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North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque August 17th 2015

After waking up somewhat early - before 8:00, which is early for us - and getting breakfast, we got started on our long drive. We had about 8 hours of travel planned for today, not including stops, so we wanted to be out early. Around 9:15 we got on the road with 2 stops in mind, but others possible. First up was Marble Canyon, which sits at the eastern head of the Grand Canyon. It's on the edge of Navajo lands, so there's a lot of native culture there too. On the drive, we went by stone houses built into cliffs and boulders, which it turns out actually weren't built by the natives, but rather by settlers. Inside the houses was actually cooler, somewhat surprisingly. I definitely could not have fit living in any of them; ... read more
Saucy in the stone house
Stone House
Marble Canyon

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque August 5th 2015

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I still cannot spell “Albuquerque” correctly on the first try. The Drive Begins It was a mad rush to get on the road. We stayed up most of the night before and got up early to finish hauling out trash and loading a few essentials into the Uhaul. But it was finally done, and we couldn't be happier to be out of there. With Mark behind the wheel and Callie Cat securely in her carrier, we drove away from our Las Vegas apartment. It was our first place together, but this move will mean a lot of other firsts for us. Let the adventure begin! The Most Annoying Sound in the World Before we agreed that Callie should take the drive with us, I warned Mark of her howling. Like many cats, Callie is not a ... read more
Last view of Nevada
Welcome to Arizona!
Mark and Callie

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Well we wanted hot and sunny and we got hot and sunny. We started out our week with a short ride and then we took the tram up to the Sandia Crest Ski area. It was a 2.7 mile cable car ride up the mountain. What a wonderful view and just a great way to see the area as we just arrive. Going up wasn't bad going down is just a bit different for me as I am just not a fan of the heights, LOL...Day two started out again on the Harley and we started to go towards the mountain and found a dirt road. As we were on the side of the road a nice gentlemen came along and told us about a couple of nice rides we should take. We took his advice ... read more
Just a nice view!
Another nice view
It was a cool ride!

Thursday, 2 July, 2015 We got out early and drove to Grand Canyon National Park, stopping at Desert View and a few overlooks on the way to Grand Canyon village. We checked at Mather campground for openings, but they were full, so we drove straight to Ten-X campground in Kaibab National Forest, where we set up in a nice campsite. We ate lunch before driving back to the park, hoping the long lines at the entrance had thinned out some. They had. Our first stop was the main visitor center to pick up a Jr. Ranger book for Jenna, then we drove to some more of the eastern overlooks. We worked our way back to the village before 4:00 and went to a Jr. Ranger Program to complete the requirements for Jenna's Jr. Ranger badge. Back ... read more
Grand Canyon NP
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Not a lot to report today. Being now in the mountain time zone, we have gained another hour making us 7 hours behind. We were a little disappointed with Santa Rosa and wished we could have just driven the additional few miles to here last night so we could have 2 nights in the Grand Canyon. We were planning on doing the Breaking Bad tour in Albuquerque which involves being taken round all the locations in the show in a big RV! However we sat down last night and realised we could just google the locations and visit them ourselves and save some bucks. So we hauled ass the 120ish miles from Santa Rosa and got some good pictures of Walt and Jessie's house, Jane and Jessie's apartments, Saul's office and the car wash. If you ... read more

I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico with my family in the Summer of 2015. That was only four months ago but I have discovered so much of what the city has to offer in terms of its landscape, it’s architecture, and for my children, it’s wildlife. I have also serendipitously stumbled upon some wonderful native New Mexicans, whom i will remember forever. First, the facts. Albuquerque is relatively small in population which gives it a homely feel. There is not much traffic, although the locals don’t agree with me, but when you moved here from New York City like I did, the city has a very sluggish feel and you can always drive from one part of the city to the other in less than 30 minutes regardless of where you are and regardless of the ... read more
Casual day at Cibola Park

Just about over this 66 thing, but it goes on & on & on.... Some pretty cool stuff along the New Mexico stretch. Ghost towns are abundant, offering sad memories of the prosperous towns they once were & so much history of this highway! The promise of prosperity & excitement that the west must have enticed in people from the travel all this way in search of riches & a new life. This is where we will depart the East-West road & head North into Indian Territory. Big influence from the Spanish along the 84 heading north. They settled here in the 1600's & a lot of the buildings, architecture reflect their presence. Sante Fe, the capital, the oldest capital city in the US. Staying in a tiny place called Las Vegas, New Mexico! in ... read more
Coke City
Ghost Town - Glerio, Texas
Glenrio Motel

New Mexico Nun bin ich am östlichsten Punkt dieses Roadtrips angelangt: in Albuquerque, NM. Danach gehts wieder zurück in den Westen. Die Bilder in diesem Blog-Entry stammen aus: Albuquerque - dort hab ich nach den Spuren von Walter White gesucht :-D Petroglyph National Monument - diese Spuren haben wohl Ausserirdische hinterlassen NRAO-VLA (National Radio Astronomy Observatory - Very Large Array) das große Radio Teleskop mit dem die Amerikaner mit den Aliens kommunizieren und von der Road-Site, von den Überresten der Route 66 und der Route 60. ... read more
Route 66 - oder was davon heute noch übrig ist
Route 66 Hostel, Albuquerque
Petroglyph National Monument

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