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North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark April 16th 2019

With my 34th tax season behind me, we now begin our 7thtrip to France. Like our trip to Italy, we once again splurged for business class tickets. Flying United this gives us access to the Polaris Business Class Lounge. Like the Air Canada lounge in Montreal, this is a very posh and comfortable space. Everything is gratis. The major It difference between the United and Air Canada lounge is that in addition to the buffet they have an order off the menu dining room. I spent a few hours at the office doing client billing and then left a bit before noon to meet Jerry at Penn Station. We decided to get to the airport a few hours early in order to be able to take full advantage of the Polaris Lounge. We are very excited ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton August 4th 2018

Saturday August 4,2018 & Sunday August 5,2018 Most of the day at home, I cleaned up my apt and hung out with my cat Sophie until 4:50 pm. I took a quick shower and got dressed in my travel clothes. I was all set,my bags packed and ready to go before the taxi arrived at my apt . The taxi dropped me off at Princeton Junction Train Station around 5:35/5:45 pm. I didn’t have to wait for long before the next train to Newark International Airport arrived. I got to the airport around 7:20 pm and checked my bag through and hung out until it was time to go through security and the gate. Finally after sitting for awhile, I boarded the plane and sat next to some nice folks and then eventually we moved to ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey July 11th 2018

For me, it was a restless night where I just couldn’t seem to fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. The wall-mounted A/C was a particularly loud beast and more one that you would associate with mid-twentieth century and perhaps not today. Mother made the journey to the undertaker a couple months ago, so there were no worries about her getting to the graveside service on time. Sharon recalls with some bemusement when she buried her first husband Jim, his body was nearly late because he was shipped a day later than it was scheduled. The funny part was, Jim had never been late for anything in life. My mom was not quite that punctual, especially in my formative years; although my father was meticulously punctual or endeavored to be. I have some memories ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey July 10th 2018

Tuesday dawned, and I was already up, taking care of last minute details I still needed to attend to: move the dishes from the dishwasher to the cabinet before Sharon needs to remind me (again), get the address of the Memorial Park where we would have my mother buried, stage the suitcases in the hall to rapidly be moved to the street when needed, and do a last-minute check of my email. I had ended my eBay store auctions a month earlier precisely because I didn’t want to be dealing with refunds and such. I had started the store to sell some coins that I no longer wanted; and, after my mother’s death I went on to sell a number of her jewelry items and artwork. I found I was now dealing with a customer disputing ... read more

This Jersey Girl is riding to the home grown state today!! After packing up the home office and getting all our food out of the neighboring flower shops refrigerator, we had route meeting in the back parking lot of the office--where I have frequented in my car over the years and I still can't believe that now I'm on a trip again and rode here, and get to keep riding! We are joined by some local alum, as well as some of the home office staff that is going to ride and/or drive our vans for us today so we can have more of our riders on the road today. Lily and I have been looking forward to riding together since she left us in Miami so today is the day!! We recruit Raffi and Carly ... read more
Welcome to New Jersey!!
Jersey Girl made it back to her home state!
2/3 of the way there!! 🙀🙀

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark March 28th 2018

Wednesday March 28,2018 My folks dropped me off at Princeton Junction Train Station around 5:30 pm and I waited for the train to the Newark Airport Stop. It took me about 50 minutes to get to Newark Airport and then rode the AirTrain to Terminal C. I printed out my boarding pass and waited in line for a United Representative to check my Bag and Passport. I walked towards the Security&TSA Control area and waited for about an hour before getting through security. Phew! Finally walked to find my gate which was C121 and then just walked around the revamped Shops and Restaurants of that terminal. I waited awhile and then our flight(UA940) boarded around 10:15pm and I met a nice woman sitting beside me for the flight into London Heathrow. A very smooth flight for ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Carlstadt March 14th 2018

We awoke and tried to remember where - and when - were we now? Originally we would have been home yesterday (ie Tuesday) afternoon. Now it was Wednesday and we were in a hotel room in New Jersey following the burial of Marcy's mother. We had most of the day until our flight, so we did a little more shopping. Again we hit Macy's, this time at a mall and had a bit of success there. Crate and Barrel had a set of covered glass bowls which we thought would be good for cooking and storing, so we bought them. Too bad we did not read the details on the box carefully - when we brought them all the way home we saw the warnings that they were not suitable for oven use, only microwave. Although ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Carlstadt March 13th 2018

Waking early, we wound our way through the tunnel from the Hilton back into Chicago O'Hare airport. We checked in, got some breakfast and boarded our AA flight to Laguardia. All went ok and soon we were driving our Hertz car out of New York and into New Jersey. We had reserved a hotel room for two nights at the Holiday Inn Express Meadowlands. As it was on the way from New York to the funeral parlour, we briefly stopped - they were nice and allowed us early checkin - and dropped our bags. Driving onward we reached the funeral home with a little time to spare. A couple of family members spoke about Marian, most notably her daughter Marcy and granddaughter Haley. From the funeral parlour the cars drove in convoy to the cemetery grounds ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey January 31st 2018

Every year for the past 10 years, my husband and I have traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to celebrate Valentine's Day. What began as a random, unplanned trip as newlyweds has become one of our most endearing and anticipated traditions. From shaved ice and "crazy fries" on the boardwalk (think melted cheddar, jalapenos, and pulled pork atop hot and crispy fries!) to catching back-to-back movies at the island cinema, we have our little routine down of things to do, and for a decade, we've marked the same items off our list. We know where we love to eat seafood, where all the good discount shopping is, and of course, where to grab a coffee before walking on the beach at sunrise. As a planner, I look forward to that trip every year. It's the off-season, ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cinnaminson November 8th 2017

blog 11-8-17 Journey's End It's hard to believe our adventure has come to an end. We have been on the road for 3 months and we don't have to plan where to stay tonight. We drove 10,400 miles in the motorhome, almost a thousand more in the car. We rode through 31 states and visited 24 National Parks and lots more parks we didn't get a stamp for. Disaster never caught up to us although it was nipping at our heels from time to time. Fire, snow, earth quakes, horrific wind and deadly fires were but hours behind us in some places. There was not so much as a flat tire or a chipped windshield on our entire trip. The Man upstares was sure looking out for us. Thank you God. For all of you that ... read more
the dirty one coming home
Ginnie's state map empty west of the Mississippi
after the trip, almost full

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