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November 15th 2016
Published: September 30th 2017
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We are home. We are both sick. I was getting a cold and sore throat the last day - burning up in the hotel room with the windows cracked while Kamie was freezing. I got worse once we got home but now, I'm just coughing and trying to breathe. Yesterday, Kamie was burning-up and sick. He said his whole body ached, including his balls. I'm glad he felt the need to share.

We had a good vacation. I've always wanted to see London so this was a dream come true destination for me - the Queen's residence was jaw-dropping, Harrod's was very much what I imagined it to be (loved it and would have spent all day there if Kamie wasn't with me), the British food was heavy and wonderful for the cold days, and we loved-loved our day in Bath and visiting all the "henges." If someone was asking, I would recommend a couple of nights in London and then a couple of nights in Bath. It's day and night with both having advantages.

Iceland was a geographical wonder and very interesting and I'm so glad we visited! It was interesting scenery from the second we got on the airport bus to take us into the main town. The amazing geography never stopped. It's a little island close to the Artic Circle and they really have to do certain things to survive and it's unlike any place I've ever visited. It makes me want to visit Hawaii because of all their active volcanoes. The lamb hot dogs, lamb burgers,lamb stew, etc....everything lamb....was great. I loved it all. I didn't eat any of the yucky fish junk like Kamie. I loved our trip through the Golden Circle - it was my favorite day in Iceland. I thought the foodie tour was good because it took us all over the city to see all sorts of landmarks and such. If someone was visiting Iceland in June when the max temperature is in the low 70s, I would recommend booking a trip to go snorkeling between the two tectonic plates - that looks supercool! It is also super expensive at around $350 per person but everything in Iceland is expensive which is why most of the locals all have two jobs.

On our drive home, we discussed future travel and we kind of agreed on a couple of things that may or may
Kamie The GreeterKamie The GreeterKamie The Greeter

Not particularly in THIS picture but Kamie became the unofficial greeter at the hotel for the last couple of days - people would be out there smoking, waiting for tour buses or etc and he would get in long conversations and tell stories. Cracked me up!
not change....we both love to travel so you never know but....Simon is slowly going blind and already has cataracts so we are not going to leave him when he's totally blind. He's fine now that we are home but he REALLY won't leave my side now. Kamie has neuropathy in his feet and he shuffles his feet everywhere he goes now and this time he had trouble keeping-up with me walking everywhere. We decided maybe we should take shorter trips and just stick to cruises. We already have a trip to The Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania, & Latvia) along with Poland - a 12 night trip - booked and almost paid -- scheduled for October 2017. This is a group tour with other people that is go-go-go. We are going to wait a bit and see how we feel but it seems like we might just be nixing that trip. We'll see. We aren't old but our dog is and with Kamie's feet problems we realize we need to make some adjustments to what we can or cannot do at this point. Frankly, if I never travel anywhere again, I am satisfied. I have seen so much of the world. I
Hotel VikingHotel VikingHotel Viking

We kept passing this hotel on our bus tours - dropping off and picking up people - it was way out of town but Kamie said he wished we would have stayed there. LOL
"get it" and I don't know how to explain that. I have visited 15 countries which isn't a lot compared to many but most people never leave their country of birth so I feel lucky, I feel happy, and I have everything I want or need in life. Our focus now is going to be on remodeling our new home - all new floors, new paint, new kitchen everything, new furniture, etc..... I'm overwhelmed thinking about it all and I will be SO SO glad when it is all FINISHED! I want our new home to feel like home and it's just not there yet.

Thank you all for following along with our blog. I tried to read and reply to every comment. It is fun to share our adventures with others. We are celebrating Christmas in Branson with Kamie's family next month so I think I'll blog about all that fun, too!

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Kamie couldn't shutup about the bathrooms Kamie couldn't shutup about the bathrooms
Kamie couldn't shutup about the bathrooms

So, Kamie told me I had to use the bathroom in the airport because "you get your own room with your own sink and everything" so lo and behold...he was correct! The bathrooms are HUGE and everyone has their own sink and their own toilet and mirror and the sink is a Dyson water, shampooer, and dryer, all in one, shaped like an airplane. LOL

15th November 2016

ok where are kami,s shaken balls
16th November 2016

I am super duper sick too... miserable.

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