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North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark September 1st 2022

Another early morning. Departed Savannah for Newark at 6:00 am, meaning a 4:00 wake-up. Unfortunately it’s a 3 hour layover. But after all of the flight delays and cancellations for weather and other things, todays weather on the east coast is beautiful, and the next flight of 13 1/2 to Tokyo looks to be departing ontime. There’s another 3 hour layover in Tokyo before the last leg to Bangkok, which is still nearly a 7 hour flight. Arrival is 11:20 Friday night. After 30+ hours of travel, I figured I would need a workout so I will meet my new trainer Fahlaep, who has been at the gym forever at 7:30 for a nice, easy ”Welcome back to the Gym”. Fortunately the heat and humidity in Savannah have done a pretty good job getting me ready ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark February 24th 2022

And so, another journey begins. We were scheduled to fly out Friday morning at 6 am, but we live in Southern New England, and snow happens here. Our flight was cancelled yesterday, so we spent the day rescheduling. In order to make sure we would get out of Providence before the pending storm, we opted to leave the night (tonight) before and spend the night at a hotel at the Newark Liberty Airport. This of course meant Tarragon would spend a night alone and it would not be until Friday evening that his nanny arrived. But he was well petted and fed before we left. He certainly knew we were leaving because he spent much of the afternoon shunning us under the bed. Flying out of Providence is so very simple, we were checked in and ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark November 13th 2019

We just arrived at the Newark Airport in New Jersey and have four hours to while away. Thank goodness our business class tickets allow us to suffer in the United Polaris Club (Thank you Kevin for spending all those times in coach class gathering up our miles). Our flight here was wonderful as we had lay back beds even though it was a day trip. Our next flight will arrive in Dublin at midnight PST so look for another post at that time. And just a shout out to a Rudy, who is manning the house and our four legged children, Callie, our wonderful housekeeper and Jamie who came right away and determined that our freezer had not gone kaput at the last minute before our trip.... read more
lounge areas everywhere
Amazing buffet
more amazing buffet

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark October 25th 2019

Today is the day we boarded this beautiful ship! We are only one hour ahead of Missouri and seeing that I normally am awake by 5:30am, I didn't think setting an alarm was necessary. We woke-up at 9:43am Eastern time. Check-out and our shuttle to the cruise ship were both at 11:00am. It was shocking, funny, and marvelous. I had laid-out and organized everything the evening prior so we took showers and grabbed our bags. The ride to the cruise ship was the two of us and this very large extended family of a widowed mom with her grown children (in their 50s/60s) and their spouses. The men started talking about all the seafood they planned to eat on this cruise... fried shrimp, boiled lobster, baked salmon... they all sounded like Forest Gumps. It was funny. ... read more
Lady Liberty
Staten Island Ferry
Our cabin

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark October 23rd 2019

Start Spreading The News…. …we saw New York City from New Jersey! ? HA Today was a beautiful day with perfect weather and friendly New Jersey folks! So… let’s back-up… we (as usual) left home late and arrived in St Louis at almost 5 o’clock exactly yesterday. The traffic was crazy. Why do we do these things to ourselves? We stayed at a Hilton (Hampton) next to the airport. The receptionist at the check-in desk used to work for Lisa and she lived in Thayer. It’s a small world folks. We started watching the Nationals beat the Astros in Game 1 of the World Series and fell asleep during the end. We left our hotel room at 3am this morning. It was cold and windy in St Louis when we left. We slept on our flight ... read more
The Cake Boss

North America » United States » New Jersey » Mount Laurel October 10th 2019

So, I've been home for 3 days and have done a lot of thinking about this Camino experience. Because I like to wrap things up with a bow, I thought that writing an epilogue would make sense. So, here we go: 1. First, the data: in total we walked 200.4 miles. This includes 37.4 of what I call "flip-flop miles." Every day at the end of the day, we'd take off our hiking shoes and put on flip-flops. These were our walking-around shoes when we weren't actually hiking. We used our flip-flops for exploring Porto, Valenca, Pontevedra and Santiago. We used them to run errands when we arrived in a new place every day. My flip-flops were new at the beginning of the trip, but they were well worn by the end. Even so, it surprised ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Mount Laurel September 16th 2019

Everything is packed and ready to go - - of course, the ever-loyal Scarlett knows something's up. Whenever we pack a bag, she (rightly) worries that somebody's going somewhere and what does that mean for her?! No amount of verbal reassurance helps, but we soothe her worries a little by waiting until she's fast asleep before putting bags in the trunk of the car. My hiking buddy, Katherine, is flying over this evening, to squeeze in an extra day. Davis is driving me to the airport tomorrow, but we realized that my flight is late enough that I can actually have dinner at home before we leave. That will mean I can get on the flight, blow up my neck pillow, take a "zzzquil" and (hopefully) sleep without disruption all the way to Porto. My goal ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Mount Laurel September 13th 2019

Today I did a quick 5 miler - boring, mainly on roads. I think it’s the last hike I can squeeze in before leaving on Tuesday. Got back to my office by 9 and ticked off a bunch of things on my checklist. This evening I checked things in my pack against my list. Pack organization is a big part of these hikes. Every ounce of weight adds up to a toll on your back and people go to crazy lengths to save weight (e.g. sawing off the handle on their toothbrush.). At the same time, you need to squeeze everything you need into the pack. Though we’re staying in pensions and hotels (not camping) days can be quite warm and evenings chilly, so it’s important to pack accordingly. While I bought some (expensive) compression bags ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Mount Laurel September 11th 2019

Today's Wednesday and I leave next Tuesday. Less than a week to go! A lot of work to get done before I leave, so I squeezed in an early morning workout on the elliptical - - 6 miles and expect to spend the rest of my day at my desk. Tonight I'll empty my backpack and run down my checklist, to be sure I've got everything I need. I put my 'Credential del Peregrino' in my pack today. This is an interesting part of walking the Camino - - it's a Pilgrim's Passport that provides proof to the albergues - - dormitory-style lodging that exists on the route to serve those doing pilgrimage - - that you are official. As you go along your route, churches, cathedrals, convents, monasteries, albergues (and restaurants and bars!) have their ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Lambertville September 7th 2019

Another beautiful Saturday - - September in New Jersey is so refreshing after August's sauna-like weather. These days are warm (up in the high 70's) but dry and comfortable. Davis and I repeated the hike I'd done with Katherine through Mercer Meadows - - having lunch in Lawrenceville then hiking back. The meadows are beginning to smell like fall. Late summer flowers are blooming and the butterflies are all over them. Full pack, 17 pounds, and overall, a comfortable hike.... read more

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