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blog 07-24-20 There is a tremendous amount to catch up on so I'll try to deliver the shorter version. Last report was the earth ships in Taos. The next day we spent walking around town and visiting the Kit Carson Park which turned out to be a perfect place to walk Watson with lots of shade trees and green grass. He must have rolled 10 times. The park has a famous grave yard where Carson and his wife are buried along with other prominent citizens. On the 17th we hit the road and followed the Rio Grande south toward Albuquerque winding our way through some beautiful valleys with the river, the life blood of the desert. We pulled into Truth or Consequences about 4 pm and we both felt like we came home. We had terrific ... read more
strange and colorful outcropping
entering the desert, raining in the distance
down one side and up the other through a canyon

blog 03-25-20 to 04-1-20 Finding a Safe Haven On Wednesday the 25th I just did my laundry, cleaned the camper a little and relaxed. I have been keeping an active pace and I'm tired. Thursday the 26 th was travel day to Truth or Consequences, NM. I had a tail wind of about 35 mph most of the way and could have gone an extra 100 miles on this tank of gas. Sure am glad I was going with it. The last 20 miles I headed north so the wind hit me from the side which is a little tricky when you're in a boxy vehicle. The rear duels really help keep you on the road and in no time I was heading into Cielo RV park, up on a hill overlooking downtown T or C. ... read more
Lynne on the "wash" trail
1st day seeing the cactus

blog 04-02-19 Beach Day Lynne had shown me a picture she took yesterday morning of the moon and Venus rising just before dawn, so this morning I woke up hoping to see them. I did and was able to capture their image before the sun rose, but somehow missed Mercury. Then the sunrise was getting more colorful, which is rare out here, so I stayed up for that and caught the colors in the lake. Later in the morning Watson and I walked to the beach far down from the campground and he was playing in the sand and I was taking pictures of our campground when I saw something in the sky. It was a flock of white pelicans circling right over the very place my camper is parked. There must have been 60 of ... read more
almost sunrise
struggling yucca

blog 04-03-19 Chloride- Ghost Town My last day here in Elephant Butte and I just had to go to another ghost town. Chloride is about 1 hr away down this very windy road through some hills and about 1500 ft higher in elevation. The scenery was beautiful for a desert climate with an increase in large bushes and even an occasion tree. To keep me on my toes driving it is open range meaning the cows roam free, no fences. We did see a few cows just around a corner but they were just off the road so no emergency braking was necessary. We came to a little town of Winston and there was a general store on the corner just begging for a visit. It was an old fashioned store that sold just about everything. ... read more
a lot of the signs here are metal cut outs

blog 04-01-19 April Fool's Day I woke up to a red glow on the eastern horizon and frost on my car. The storm blew through during the night leaving the air clear, crisp and cold. But once the sun came out it warmed up quickly. The day started slowly and never did really pick up much steam. After breakfast I headed to T or C (Truth or Consequences) for an exciting shopping trip to Walmart, a camper's heaven. As I pulled up to the parking lot I noticed that the entire lot had covered parking, how strange was that. The covers as it turned out, were solar panels to power the store, which they did completely. The state has a plan to become completely independent of fossil fuels in the next few years so they are ... read more
there is a deer in the middle of the picture down the canyon
Lynne at the dam
the full view

blog 03-31-19 Exploring Elephant Butte It was a slow start to the day and after a big breakfast and a walk around the campground, Watson and I took a ride north by way of a sand road. I was extra careful to stay on the well traveled part with stones in it. if you got in the soft sand we'd be calling a tow truck. We saw campers parked right next to the water in their own little piece of heaven. The park lets you dry camp or boon dock anywhere you want to go so some of the spots are very imaginative, thanks to 4 wheel drive monster trucks. Every once in a while there is a port a potty so you have most of the comforts of home. I've included some pictures of the ... read more
my campsite with a water view
delicate little flowers growing in the sand
beach campsite, elephant butte in the background

blog 03-30-19 Cabolla Lake to Elephant Butte Lake Yes, I like camping on or near the water. There are a series of dams on the Rio Grande and 2 of them formed lakes that have become state parks. Elephant Butte is just 25 miles north of Cabolla Lake and a very easy drive. I arrived about 2:30 found my campsite and proceeded to be crazy about leveling. Usually it's the front to back that needs to be leveled but this site was off left to right. That meant that I had to use the boards for the rear duels and it's a little tricky mixing the boards and the blocks. But after several adjustments, in and out of the cab, on and off different number of blocks, I got it. This time I was the entertainment. ... read more
Cabollo Lake
elephant butte lake view from my campsite

blog 03-28-19 and 03-29-19 Truth or Consequences On Thursday Lynne and I went into town (Truth or Consequences) and had a soak. There is a hot spring that Lynne found last year and I thought it would be fun to try it with her. You pay $12.00 for an hour and you have a choice of about 10 pools, or you could choose a private pool for an little more. I went into the coolest pond first but before too long it got really warm and I had to go get a cool shower, then back in the tub. The mineral water is taunted to heal your body and enjoy it while it's happening. The scenery is gorgeous, with a series of small ponds outside separated by flower beds overlooking the Rio Grande River and the ... read more
the lake
The spa and hot tubs

blog 03-27-19 Lunch in Hatch So yesterday I traveled from Demming to Caballo Lake State Park, a distance of about 80. This lake was made by building a dam on the Rio Grande to use as flood control and water retention for later irrigation. It became a state park and opened the lake up to recreation, boating, fishing, swimming and camping. My campsite overlooks the lake but the water level is so low that it is hard to see the water. It has a milky blue color that I will photograph tomorrow when the sun comes out. It has been cloudy for 2 days with a 30% chance of rain but the air is so dry that the water in the clouds evaporates before it can reach the ground. As I was coming north the valleys ... read more
a butte in the distance
solar farm
very green fields thanks to irrigation

...Truth or Consequences, NM- it's a real town and we're camping out in the Wal- Mart parking lot for the night! Last night was cold! And woke up to a slight drizzle over head which made it cold and raw. Sitting in the trailer with our propane heater (thanks mom and dad) on we looked at the weather forecast an a severe alert popped up of an incoming cold front bringing rain and ....snow! Jo quickly pulled out the atlas and we started mapping a route south toward a campground with hot springs! We'll check out the local lake here tomorrow in Elephant Butte,NM ands possibly stay a day or two and then head toward Gile Hot Springs,NM. Made out first Wal-Mart stop along the way, did some laundry and ate our first meal out at ... read more

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