The Force Awakens, Again

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December 28th 2015
Published: September 30th 2017
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Hello! We are taking a week off work. That's the important news. The other news is questionable weather - floods, snow, ice, etc.. So, with rain flooding I-65 North so bad that our four-lane highway turned into a 2-way highway for about 1/4 a mile, and rain turning to big snow flakes and finally back to rain, we made it to Springfield easily today but carefully. No problems whatsoever. We had a nice, slow time packing and Simon allowed both of us to give him multiple goodbyes and kisses today. He followed me around as I packed and then just before we left I told him to hop on the bed so I could give him goodbye kisses... and he did! So, now that everyone is sick of reading about my dog, I'll move on... :-/
We are staying at the Clarion Hotel in Springfield tonight next to the Springfield IMAX 11 movie theatre. This is a newly renovated, excellent hotel with free Wi-Fi and everything we normally get in a Hilton for the rate of $62.50. I would highly recommend the location and the hotel. We had a quick appetizer at Cheddars and then off to the movie! We had pre-purchased Stars Wars 3D tickets well over a month ago but we've already seen Star Wars so they told us over the phone we could switch the tickets for another movie. Well, everything else was sold out and so was Star Wars!! Since we already had our tickets, we saw Star Wars for the second time tonight. Even sitting in the first row (we were the last people to arrive), it was a good movie, again. I may now be somewhat of a Star Wars Fan. WHAT has happened to me?? :-( Geez, I hope 50 Shades of Red comes out soon ~ I need a chic flick!!
We are relaxing in our hotel tonight. It is freezing outside - in the 20s. We are going to slowly drive to Kansas City tomorrow. We have all day to make it from one hotel to the other. The forecast for KC is rain, sleet, ice, etc. We are praying for clear highways. May The Force Be With Us!


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