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North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City November 8th 2011

As Saturday morning arrived we still had not decided on anything that we wanted to do. We talked about Watkins Mill but the weather was still pretty chilly and I am already fighting a head cold. In the end I just grabbed my camera bag and we went to just drive through Kansas City to see if we could find anything interesting. The first place we came across was the Just Off Broadway Theatre on at 3501 Central Street. They had done some redesigning since we had last been there which made the main building look better, but ruined the feel of the “castle” ruins that had bordered the place for years. I took pictures as long as I could as it only took a few minutes for my fingers to start becoming numb. An all ... read more
11 5 2011 Kansas City-3
11 5 2011 Kansas City-4
11 5 2011 Kansas City-5

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City November 8th 2011

I arrived in Kansas a bit confused; I had two friends - one staying in Kansas City, the other in Kansas City but in two different states with one being in Kansas. Confused, I didn’t find this out until I arrived how it worked out and once I did I then had to tackle the roads. Prior to the cities I stopped off in a few places. First was the humble town of Abilene where President Eisenhower grew up. There are 12 Presidential Libraries from the latest US presidents generally in their home town, at least state starting with Herbert Hoover and the last one William Clinton in Little Rock. They are not normal libraries but more so archives and museum preserving the legacy of that particular President. Most Presidents homes are marked out on the ... read more
2 - Topeka's Monroe Elementary School
3 - Vine and 18th st Kansas City
4 - Abilene - President Eisenhower home

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City November 6th 2011

Geo: 39.2108, -94.6304... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City October 15th 2011

2 weeks ago a friend of mine told me to mark this day (OCT 15, 2011) on my calendar. We were going to the BMW dealer. So today I had the pleasure of being at Engles BMW when Voni got her 1 Million Mile award from BMW. I had not met Voni in person although we both belong to the LDRider list and know each other from posting. She is a very special person. She was hugging everyone. Her smile was always present. There were 2 women that were really close to getting their 1 Million Mile awards from BMW. Voni and Ardys. Probably more people have heard of Ardys because there are not that many 76 year old grandmothers riding, and it would be safe to say she is the only one that rides this ... read more
The Photo
Voni Getting her Award
Gifts from the dealer

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City October 3rd 2011

A year has flown by since I moved to Kansas City, MO. and I kept hearing of this gem of a town, just North of the Missouri River. Known for their microbrewry, cheese, and quaint atmosphere situated by a popular state park. It didn't take much to convince my girlfriend to take the day off and join me for a hike and a little expedition. Taking a 45 minute drive from downtown Kansas City, we aimed our sights on humble Weston, Missouri. Now, I myself have not had too many chances to branch out into the Great Plains so I was excited to to ditch the city for a while. We loaded up the "Gremlin", Jaclyns Brussels Griffon, and hit the road with the intention of landing in Weston Bend State Park for a midday hike. ... read more
Camera 1
Camera 2
Weston Tobacco

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City September 12th 2011

The abyss of the blue sky slowly gave way to the billowing gray clouds of the coming storm. At first it was as though someone had stretched cotton across the sky, like the cob webs we buy for Halloween. That soon gave way to a couple of small mushroom clouds approaching from just beyond the horizon. As the wind began to blow a little harder, the sky quickly grew dark as the thunderheads began to consume all I could see. In the distance the booming echoed amongst the river bluffs, like a far off battle drawing ever nearer. As the temperature began to drop there was a slight chill in the air. The wind became still and it looked as though the storm would narrowly miss us. For a few moments there was a serene calm, ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City June 23rd 2011

Leslie, Kate's daughter-in-law picked us up on time and delivered us to the MCI on time. As we were unloading, "Mr. Drummond in a kilt" greeted us @ the door of Continental with a big smile. We thought we were dreaming. A real Scotsman in a kilt @ the airport in KCMO--this is Serendipity!!!!!!! What are the odds of this happening when we are off to Scotland?---well......we are trying to get out of KC! We are to fly to Newark at 2:30......delayed 3 hours.....because of bad weather there. We have tried to find other ways, Leslie, Kate's daughter-in-law picked us up on time and delivered us to the MCI on time. As we were unloading, "Mr. Drummond in a kilt" greeted us @ the door of Continental with a big smile. We thought we were dreaming. ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City June 22nd 2011

Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia Today was my day in Kansas City. My first site was the Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia Museum. This private attraction tells the story of three men; Bob, Greg, and Dave Hawley; who went looking for buried treasure and found something else entirely. In the 1830s, the Missouri River was a treacherous place to be a steamboat pilot. The river changed course constantly, leaving lots of shallow spots to run aground and underwater hazards. The most difficult of all were snags, tree trunks hidden under water. Overall, at least eight hundred steamboats sank in the river. Since the river kept changing course, many of those steamboats are now buried un... read more
Rare treasure
Extremely rare treasure
Arabia's boilers

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City April 24th 2011

Finally a day that was not raining and although cool, the weather was nice enough to be outside. None of us felt like a simple hike at the state park that we always go to so we decided to go to the Kansas City Zoo instead. The kids had wanted to see the polar bear exhibit anyway so we packed some sandwiches and began the hour drive to the zoo. One milestone we hit this year, it is the first year we did not have to push a stroller around, though after lugging two cameras and lenses I would have gladly pushed a stroller just for those. A small surprise was that there were no lines at the ticket booths so we got our pass and were inside the gate within a matter of minutes. The ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City April 23rd 2011

The train left Albuquerque on time and spent nearly eighteen hours winding its way through mountain passes and along the side of valleys of New Mexico before heading straight along the flat landscape of Colorado, right through the middle of the USA. I bet photography of the train on its journey would look amazing. It stopped at tiny towns like Raton, NM and Trinidad, CO. New Mexico was sunny and dry but overnight heading through Kansas, there was the most spectacular lightening show. It went on for ages and when I arrived in Kansas City (KC) at about 630 in the morning, still not quite light, it was directly overhead and hammering it down with rain. There is something about thunder and lightening thats really cool. Given how excellent the California Merlot is, it's amazing how ... read more
Train through Colorado
A remote house en-route to Kansas
Union station - Kansas City

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