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North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City May 21st 2018

I left for Kansas City early so I can meet some cousins for lunch that I last saw a few days before Paul was born 36 years ago when I was here on a business trip. To explain the relationship, my grandmother (father’s mother) and their grandfather were 2 of 3 siblings that was able to get out of Russa and immigrate to the US. There were 13 children in all. We all shared our great—grandfather who I was named after. Interesting story I am learning about him. I forgot to take pictures of us all together. Lunch was with Diane, Mark, Jennifer, Steve and Neil. Spent the rest of the day walking around the area of my hotel.....lots of shopping, restaurants and a nice big park. The next morning, I visited a World War I ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City April 25th 2018

It has been seven years since my last entry. I found this link and decided to test my old posting site.... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City February 28th 2017

Geo: 39.103, -94.583Almost as soon as I was sitting in my seat I passed out and didn't wake up until more than halfway through the flight before passing out again until landing in Atlanta. I paced up and down the Atlanta terminal and ate some snacks before boarding the plane back to KC. Luckily I passed out most of that flight too, waking up about 15 minutes before landing.Back on the ground, my wife picked me up and I was able to give my youngest daughter a big hug. She was certainly excited to see me after the 11 day absence (although we did Facetime just about every night). It's good to be back home. The trip was fantastic, both logistically and the time spent with friends. My little ones are starting to grow up though, ... read more
Annoyingly diverted path to get home
Generic airplane picture
Flying over quarry

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City February 17th 2017

Geo: 39.103, -94.583... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City January 20th 2017

U.S. Figure Skating Championships Kansas City, Missouri Pitch black and pouring rain as we leave home at 4 am and head for the airport. Park in the dark, scramble through the rain to the brightly lit and welcoming Fresno Air Terminal. Quickly through security with our Pre-Check tickets and on to Starbucks ;-) We are off to mark something off Jean’s bucket list. To see, in person, the US Figure Skating Championships. Yep, Kansas City here we come! We have never done something like this so are excited to see world class skaters, Ashley Wagner, Olympic Silver in 2016, Gracie Gold, two- time Olympic champion, Chen and Maia, brother and sister- World and US 2016 silver and Nathen Chen, U.S. 2016 bronze medalist and many others. Watching the inauguration in our room today, getting caught up ... read more
Sprint Center, Kansas City
Nathan Chen
Gracie Gold

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City August 17th 2016

Bonjour à tous, Cette journée que j'avais prévue monotone et longue, est passée très vite, malgré près de 600 km. Comme il fait de nouveau chaud la journée, je décolle relativement tôt. Ce matin à 7h30, le plein est fait 20$, pour 580 km, ça peut aller. Comme hier je ne sais pas où je poser mes bottes ce soir. Les 250 premiers km, sont totalement en campagne, à travers champs, avec juste quelques vieux pickups de paysans. C'est vrais que jusqu'à Great Bend et même Salina, je l'ai trouvé longue cette route, que du maïs, du sorgho, quelques prairies totalement désertes. Au moins je n'ai pas vu d'usines à vaches, par contre oui aux odeurs oui. Je savais qu'à un moment ou un autre, je devrais reprendre l'autoroute, celle que je retrouve n'est pas une ... read more
Old Abilene
l'Amérique profonde
Main Street Kansas City

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City July 21st 2016

Geo: 39.103, -94.583Our sleep time in the restaurant is much like that on an airplane. Trying to get comfortable while keeping one eye open on the lookout for who knows what. We're in and out of sleep even with little outside disturbance during the night. It's about 4am when a few lights go on and I see some people rustling around at the counter, cleaning and preparing things. They don't say anything to any of us but I feel it's probably best to leave. Standing and looking around I can see some of our temporary tenants have already left while others remain, determined to get that last snooze. Karen breaks down our beds puts the chairs back like they were and we gather our things together to move along while additional lighting is turned on. They ... read more
Kansas City Airport This Morning - Nightmare!
Our Pool Upon Arrival at Home - Yuk.

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City June 3rd 2016

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir un grand bon à été fait plus de 700 km. Ici ils sont relativement faciles, pas besoin d'avoir, les yeux qui cherchent, soit les panneaux de limitation de vitesse, soit les radars, ou encore les flics, cachés comme des voleurs sur le bord de la route. Sur ce qu'ils appellent "principal highway" tu mets le régulateur de vitesse, pour moi à 120-125 pour 115, et tu ne risques rien. Aujourd'hui j'ai vu une bonne dizaine de voiture de police, dont des banalisées, distribuées des prunes. Pour certains ils venaient de me doubler en me laissant sur place. Le seul regret sur ces routes les grandes longueurs, c'est d'une monotonie sans nom. J'ai pour m'accompagner une clé usb avec environ 400 chansons, à mon goût, que j'ai préparé depuis des mois, pas ... read more
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Capitole Des Moines
une de Minneapolis !!!

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City December 29th 2015

Geo: 39.103, -94.583We woke-up this morning to very cold weather ~ first time we've had to wear our winter coats thus far this "winter." We grabbed some OJ and a banana from the hotel breakfast and slowly started driving to KC. We stopped in Clinton for some thermal underwear for Kamie and ear muffs for me. Clinton is about the half-way point and a tiny town with a Wal-Mart. The drive today was incredibly easy. It snowed the night before in KC and the surrounding area but the highway was clear and it was actually sunny today. The drive to KC is on a flat, four-way highway and much quicker & easier than it used to be. I think I prefer KC to STL - much less traffic. Once we got to Belton we stopped for ... read more
Ida Kay

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City March 15th 2015

Geo: 39.103, -94.583... read more

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