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This morning we did a 2 hour tour around Boston - parts of the Freedom trail. Lovely town with some beautiful buildings with some old cobbled streets. This afternoon visited Harvard would be a wonderful place to study. The freshman (first year, undergraduates) have to live on campus (is included in the fees) and after their first year, live in dorms off campus (also provided by Harvard - they own something like 400 buildings in the area). So, four years away from home - how's that Students eat together in common room (wasn't allowed in that section) which is attached to a memorial hall to remember those alumini that died in the civil war - all dark wood, with lovely leadlight and memorial plaques. Beautiful campus with pretty green park-like square. Saw the library ... read more
Boston church
Boston Freedom Trail
Harvard Gate

MATTHEW Today we met up with Emma who lived with us for a year. We went on a Duck Tour with Emma which are like a regular tour but their cars turn into boats and they can take you on the Charles River which is the river that separates old Boston and new Boston. Our guides name was Polly W Quacker and he was insane. He thought he had been raised by parrots instead of parents and he thought his Uncle was a toucan and he insisted his distant cousins were geese. But this was just part of his act, he wasn't really insane. On the tour he took us past the Massachusetts State house which has an enormous gilded 23k gold dome. It was pretty impressive. We drove out onto the Charles River and I ... read more
Little Squirrel
Spring time
Duck Tour Driver one

MATTHEW In the morning we met up with Dad's high school friend Stu and his son Will. We visted Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is a very famous technical college. Stu studied there and says its better than Harvard University the other famous University in Boston. We saw the Musuem and they had a robot exhibition. There was one robot there which copies and responds to your emotions, called the Kismet robot. It is run by fifteen computers that allow the robot to notice its environment, understand it and react to it. There were other robots that you could make move but they were doing weird things, for instance a robot that had a chicken wishbone pulling it as it walked around - I think this was called kinetic sculptures. There were also some amazing ... read more
Not really Mr Harvard
Harvard Library
Typical North American Street

MATTHEW When we woke up I was suffering from extreme jet lag. I woke up at three in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It was a down pour outside so we couldn't really do anything outdoors in Boston so we went to the Science Museum. We had an amazing entry after we bought our tickets because there was a giant marble contraption which had all of these pull balls and marbles running everywhere activating little bells and other thingys. Later we moved on and we went to see an electrical show using the first and biggest air insulated Van de Graaf generator spark - this was used to create lightning bolts indoors. The lightning was really loud, like cover your ears loud. The lady who was showing us the lightning put herself in ... read more
John F Kennedy
Dinner at the Club

MATTHEW We travelled on American Airlines from Tokyo to Boston via LA. It was a 14 hour trip which was a bit annoying given Tokyo Boston direct air route had just started running - unfortunately tickets were not available when we booked. American Airlines is not the sort of airline you want to bring carry on baggage on because everybody tries to stuff all of their bags in the overhead locker and its a catfight to try and get your belongings out. I stayed awake for most of the trip which was annoying but I only started trying to sleep after we had crossed the international date line. When we landed in Boston it was about 10:00pm but felt like it was midday. CHRIS It was a really boring day as we travelled most of the ... read more
Rocky Mountain Very High

Up at 5.45am for an early start today travelling from Quebec City to Boston, Weather is damp (raining all day) and may as well be on the bus as not comfortable walking in this weather. Anyway, not much to blog. Vermont and Conneticut has some lovely mountains covered in trees and some had a little snow but not a lot. Only stopped for 'comfort stops' and lunch today and reached Boston about 5.30pm. Looks like is a wealthy (and I suspect conservative) city. Walked to & from dinner (yep, in the rain) and am now tired. Funny how doing nothing all day is tiring. Love to family. Cheers.... read more

Goodbye Boston. It was a wonderful trip filled with a wealth of information about our country. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Tigger's first adventure out of the classroom was a bouncing success!!... read more

Bunker Hill the site of the first battle. 294 steps. A great walk up and down.... read more

Last day in Boston. First stop is to Mike's Italian Pastry. Everything looked delicious!!... read more

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