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Geo: 35.1241, -106.768We left Amarillo this morning and made it home by about 2 this afternoon. Very nice trip, all-in-all. We put about 1,700 miles on the new RAV 4. It rode well on the trip. I like the new features on the cruise control that add to the safety of the vehicle. It took a while to get used to the way the speed changed when other cars appeared in front of me and when they moved to another lane. I like it though. We had a good time on this trip. My favorite things were meeting Gary and Candi and seeing all the travel experts at the show. ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque March 30th 2017

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque January 30th 2017

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649Walking a mile with kids...... read more
Going for a walk
Going for a walk
Going for a walk

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque December 20th 2016

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649We flew overnight to Houston arriving there just after 5 a.m. The Global Entry line at customs was short, thankfully. We grabbed our luggage and took it through customs then waited in a long line to get through security. There is no TSA precheck line available for people connecting from international to domestic flights. The United lounge was open so we waited there for the last flight--about a four hour layover. This has been such an magnificent trip! I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to see Antarctica first hand. The rugged landscape, the everchanging seascape, the entertaining and completely unconcerned animals, the numerous birds, and the bold and robust people who accept the challenge of living there are all unbelievable. I so enjoyed every one of the six days that we ... read more
Endlessly Entertaining Penguins
Cape Petrel

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 26th 2016

Geo: 35.1241, -106.768Leaving San Antonio, we drove to El Paso to spend the night. It's an eight-hour drive across pretty much barren land on I-10 with an 80 miles-per-hour speed limit. We stopped a few times, but tried to minimize the number of stops since the gear shift handle was misbehaving. It worked just fine some times, then gets stuck other times. We were able to get it out of park every time, but I worried that it would eventually stick and not be able to move. We spent last night at the Embassy Suites in El Paso. It is right on the highway and was not overrun with children as has happened other times we have stayed at other Embassy Suites. The other guests looked to be mostly business travelers. We used a digital key ... read more
Erin and Philip
Fall foliage Near the Rio Grande
Fall foliage Near the Rio Grande

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 12th 2016

Greetings from New Mexico - the Land of Enchantment! We landed in Albuquerque after dark last night after a long ride through the mountains of Arizona. Luckily our campground was only a mile off the interstate. Now we are on our way to Amarillo, Texas. We are looking forward to dinner at The Big Texan. Apparently they will send a shuttle to the campground! We will report more about that tomorrow. We are impressed with Albuquerque. It is very clean and actually has some green grass and foliage! Quite a contrast to the desert! Miss you all! Marc and Joyce ... read more
View of Arizona from the coach
We never tire of this scenery!
The Land of Enchantment

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 4th 2016

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North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque October 2nd 2016

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North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque September 6th 2016

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649The last drive was uneventful as has been the whole trip. We made it by 1:00 and stopped at Vinaigrette for lunch before going home. We have had a wonderful time on this 3,840 mile trip. The best part was getting to reconnect with Ruth's side of the family that we hadn't seen in years. They expect to get together again next year, but in the autumn when it will be cooler. We plan to go then, too.Phil has some new information to enhance his research and more leads to follow now. While we were at the family reunion, Louella kindly loaned Phil an antique math notebook that she had which belonged to one of the relatives. It is mostly handwritten notes on mathematical instructions and formulas probably written as a study aid in ... read more

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649We've had a lot of fun on this trip, seen new places, made new friends, and visited with old ones. Our last drive home was uneventful. We arrived home before the afternoon traffic in Albuquerque got too bad. The house is hot; I turned the a/c off while we were gone.Favorite things this trip: Seeing great old friends, Brad and Jeanine. Spending time with family that we don't see often. Meeting new friends at the workshop. Having a castle all to ourselves for two days. Staying in apartments as much as possible. Friendly Irish people. Walking all over Cork. Seeing churches and areas where our ancestors probably lived. ... read more
Case Knives On Sale at Clines Corners
Case Knives On Sale at Clines Corners
Welcome to Albuquerque

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