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Published: July 26th 2020
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blog 07-24-20

There is a tremendous amount to catch up on so I'll try to deliver the shorter version. Last report was the earth ships in Taos. The next day we spent walking around town and visiting the Kit Carson Park which turned out to be a perfect place to walk Watson with lots of shade trees and green grass. He must have rolled 10 times. The park has a famous grave yard where Carson and his wife are buried along with other prominent citizens.

On the 17th we hit the road and followed the Rio Grande south toward Albuquerque winding our way through some beautiful valleys with the river, the life blood of the desert. We pulled into Truth or Consequences about 4 pm and we both felt like we came home. We had terrific greetings from people we just left a month earlier and we got a front row campsite so the view is right in our face.

The sky was clearing so I packed my backpack with photo equipment, water, flashlight and my trusty chair and up the ridge I went in the waning light of dusk. The trail is less then a foot wide with a drop-off on both sides so great care was needed. The storm cleared, and I was able to see the comet and get pictures, so the terror of climbing around in the desert at night was worth it. I did end up with 3 prickly pear cactus spines in my leg but they didn't hurt until I got in bed and rolled on them. Picture.

Watson and I walked to the dog park to meet Watson's dog buddies and their mom Jeanna. Through our conversations she mentioned that there was a cute house for rent that I should see, so we went. I fell in love with the view, could only see the outside, and met a neighbor who will end up being a life long friend. She camped in the desert by herself in a gypsy wagon that she made.

The next day I saw the house and put a deposit on it for a 6 month lease. I'm SOOO excited.

I'm experiencing T or C in the monsoon season where the heat of the day produces rain clouds over the mountains and if we're lucky they dump rain in town. Supplies much needed rain and cools the temperatures.

The next day I spent some time with Pat, the gypsy wagon lady and my new neighbor and I learned about so many possibilities for me when I move. Pat put me in touch with Isabelle who swims the river as many days as she can and we arranged for me to have a go the next day.

I was a little nervous about going because the current is very swift but Isabelle had a life jacket for me and a tube. I flopped in the tube, Isabelle swam with a life jacket on, and in about 45 min we were several miles downstream to our take-out point. About 1/2 way down I slid out of the tube and swam the rest of the way and it was just fabulous. What a way to spend a hot afternoon! I swam the Rio Grande!

Another visit to the dog park, a farmer's market shopping trip, some thrift stores and a flea market rounded out the shopping for the rest of the week. Everyone wears masks and keeps 6 ft apart and not many people in the stores. Lynne and I went to the river one day and spent the afternoon under a tree watching the river flow by.

There are 2 dams up stream and they are releasing water for the farmers downstream to raise everything from pecans, apricots, chili peppers, tobacco and cotton, to name a few. Also supplying drinking water for all the cities and towns along the way.The water in the dams comes from snow melt in the Colorado Rockies and here it has a blue green silty look to it. It's pretty and quite clean.

The most excitement all week was the continual line of thunder storms that came through every night. No viewing of the comet but some pretty dramatic clouds and lighting. Pictures

Early Thursday morning Jessie and Rob welcomed the newest member of their family, Shea Denise weighing in at 9 lbs, 13 oz. All is well and they are home sharing Shea with Abby who seems thrilled.

I will be leaving T or C on Monday to visit my cousin and his wife in Golden, CO then back to Ft Collins, pick up Dee and east we will travel.

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30th July 2020
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4th August 2020
comet neowise

Comet Neowise
Discovered in March 2020 and will not return they say for 6,800 years and you saw it and got a great photo of it. Brilliant in spades! And I had not seen any news of it in Sydney until I read your blog just now. I'll head outside and search the sky and you never know. Serendipity is my second name and sometimes luck favours the brave. Fingers crossed!!! And how lucky are you also to score the house for 6 months...yep...fortune favours those that step out. Best wishes to you.
7th August 2020
comet neowise

Thanks for your interest Dancing Dave. I tried for several weeks to get a picture of this comet but being low on the horizon it posed a challenge. Finally from a high desert vantage point I was able to see it. Unfortunately it was monsoon season so dodging storms was another challenge. One picture was reddish as a result of nearby lightning. You might want to check out to see what's happening in the skies. Good luck, Kathy

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