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We we were married on Sept 13, 2013. Yes it was a Friday and that is when the real adventures started. We traveled the Carribean starting with our marriage in Jamaica then to Aruba. We then decided on Cancun and St Lucia and Neuvo Vallarta , Punta Cana , St Maarten , Riviera Mia.
Now let the adventures begin as we travel the United States with our Toy Hauler loaded with the Harley, Razor , hiking gear and bicycles. We are going to enjoy the summer and we hope you do as well.

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City September 3rd 2015

Well we ended the trip with a 4 day visit to the Rapid City area. Here we visited the Bear Country drive through zoo. We saw many different species of wildlife here but by far the bears were the best. We then spent the next few days Harley riding through the area visiting Custer State Park, Needles Highway, Deadwood, Sturgis, Keystone. Before leaving we had an awesome dinner at the Dakota Steakhouse. We then loaded up and headed for home. It was a long 13 hour drive but we made it in one day. Now we will be enjoying our time in Wisconsin spending some time with the family here and getting caught up on things at home. We will spend some of the winter months planning our next adventure around the states and then abroad. ... read more
Bear country
Bear Country
Bear Country

North America » United States » Montana » Kalispell August 22nd 2015

The ride up to Kalispell was a bit long but very nice. It was a wonderful warm day. As we approach our destination we stopped for a few groceries before connecting with Hwy 35 around Flathead lake. it was a 40 mile ride up the east side of the lake and how awesome is the ride. The water in many places here is like the Caribbean, greenish blue and so clear you can see down and see the rock bottom like it is in your hands. We arrive at camp and enjoy a nice night and plan for the ride up into Glacier National Park in the morning. When we awake we see the storm rolling in the north where the park is so we decide to head south and do a Harley ride all the ... read more
Going To The Sun Road
Going To The Sun Road
Mountain fire on the way to Eureka, MT

North America » United States » Montana August 11th 2015

We arrived in Montana and the first thing we see driving to the camp ground right outside Yellowstone National park is a Moose playing in a small pond. We pulled over and watched it play for several minutes before moving on. It was fun to watch and a nice break before setting up camp. The first thing we learned being in Montana is that it is very cold. Night time gets down in the low 50's and it really doesn't warm up until 2-3 in the afternoon. At that time it only gets up to the mid 70's at best. We headed off to the park the next morning and had a great bike ride, We put on 200 miles in the park with many stops along the way. We visited the Geiser area and then ... read more
Yellowstone Gieser field
Old Faithful
Old Faithful

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville August 8th 2015

We arrive at Kodachrome State park and find a wonderful place in the world. Our campsite is awesome and our ride here was beautiful. We again set up camp and plan a day at Bryce Canyon for the next day. We took off and spent a wonderful day at Bryce Canyon taking in the sights and enjoying the day. One little mishap was a person from Michigan backed into the truck and put a small dent in the right rear quarter panel but it is not going to stop us at all. The second day we took the Razor on a dirt road 40 miles and enjoyed the Grand Staircase from a point of view most don't get too see. It was a great day and the weather is awesome 85 degrees and sunny all day ... read more
Bryce Canyon
The Arches
Bryce Canyon top view

North America » United States August 7th 2015

After 5 days at the Grand Canyon we decided to go have some fun, do the 4 hour drive and head to Las Vegas. We landed a campsite at the Oasis Campground which was more like a Island Resort. We made it to Vegas early in the day so off we went down to the strip and started to enjoy the 3 day quick trip to sin city. We walked the strip the first day, people watched and just enjoyed the day, the weather is awesome, a little warm at 106 degrees but it's a "dry heat", LOL...The second day we enjoyed the pool a bit in the morning and early afternoon then headed to town for dinner and a show. We gambled some and went to the Cirque Du Soleil show to the music of ... read more
A Margarita?
Bellagio Water Show
A Nav screen?

North America » United States » Arizona » Tusayan August 1st 2015

Traveling to the Grand Canyon was a short but very nice trip. Upon arriving our campsite is wonderful and the weather is awesome. We relaxed the first evening then ventured out to explore the Grand canyon area. We started out going to the South Rim and taking in all the sites and enjoying the viewing areas along the whole rim. The Area is just awesome and colorful. The second day we took the Harley and rode down HWY 64 to a town called Grey Mountain. Along the way we stopped at a few stands along the way that the Indians were selling their hand made goods. When we arrive at Grey Mountain we find a deserted little area along the highway. It was a very nice ride, hot but nice. After a night of rest we ... read more
The Hike at The south Rim
South Rim
ArizonaUtah 011

North America » United States » Arizona » Cottonwood July 21st 2015

We arrive in Cottonwood and find a wonderful campground not far from town and decide on going out for dinner. We go to town and find a nice Italian Restaurant, Stromboli's where we have a wonderful dinner with some awesome Artichoke dip and a Pasta dish loaded with shrimp, a favorite of mine. The next day we decide on a visit to the Sedona area where we take in the wonderful sights of the red rock mountains, a Chapel that was built right into the red rock and enjoyed some shopping and our favorite, an Ice Cream before heading to our friends house, Debbie and Dennis for a fun night out. We head out for dinner after a nice visit and then to a night of BINGO. We had a great time and a nice visit ... read more
Red Rock Formations
Red Rock Park
A Great Time!

On the way to Cottonwood we stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park. We spent several hours here before finishing our journey to Cottonwood, AZ. It was a very nice ride through the park and the various stops along the way proved to be very interesting. The Petrified Forest was overcome with Limestone and the trees and everything in certain areas turned to stone. It was well worth the stop and would be recommended to see to all. This is where we wished we could have piece of the stone which was forbidden to be removed from the park. They actually search vehicles on the way out of the park. We will later purchase one at our stop in Jerome, Az.... read more
Petrified Forest National park
Petrified Forest Landscpae
Trees turned to stone!

Well we wanted hot and sunny and we got hot and sunny. We started out our week with a short ride and then we took the tram up to the Sandia Crest Ski area. It was a 2.7 mile cable car ride up the mountain. What a wonderful view and just a great way to see the area as we just arrive. Going up wasn't bad going down is just a bit different for me as I am just not a fan of the heights, LOL...Day two started out again on the Harley and we started to go towards the mountain and found a dirt road. As we were on the side of the road a nice gentlemen came along and told us about a couple of nice rides we should take. We took his advice ... read more
Just a nice view!
Another nice view
It was a cool ride!

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park July 8th 2015

Estes park is again a beautiful spot in the world. We got to camp and settled in early like we like to do. The drive up was wonderful and again around every corner was a new wonderful sight. It was the same mountainous terrain but yet different. It was more close up visual rock with some colors and more trees than we had at 11 mile. It almost seems more plush. The first day here was kind of cold and crappy so we decided to go to town and get Kathy a haircut. There was not one salon that had anything open so we walked over to a barbershop where we found a 87 year old barber. He said no way was he touching Kathy's hair so she said Greg get your haircut so it gets ... read more
What a view
Beautiful scenery
Every view is just awesome

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