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North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 6th 2015

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North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 5th 2015

Woke up in some confusion as I couldn't hear anyone else in the room. Than I realized I was in my friends Kelsey's apartment on her pull out couch. I was confused because I was so used to other people in the room. I woke up before Kelsey and did some blogging before she woke up. I looked out the window for a little while and admired the view of the Missouri river. It looked like a good place to go for a run in the morning even thought it looked cold. Kelsey woke up and we chatted for a bit before she went off to her work as a nanny. We would meet up for lunch later that day. I had no real plans for that day so I went out that morning and did ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 4th 2015

Just a few more long drives and I would be home and I can consider this trip a success. Left my final hostel of the trip, Hostel 66 at 7:30AM and mentally prepped myself for a 12 - 13 hour drive to Kansas City Missouri. I must admit I was already exhausted before starting just thinking about it. 2 hours in I made my first stop at Denny's. As far as I can tell I have been to a Denny's in basically every state on this trip. Standard breakfast with juice and it was tasty but I will say the waitress I had was quite rude to all her customers. She kept trying to hurry everyone along by coming back every 30 seconds and asked if "You ready yet". I didn't mind too much but other ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City January 28th 2015

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North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City October 25th 2014

Geo: 39.103, -94.583Made standby for an earlier flight and arrived home around 10:30. Said goodbye to the seatmate from the night before. Wife and daughter picked me up, so good to see them again!... read more
Pictures flying into Kansas City
Pictures flying into Kansas City

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City October 13th 2014

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North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City September 13th 2014

Geo: 39.103, -94.583We woke at 4:30 to gather our belongings and pack up the rental car. I spent some time the night before with one of the hotel's wet white washcloths and a jar of touch-up paint trying to make the car's passenger fender look right. Despite the car rental place being only 100 yards further down the road than the hotel, I nearly hit someone in the dark who made a swerving exit into a private property (at 5:30am). The car rental guy didn't notice or didn't care about my touch-up job so I gave him all our remaining MXN cash (US$13) after he shuttled us to the airport next door. The flight was uneventful barring a nuisance sitting behind me. A single 45 year old guy behind me on the flight from Cancun had ... read more
Carmen playing with a friend
Usual KCI inefficiency

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 29th 2014

Geo: 39.103, -94.583We are in Kansas City, Missouri. Got to our hotel last night around 11 pm, pooped and ready to drop.Happily the hotel's shuttle driver was at the airport to pick us up right away and the Holiday Inn was maybe 5 minutes from the airport. When we checked in, Sydney, the young night clerk was making origami cats for all the drunk dart players hanging out in the lobby. Apparently there was a big state dart tournament today.Sydney listens to our tale of woe and when I ask, she very nicely offers us a 1 pm checkout and free breakfast. Yippee! Our flight from Kansas City to Albuquerque isn't until 4 pm, so that 1'o'clock checkout is great.Pokey and Gumby are always up for an adventure and here they are hanging out in our ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City December 15th 2013

Seems like lately we traveled a lot to attend events of friends or visiting friends. This trip was no exception. When I first came to the States I ended up in Kansas City, Missouri. I had no clue where it was, what it was, or what it was gonna be like. I also had no clue it was gonna be 10 below with a wind chill on my first day and in the summers close to a 100 degrees with pretty much 100% humidity. I met some exceptional people who helped me get through that year (the Getchells from KC) and helped me out a lot. Naturally I was pretty excited to go back and show Nikkie my "first US city". Flights to KC was pretty expensive for November so it turned out much much cheaper ... read more
St. Louis
The Block
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City September 22nd 2013

Geo: 39.103, -94.583In the morning we got some breakfast in the hotel, checked out, subway'd over to Shin-Osaka, bullet trained over to Tokyo, then expressed trained over to the airport by around 1:30pm. We breezed through check-in and security and used two of my United Club passes to hang out in the lounge for a while. We met up with a friend of mine, Alex from college, who was now working from Okinawa and was on our flight home. It was good to catch up after 8 or so years. The flight was mostly uneventful, other than the usual cringing at every clumsy noise caused by the airline employees. The capstone was when a clumsy oaf flight attendant from the back brought my wife's vegetarian meal up, tripped, and dumped a whole cup of cold water ... read more
Strange Experimental Tracks
Strange Experimental Tracks
Carmen Playing in the United Club

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