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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 4th 2017

Leaving Marblehead on Monday (after meeting a couple from MN who were out doing family research), I traveled down to Cambridge – the last leg of my trip. The next day – Tuesday – was, of course, the 4thof July. Being so close to Boston, how could I resist? I started out the day (dressed in a Hamilton shirt, of course) at the Government Center, where the Mayor – Marty Walsh – gave a short speech and the parade started. One of the lines in his speech caught at me. He said something along the lines of this being the day that our country declared who we want to be. I have never thought of the Declaration of Independence that way, but I like it. I particularly enjoyed the groups that came to march in the ... read more
Marching off
Drums and fifes!
Reading the Declaration of Independence

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 15th 2017

I love watching the TV when we're over here. From a practical point of view it has been essential to keep a close eye on weather forecasts now we're in the meteorologically unstable North East. They really go to town on their local forecasts here - much more detailed in specific local forecasting than we are and really very helpful when you are only in a location for a matter of days. The trouble is that I start off with good intentions of just watching news and weather only to get sucked in to the programmes which follow. Jeopardy is on every night at 7. If you haven't seen it this is, by American standards, a serious affair with earnest looking contestants, some quite hard questions at times, and very little glitz and glamour. Following that ... read more
Boston Common
Made me laugh anyway!

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 22nd 2017

Today was day one of the AACN conference so I was up early, fighting with the coffeemaker. It was one of those single cup coffemakers that really have no bearing in my every day life considering I drink so much coffee. David had to teach me how to use it the night before and I STILL struggled with it that morning! I'm still not convinced they're amazing. It was a typical freezing Boston morning as I walked over to the convention center. I slipped in as the opening speaker was already into her life discussion. Apparently the actual start time of the conference was a little earlier than what I'd thought. No one noticed me late, though. I quickly realized who our speaker was- the Miss America contestant who used her nursing student career as her ... read more
Morning Walk to Conference
Nurse Kelley
Nurse Kelley

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 21st 2017

Chris and Arya were up and out of the place pretty early in the morning. My brave hubby had to single-handedly get himself, Arya and all their luggage to and through two airports to get home. Which is no easy task considering that includes her carseat. I'm not sure I could have done it solo without crying. He also took the rental car back with him. Galen and Carleigh's flight wasn't until that evening so the rest of us cleaned up the rental house, packed up, checked out and hopped an uber back to the T train with all our stuff. Our plan was to find my next rental, a studio just south of Back Bay (but not quiet as far as South End) in a beautiful brick neighborhood. This would be my home the next ... read more
Riding the T with our Luggage
Delicious Cinnamony Drink
Thinking Caps on During Cribbage

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 19th 2017

We all got up early today specifically to take the train into Boston and wait in line for Neptune Oyster. There was no one in line when we first arrived, and the air outside was frigid cold. Thankfully there was a Peet's coffee next door we all drank coffee in and kept warm. I drank a sip of someone's nasty espresso. I forgot how much I dislike espresso. Yup- still hate it. David and I went and got in line about an hour before the place opened. Slowly, a line began to form behind us. I felt a little bad holding spots for people that weren't actually waiting with us but I also felt like it was to everyone's benefit in line to not have to listen to a toddler crying from the cold. David and ... read more
Auggggghhhhhh- Espresso
Ofcourse It's Snowing
Neptune Oyster

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 18th 2017

Today's plan was to explore Boston, with the aide of our local guide, Cory. He only had one full day with us today before he had to drive back to Vermont for work for a couple days. We decided to drive all the way to Boston today since the parade wasn't until the next day. Cory and David figured parking wouldn't be a huge issue, and it wasn't. And then we could ride the subway to jump from place to place as needed. We were right by the Holocaust Memorial, so we wandered through there first. Next, we walked through Quincy Market but didn't spend much time there, just sort of glanced around at shops, and then moved on. Too may tourists kinda turned us off. I knew the Freedom Trail wandered through this area. I ... read more
Holocaust Memorial
Quincy Market
Walking Around

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston November 23rd 2016

Geo: 42.3585, -71.0596I know I have been really quiet over the last 3 weeks but things have become very busy. Americans take the festive season very seriously and the madness comes along with all the festivities. I spent my first ever American Thanksgiving in Boston and all I can say is that I've never seen so much food in one sitting than I did that day! My host family and their family went out of their way to make vegetarian food for me. One of my favourite dishes was the Pumpkin Pie- a famous American tart served with vanilla ice-cream. The weather was cold and wet but Boston is a really pretty place, I would definitely go back during the summer months but I would give winter a skip as the sun goes down at 4pm ... read more
Christmas Lights at Smithsonian Zoo
New Coat and New hair for the Winter with Lucie
Festive season spirits at a high

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston » Back Bay November 3rd 2016

I arrived in Boston Thursday night, unfortunately I had to spend 1,5 hours figuring out how to change my flight home, so we only just made it for dinner before the restaurants closed. We stopped at a vegan Asian restaurant called grasshopper where we had super delicious food. We went back to my friends place in Worcester outside Boston and had an early night as we wanted to make the most out of my one day in Boston. We went into the city early and walked the freedom trail, which will take you past most of the important historic sights. It is a red line of old bricks that you follow all the way around the city. We decided also to do the harbor walk and made it by the Boston Tea Party museum but too ... read more
USA 2016 284
USA 2016 286
USA 2016 290

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 31st 2016

It always feels like we are doing a drive by of Boston during one of the last weekends in October. It isn't our main agenda but we are "so close" we feel the need to stop there. Well this past weekend was no different. When one of my beautiful amazing Peace Corps gals invited us to a shin dig to celebrate her marriage up in Newburyport, MA we made a jam packed weekend out of it. It has become our M.O. to not bother planning anything. I don't know how wise that it but it seems to be working out (if you don't mind sleeping in the occasional car now and again). Once again we made no real plans until Friday morning when we decide what the hey, why not start our journey today. So after ... read more
Louie's Lunch
Look at all those tracks!
Riverside Park

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 28th 2016

The first 2 hours of our time in the USA wasn't so great.. Rick was picked out to be questioned about the reason he was coming to the country. I didn't know what was going on and waited outside.. and I waited.. and waited.. When he finally came out of the room he told me he had to wait in a room with a bunch of people to be called forward. The whole conversation took only 5 minutes. So glad we could move on! It took us quite some time to get to the house we were staying at. When we finally arrived we were absolutely knackered, but Savannah -our host- thought it would be fun to go out with us and the other 2 couchsurfers she had over. We felt bad to say no and ... read more
Skyline Boston
Freedom trail
Tequila time!

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