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North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 20th 2011

Hello friends! Welcome to my blog. I'm sometimes not so good at recording my experiences, but I plan to keep you all updated on my Ecuadorian travels (note the pun in the title of this blog, by the way). I'll be studying in Ecuador with a collection of other Kalamazoo College students from August 13th to February 25th, if all goes according to the plan. All of my classes will be in Spanish, something that I'm currently excited about, but will probably find overwhelming once I get ther. I'm going to be taking a collection of courses, including dance and literature; the latter will be exciting because K College loves its anglocentric literature and the IB provided me with a love for Latin American authors. I'll be living with a host family, which I'm nervous about ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 18th 2011

First meeting with the girls in the dorm lounge. They are now outside having their first practice. Oh is it hot!... read more
First meeting

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis June 29th 2011

The moment that I have been dreaming of for the past year has finally come! After endless days of work and study, it felt like this day would never arrive. Now it is finally here and I am wrapped up in a series of emotions that hit me like a roller coaster. At this immediate moment I feel anxious, excited, terrified but determined to plow through various obstacles. When I think about it the length of this trip seems extreme, but at the same time it will pass quicker than I can comprehend, and already am dreading the day I fly home (especially since it will be during Minnesota's horrific winter - lets hope i'll enjoy the snow this time! I expect this journey to be life changing. At this age I have been so ... read more

I have decided to try to maintain a travel blog in order to keep friends and family updated after being inspired by my friend Jessica's blog. It is just starting to hit me that I am just two weeks away from leaving for Europe! Mostly, it sank in because I began my summer homework today. Until then, I will be trying to study ahead while spending most of my time at It's Greek to Me serving in order to save up for this summer. Feel free to stop on by in these next couple of weeks. I'm also heading up to Duluth Saturday for a couple of days to say goodbye. The amazing thing about law school finals is that they completly distract you from planning any sort of trip. Hence I am still hashing out ... read more

The end of the vacation was much better than yesterday and the key disaster. The tow truck came, took the truck and Ed to the dealership. I headed over to the mall on the shuttle. The driver reeked of alcohol. For sure he was drunk, he asked me the same question twice. I really didn’t care. This is how I know I am starting to lose it. I needed $240 of Sephora treatment to get rid of the knot in my stomach. A few hours later we have a key to the truck! And only $130. Whew. Things are already looking up. Ed is talking to me again and my stomach has settled. And I did offer to go with the tow truck and to fix the mistake myself. Thank god I didn’t have to do ... read more
Bar La Grassa

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you have screwed up and bad? Like an upset stomach but harder, like there is a weight in there. Usually caused by yourself. Like when you do something that is completely moronic and you can’t take it back or fix it? And when it is 110% your fault. Yeah, I am hoping that feeling will pass soon. The last day of vacation started off great. We were up early and had everything cleaned up at the house and packed. Did a couple of errands before heading to the airport, including mailing the keys for the rental house back to the owner (remember this). The check in for the rental car was smooth, no line up to check our bags, and remarkably, all of our bags ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis » Uptown April 30th 2011

Our youngest son has been asking all along when we'll get to Minnesota. He says it's his favorite state because its name sounds like a soft drink. We didn't have any Minne-soda, but we did have a great visit with previous China co-workers and their two little girls. It was such fun to see them on their home turf and learn about new interests and skills they're developing. Once again we were the recipients of great hospitality. I realize we can never repay many of these friends so I am having to learn to receive it with gratitude and as fuel for the future. We joined our friends on a trip to the library, which we love and miss in China. We also each got a great haircut...thanks! Sunday we went to downtown Minneapolis to attend ... read more
Twin Cities

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis March 2nd 2011

Last night we slept over at Robert’s house in Portage La Prairie. It’s an airforce town and it very, very small. Poor Robert has had to live there for 2 years! It was so great to finally get some sleep as were driving for 15 hours. In the morning, Robert gave us an wonderful tour of his work. He flies helicopters for the military and it’s pretty cool. I realized just how difficult it has been for Robert to get to where he is. It’s not easy. I realized how lucky he is to be flying these helicopters as many people who actually work on the air crafts just really want to fly and only a small select few get the opportunity to be a pilot. The hangers where the aircrafts are held are impeccability clean. ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis February 11th 2011

Oh Minne-snowta how cold you are. It was a record year for snow with a total of 33.5'' in December. 5: of 9 days in February at or below zero so far. 17: season total # of days at or below zero in 2011 so far. 30: average # of days at or below zero this winter. Most of January my teeth were chattering and toes frozen with an average temperature of -1.1 degrees. Outlook for tomorrow's trip to Belize...86 degrees!!... read more

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