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October 25th 2019
Published: October 25th 2019
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Today is the day we boarded this beautiful ship! We are only one hour ahead of Missouri and seeing that I normally am awake by 5:30am, I didn't think setting an alarm was necessary. We woke-up at 9:43am Eastern time. Check-out and our shuttle to the cruise ship were both at 11:00am. It was shocking, funny, and marvelous. I had laid-out and organized everything the evening prior so we took showers and grabbed our bags. The ride to the cruise ship was the two of us and this very large extended family of a widowed mom with her grown children (in their 50s/60s) and their spouses. The men started talking about all the seafood they planned to eat on this cruise... fried shrimp, boiled lobster, baked salmon... they all sounded like Forest Gumps. It was funny.

This boat is huge. There are around 5,000 passengers and over 2,000 crew. I don't know the exact numbers yet but they should be in our daily ship newspaper tonight. We were on the boat so fast our heads were spinning. The Captain announced it was a clear day so we he was going to take the ship up to see The Statue of Liberty and turn around before leaving the harbor. You could hear the cheers throughout the ship as we hurried to our cabin balcony. She may look small in the pictures but to get an idea of how tall she is, look at the tiny people walking around at the bottom of her. Her light (flame) glows 24/7. It was neat to see. I wonder if Kamie realizes we may have been technically sailing in New York City waters??! The sham of it all! Hee Hee

We wondered around the ship trying to figure out our way here or there as it was crowded this first day. I took pictures of this and that. It was warm in New Jersey today – mid-60s and sunny when we left. Our room is the nicest we’ve ever encountered on a cruise. The cabin drawers are soft close, our cabin has the option of soft nighttime lighting, etc. There are quirky and cute things to see around every corner of the ship too. There isn’t much to say today so I’ll post some pics and catch-up with you again tomorrow.

And… I’m back. It’s tomorrow….. Today is a
Staten Island FerryStaten Island FerryStaten Island Ferry

Big & Kerry had a moment on this ferry - for those who are Sex in the City fans... :)
“Sea Day” which means we are cruising very slowly toward Boston. The ship’s internet connection has been spotty so I haven’t been able to post a blog yet. Today isn’t over but it’s been a muchly-needed relaxing day on the ship. I was up by 7:15am but there was nowhere to go but breakfast… with strangers. Kamie slept. I ate breakfast at a table of 6 with a couple from Petaluma, California who moved to Tennessee and she says no one in Tennessee likes her, another lady whose husband was in the gym, and two other very funny and loud ladies. I learned there is a small red bottle of gel Shout that will take any stain in the world out of any piece of clothing according to Tennessee lady. I learned Mister Tennessee spent $96 at the bar last night. People are interesting, this is for sure.

Kamie was awake before 10:30am because we had reservations to ride the “hamster wheel” up in the sky… it’s this giant arm with a ball on the end of it. You get inside and it takes you 360 feet above the ship and twists you to one side and then another. It wasn’t working last cruise because of mechanical issues. I could just see that hamster wheel flying off into the ocean and that would be the end of my story. They told us don’t move around a lot and make the ball shake.. and of course… this Asian family didn’t listen and was wondering around everywhere and I just wanted to take them down - scare them so they wouldn’t move again. Luckily, no throats were slashed and everyone survived the ride. I’m not getting back in that big ball and I’m not sure why it is even an attraction. Who thinks of these things anyway??

We began exploring the ship today. We walked all the way forward and all the way back and found several areas we had not seen before. It is my goal to explore every floor at least once. This ship has exactly 16 floors of guest areas. As for now… it is 6pm… I am sitting here with the balcony door open listening to the waves while he is snoring next to me. It is 59 degrees, a slight wind, and sunset is upon us. We are going to see a movie tonight I believe (Yesterday or Yesteryear?) and then maybe catch the 10pm comedy show. Tomorrow, we are in Boston.

Additional photos below
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Kamie calls this Coco ChanelKamie calls this Coco Chanel
Kamie calls this Coco Chanel

They have funny animal pics in all the elevatorsy
I-Fly tubeI-Fly tube
I-Fly tube

They put you in a jumpsuit and you fly around like Spiderman. Kamie was fine with it until "Captain Showoff" was in there before him and then he said "Hell No!" LOL
Our CabinOur Cabin
Our Cabin

Door magnets say "Happy Birthday" for Kamie
Dinner Menu Day 1Dinner Menu Day 1
Dinner Menu Day 1

Kamie had the salmon, I had the steak

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