Finding a Safe Haven

Published: April 2nd 2020
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blog 03-25-20 to 04-1-20 Finding a Safe Haven

On Wednesday the 25th I just did my laundry, cleaned the camper a little and relaxed. I have been keeping an active pace and I'm tired.

Thursday the 26 th was travel day to Truth or Consequences, NM. I had a tail wind of about 35 mph most of the way and could have gone an extra 100 miles on this tank of gas. Sure am glad I was going with it. The last 20 miles I headed north so the wind hit me from the side which is a little tricky when you're in a boxy vehicle. The rear duels really help keep you on the road and in no time I was heading into Cielo RV park, up on a hill overlooking downtown T or C. I checked in and decided to take the monthly rate, which is really cheap, plus electric. If it gets much hotter and I have to run the ac I may regret the decision.

The sites are nice and wide and I have a coveted tree in the front. The leaves are just coming out but I'm hoping for some nice shade from it. I hung a thistle feeder from the tree and the finches have found it so I'm enjoying their antics and songs.

Lynn is here waiting to hear whether she has a job this summer or not in an Army Corp of Engineers park about 5 hrs north of here. With having to deal with the virus we are all in limbo and taking one day at a time. We are all keeping our distance but still walking together and visiting, again at a distance outside.

I'm very impressed with NM's governor. She is a very strong woman, terrific motivator and a real go-getter. She contacted private industries in the state in January to get them to help make personal supplies for health care workers, some industries to make additional ventilators and best of all, gotten her own supply of testing materials with the help of companies that just had to make some alterations to their machinery. She uses all New Mexican companies, and universities and they couldn't wait to help. The residents are like hermits and the only businesses that are open are gas stations, food stores, auto parts and repairs and farm supply. Some restaurants are open for take out only.

There are no cases of the virus in the county where I am but I am still isolating myself and washing hands constantly. There is a terrible outbreak in the Navajo reservation at the 4 corners region, which is north and west of me. I'm in the south central part of the state, south of Albuquerque. I plan to be here at least until 4-26-20, unless the heat gets to me.

There is a "wash" in the little hills next to the campground that provides a path through the desert plants. In a rain storm the water rushes down this path tearing out anything that might be growing and sending stones tumbling. Lynne and I walked up this path looking for neat rocks like I look for seashells. We wondered around and occasionally saw a lone wildflower and lots of buds on the cactus. The prickly pear have lots of buds but I don't know if they are flower buds or leaf buds, time will tell. I did spot a splash of red and had to pick a path to discover a different type cactus just covered with red flower buds. 2 of the buds had opened but the rest were just buds of various sizes. I have gone back every day for the last 4 days to check on them to see how they are progressing, don't want to miss anything. The cactus is a beautiful specimen protected by a kreasote bush. It must get just the right amount of water because it is going to town.

I have decided not to take Watson back there anymore because the rattle snakes are due to come out soon. I have been trying to get as much info as I can so I know how to avoid them.

Today Watson and I took a walk into town all the way to the Rio Grande River. It's not a wide river but fairly deep and the water is really rushing. The farmers depend on this river water for their crops so every drop is precious. There are 3 dams upstream that back up the water and is released slowly so there is enough for the growing season.

I won't write a blog every day but I will look into the history of the town and the industry and crops that are grown here so you get a little information about this part of the world.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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4th April 2020
day 3, a few more buds open

Your RV travels and freedom of movement sounds especially wonderful during these days of corona virus 'lock down.' I really like your photos of native wildflowers and especially the flowering cactus.
6th April 2020
day 3, a few more buds open

I was posting a week late so I wasn't on the road after lockdown. Staying put for at least a month, not a good idea to travel now

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