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North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield June 20th 2018

Today we decided to ride Route 66,( the first paved transcontinental road in America) to Springfield. We had a list of tourist items that we were going to visit in Springfield. It turned out 66 was a noisy busy road along the 46 Freeway and not much fun at all. After about 20 miles on 66 we decided to get onto a quieter road for the rest of our ride. That was a better option because once again we were on a quieter more scenic road. We stopped along a horse ranch and several horses decided to come over and say hi. Our guess was that they were looking for food. After a few minutes we shoved off and soon bumped into a fellow rider named Joe, who was born in America but has been living ... read more
Friendly horses.
The American Picker needs to come here.
Several very nice cars rotting in the sun.

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield October 19th 2017

Opted for Springfield MO to check out the Fantastic Caverns versus St. Louis MO since we have seen the arch on television 📺 Decided not to go to Branson MO 'cause we're not gamblers and not in the mood for a show. 60W was a crazy cool road! Long, curvy, no 🚗 and never ending dips, twists and turns...our Subie sure is doing great, however, it would be super fun to be driving the MB😁 on this road. There was one point driving through the Mark Twain National Forest area when you were going up and could not see the next part of the road. It took our breath away like a roller coaster. We both went 'weeeee!' Karen said 'slow down!' I was only going 5...ok, maybe 10 miles over the speed limit 😉 We ... read more
Kathy found our next cross country trip truck and trailer...
Fantastic Caverns
Fantastic Caverns

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield November 15th 2016

Geo: 37.209, -93.2916We are home. We are both sick. I was getting a cold and sore throat the last day - burning up in the hotel room with the windows cracked while Kamie was freezing. I got worse once we got home but now, I'm just coughing and trying to breathe. Yesterday, Kamie was burning-up and sick. He said his whole body ached, including his balls. I'm glad he felt the need to share.We had a good vacation. I've always wanted to see London so this was a dream come true destination for me - the Queen's residence was jaw-dropping, Harrod's was very much what I imagined it to be (loved it and would have spent all day there if Kamie wasn't with me), the British food was heavy and wonderful for the cold days, and ... read more
Ready to go home!
Kamie The Greeter
Hotel Viking

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield November 1st 2016

Geo: 37.209, -93.2916Summer for us was the longest 127 days you can imagine....because that's how long it took for our log home to sell. 127 days of checking on an empty house, paying two utility bills and two mortgages, and not knowing if our home would sell in 127 days or 1,027 days. We were prepared financially to be patient. We were not prepared mentally. No vacation, buyers asking strange questions, the house being empty was freaky, etc. We said our prayers daily from April through Labor Day ~ when our house was under contract, finally. We are leaving for St Louis tomorrow and I'm outta my mind excited tonight!! Yay!!! I've been working extra all year building-up my time and Kamie always has plenty of extra time so this is not just a journey to ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield December 28th 2015

Geo: 37.1489, -93.2614Hello! We are taking a week off work. That's the important news. The other news is questionable weather - floods, snow, ice, etc.. So, with rain flooding I-65 North so bad that our four-lane highway turned into a 2-way highway for about 1/4 a mile, and rain turning to big snow flakes and finally back to rain, we made it to Springfield easily today but carefully. No problems whatsoever. We had a nice, slow time packing and Simon allowed both of us to give him multiple goodbyes and kisses today. He followed me around as I packed and then just before we left I told him to hop on the bed so I could give him goodbye kisses... and he did! So, now that everyone is sick of reading about my dog, I'll move ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield June 21st 2015

We didn't have many sites to visit today so took our time and decided to follow the old road as much as we could instead of taking the I44 all the way. This proves difficult in this section due to how much has been abandoned, closed or just doesn't exist anymore. Past about 1984, the actual route 66 doesn't exist and it is just a mix of dozens of different highways. We got lost a couple of times but we did also manage to cruise through a lot of the old road which is dubiously sign posted. The first stop was the "worlds largest rocking chair", a staple tourist attraction that was very cool and a lot bigger than I thought! The store next to it was closed so we got our pictures, and jumped back ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield November 12th 2014

Geo: 37.209, -93.2916Our VISAs have arrived! Our final paperwork from the tour group has arrived! Excitement has replaced any previous fears we may have had about visiting a communist country where we only know how to say hello, thanks, and thank you ….and we aren't even for sure about those pronunciations. We are traveling to China with our minds and hearts open to their cultural differences ~ the mannerisms, the language, the food, etcetera…. but there are some trepidations on our minds as this trip is only a few weeks away now…. * Kamie says he will eat anything. If he sees a cockroach on a stick, he's going for it. He has no fear of any of the food we may be eating. I am amused by Kamie's attitude toward trying strange items but I ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield July 24th 2014

Geo: 37.209, -93.2916I'm using this entry to explain our change in travel plans this year. As many of you know, in October 2013 we booked a trip to China. We were both strangely nervous and for various reasons (excuses) by March of this year we paid a transfer fee with our tour company and moved our funds to visit Europe. About a week or so ago our goddaughter, Molly, a mere 16 years old, hopped on a plane to Japan. She was our inspiration and we decided if she has the courage, so do we. We paid another change fee, booked a new trip to China, and paid for the trip in-full. Our tour is nonrefundable so barring any medical emergencies, we shall be visiting China in a few months! The only step remaining in the ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield April 17th 2013

Geo: 37.209, -93.2916The Overall Itinerary (Subject to Change)Day 1 – Driving to St LouisDay 2 – Flight from STL to ATL to Dublin (arrive Dublin early AM)Day 3 – DublinDay 4 - Flight from Dublin to Venice Day 5 – Venice Day #2Day 6 – Cruise Embarkation Day & Venice Day #3Day 7 –Venice Day #4Day 8 – Dubrovnik, CroatiaDay 9 - At SeaDay 10 – Athens, GreeceDay 11– Izmir, TurkeyDay 12 – At SeaDay 13 – Sicily (Port of Messina)Day 14 – Sorrento, Ravello, Positano, and Amalfi Coast (Port of Naples)Day 15 – Rome, Italy (Port of Civitavecchia)Day 16– Pisa, Florence and Tuscany (port of Livorno)Day 17 – Marseille, FranceDay 18 – Debarkation in Barcelona & Flight from Barcelona, Spain to Dublin, IrelandDay 19 – Flight Home TonightDay 20 – Drive Ho... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield April 15th 2013

Geo: 37.209, -93.2916 Two weeks from today we will be heading toward St Louis so we can start the long (and exciting for ME) process of flying from St Louis to Atlanta to Dublin, Ireland on Delta Airlines. Between spring yardwork and mowing, cleaning the house, half-way packing, and planning to start a new job upon return (yikes!).... I have been busy this weekend! This trip is the first trip I will actually be writing in Travelpod as we are vacationing. All of my past blogs are copied and pasted (poorly, I might say) and missing many pictures as they were all moved from my old, old-fashioned Blogspot blog. I like Travelpod better - it tracks my cities, countries, and miles. I think I'll stay here. So, this is where I shall soon be updating about ... read more

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