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North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 13th 2015

Those who have read my blog, Wichita KS – Much More Than Cowboys and Cattle Drives, already know about the computer gremlins that haunted me near the end of 2015 and can skip to the next paragraph. For those new to my blog, welcome. A long story made short found all my MS Word blog files and my accompanying picture files deleted, so this blog is atypical of my standard product. It is brief and concise and is without pictures. My apologies, but regardless of the unadorned nature, I hope to provide potential travelers with some useful information that might make their trip more fulfilling. Thanks for reading, and please examine some of my pre-September 2015 blogs for a more representative sample of my work. I headed west on I-40 after departing the Fort Amarillo RV ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 13th 2015

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649 Bet you thought I forgot to blog, huh? Well the place we stayed at in Sedona advertised internet service, but it was only up by the office and not down by the river where we were. Also, we didn't have any cell service there either. Double whammy. Then, the hotel in Grants, NM had internet, but I couldn't get it to work. Bummer. So, on Saturday we got up and went hiking on Soldiers Pass Trail. It was supposed to be an easy trail, but turned out to be a little more than Stacy wanted. We walked 3.4 miles. It was very scenic. There was a sink hole along the trail that was about 60 feet deep and a hundred feet across. The trail also took us to the 7 pools, which turned ... read more
The sinkhole
More red rocks

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 3rd 2015

Dream is not that what you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep. ~ Abdul Kalam. I read about it, hear about it but I was so excited about it that I could not sleep - first presence in Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta became a dream. We (excited family) started our day Very early 4:30AM. As we left our front door and walked toward the parking lot, I looked up at the deep blue sky with some cloud blocks spreading across. WoW - Perfect day. My goal was to reach the balloon fiesta ground by 5:30AM. I do not want to miss the thrill of watching the Dawn Patrol Show at 6AM (the first balloon goes up to check wind speeds and directions at different altitudes). I am fortunate to get ... read more
Sky full of Balloons

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 19th 2015

Our day started out lazy. Thought we were taking our RV to camping world this AM, but wouldn't you know it, when Les got up and turned it on, it was working perfectly. No use taking it in like that. So, we spent the morning at camp. After lunch we went into town looking for an old steam engine that Les read about somewhere. If he sees the word train, his eyes light up. But when we found it, we discovered that it was behind a fence in a location where we couldn't really see it. We ended up going to the grocery store, then returning home (home these days is wherever our RV is parked). This evening we went to Sandia Casino to meet some of our new New Mexico friends for dinner. They bought ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 17th 2015

Yesterday was a busy day. First we headed downtown to do the city tour on the ABQ trolley. It was a great way to become more familiar with the city. I wish we had done it the first day or two that we were in town. The young lady doing the narrative was very knowledgable about the city. After the trolley ride we headed out toward Sandia Peak, but we went on past there to the singing highway. My friend Kris Carpenter told me that we just had to experience this while we were here. It was really cool. I posted a video on facebook where you can actually hear the highway singing "America". It was way cool! I have not been able to get the video to load onto my iPad, so I am not ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 15th 2015

Today we went to the New Mexico state fair. It was nice, but tiny compared to the Texas State Fair. But I'm not complaining. I wouldn't be able to walk tonight if it had been any larger. When you go to something like that with Les Hudson, he's not happy unless he's seen everything there at least once and some things twice. As it was, we were out of there by 3:00 PM and probably didn't arrive until about 10 AM. We had a big ol' turkey leg for lunch. That was good. We broke one of the cardinal rules of attending a state fair...we didn't eat anything fried! They had fried Snickers, Reeses Cups, fried cheese curd, fried cinnamon rolls, and more. But we didn't try any of them. We paid $1.00 each to get ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 13th 2015

It has been a busy few days, but we've really enjoyed the New Mexico Good Sam's State Rally. The Good Sam's officials that put this rally together have been so nice and we've felt so included and such a part of the family. We've shared RVing hints and tricks, we've played together (bean bag toss, bean bag baseball and hand & foot). Between the two of us, we are bringing home 5 ribbons for the Oil City Sam's. The most ribbons for any one chapter was 8, and that was with multiple people from those clubs participating. So for Les & I to have won 5 for just the two of us, well that seems pretty good to me. See picture attached. It has been up to 91 degrees today, but by evening it was nice ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 11th 2015

We are staying at the Enchanted Trails RV Park in Albuquerque. This is also the site of the NM Good Sam's state rally. We've been here the past couple of days, enjoying our fellow travelers, and not doing any site seeing, therefore no blog. The most exciting we've done is play bingo the past two nights. Oh, I forgot, we did participate in a bean bag toss this afternoon (I scored a whole 1 point). I hate to put all of this in writing, because it makes us sound really, really old. But Good Sams is not full of twenty-somethings! Next week I'll have more interesting stuff to report, hopefully. So don't be surprised if you don't see any blogs for a few more days. All is well with us.... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 6th 2015

We started a new adventure today. I was sad to leave our forest campsite. It was my first experience boondocking (camping without hook-ups) in our Seneca. I thought of it beforehand as roughing it, but we didn't really rough it at all, because our Seneca is so well equipped for this type of camping. We have a great generator and a good sized holding tank for fresh water. It was made easier because the weather was perfect. It was cool mornings and after the sun went down, but warm mid-day (but not warm enough to need A/C). I'm already planning an extended stay in Ruidoso for next summer. We packed up and headed to Alburquerque. We arrived about 2:00 PM and got checked into Enchanted Trails RV park. We didn't want to get too well set ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque August 18th 2015

Although I'm glad we got to visit Albuquerque, I don't think I see myself coming back anytime soon. It was cool, and our Airbnb host was amazing, but it's just not really my style (read: too hot. Among other issues). Regardless, we did do some pretty cool stuff. We started by visiting Old Town, which did have some neat shops. A soap shop, an olive oil store, and some cafes and art stores were among the group we walked by. We found a really cool fro-yo place that was self-serve, but priced by size rather than weight, which was wonderful for our wallets, if not our waistlines. From there, we drove to the Rio Grande State Park, where we walked along the Rio Grande for a bit, and sat in a nice little pond-overlook-room and watched ... read more
The gorge

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