats on an overbooked flight for vouchers (that's our next flight to NYC or DC) and then got upgraded to business class with the most awesome-est flight attendants and sat on the runway in the snow for like two hours AND THEN we flew out of NYC.

we caught up with our luggage in LA (thanks jenna!) and then we were OFF! off to get a bunch of stuff that we didn't get in SF and then into gridlock almost christmas flight traffic to LAX to wait in line at the wrong international terminal. we were stoked though :] so FINALLY we get on the plane and the qantas people are certainly not the nicest aussies out there : the flight was pretty uneventful.

From Susan: the plane was great - with the sleeping meds we slept straight through so we were ready to go the moment we landed. i can't remember what we did the first day - hopefully, toisha will fill in - cept that we ended up having xmas dinner in chinatown.

ooop! we've been notified that we can't use the festival computers for personal use anymore :[ we are LOVING australia and WOODFORD IS FANTASTIC!! we recommend that EVERYONE COME!!! more later....


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