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June 28th 2015
Published: September 14th 2015
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London in the summertime is HOT. Who knew? Not I, said the cat. All my dreams of dreary, old London were crushed by brilliant rays of light :[ There wasn't a single unpleasant day the entire time we were in London which was, honestly, pretty much a disappointment for me. Also, by this point, I was paracetmol-ed out from overmedicating/had re-exasperated my injury at Glasto and there just wasn't a whole lot of will to get out and walk around the city, especially in the oppressive heat.

No hostel for us here! we were hosted in a friend's flat in Sheperd's Bush and it was SO NICE to have a bed under our backs. Super easy to travel into town from there. We didn't do too much, caught up with one of Susan's college buddies and also visited some of her family. For touristing: we went to the Tower of London, which again, was a bit of a let down, the Tate Modern, The V&A, saw Big Ben and surrounds, saw a bit of the West End (even at some street meat!) hung out with a light picnic in Hyde Park and attempted to purchase a V.W. novel with no luck. We didn't do anything particularly grand or have any terribly bad experiences, but for now London isn't in my top 10 cities list. I mean, I would certainly give London another chance, but perhaps in cooler weather with a more dedicated itinerary and the ability to walk about.


14th September 2015

Hey Don't ruin London's reputation
For some editorial balance, London is quite chilly today :-) Hope you're feeling better soon

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