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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston August 2nd 2019

July 30, 2019 - Boston, MA - Weather: 93.2°F/34°C, Clear skies, no wind This cruise adventure actually started with a series of car trips: first Waterloo to Ottawa followed by a casual two-day drive down to Boston. The trip to Ottawa was necessitated, in part, by an offer from our good friends to drive us to and from Boston for our cruise. While in Ottawa we celebrated B’s birthday with a house and garden tour in Almonte followed by a delicious dinner over in Gatineau. On our way through Boston we took the opportunity to stop at the excellent John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, before heading on to our hotel for the night in Quincy, MA., just south of Boston. Tuesday morning saw us navigate the heavy Boston traffic and confusing one-way streets before ... read more
3_Birthday dinner
4_JFK Library
5_Audio:visual display

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston June 19th 2019

Une fois rendus dans la région de Boston nous voulions voir Salem et ses sorcières! L'endroit n'est pas très long à visiter et l'attrait est dans les souvenirs de toutes sortes qui se rapportent à la magie. La pluie était au rendez-vous et même la brûme nous a empêché de voir le phare tout près. Une journée décevante finalement. Après une journée de repos et de pluie, c'est la visite de Boston, le soleil brille et le tour de ville en autobus nous à permis de voir les bâtisses et les lieux intéressants. Nous avons fait un arrêt au centre ville pour marcher dans le parc public et plus tard nous avons découvert 'Market Place' avec son 'fast food' incroyable, chinois, Thai, Indien, pâtisserie..etc malheureusement c'était à la fin de la journée et il fallait prendre ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston February 14th 2019

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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 26th 2018

Not as much luck with transportation this morn. $75 for the 18 km ride from our hotel to the Cruise Port. Easy peasy embarkation onto Celebrity’s Summit. Met up with our friends Kaye and Richard and started enjoying the avails of our new ride. The Coffee shop has really nice atmosphere , the coffees are top shelf , and the confections are the best on the ship. Kate has been drinking Lattes without added flavours. I slept there the first night as it’s my favourite spot. Just heard someone order a white chocolate mocha with whiskey! We feel like we are in the lower percentile of age onboard, this has happened before but we were not expecting it,on this cruise. The on board entertainment , well that which is provided by Celebrity, has been okay. I ... read more
Boston Commons Plaque
State House
The Bell in Hand

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 1st 2018

On our New England road trip, after we visited Mystic Pizza, we made our way on the local ferry to eat lunch in Martha’s Vineyard and then ended up traveling to Boston overnight. We had found a tiny room for rent in a high-rise flat, and the price was infinitely cheaper than anything we had seen at a major hotel chain in the city. The location was ideal and right in the middle of the city. The spot was called The Beacon Street Inn. Though we had to walk down the hall to shower and the room was no bigger than a closet, it was an ideal place to stay, as we were only going to be there one night and wanted to spend the entire day exploring the city of Boston. We started our morning ... read more
Beacon Street
Freedom Trail
Paul Revere's Grave

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston August 25th 2018

We woke one last time in the cabin that has been our home for over one month. There was no rush this morning. Our two bags in the hall were taken ashore by the porters. We still had our carry-ons, and what we planned to where today. The Lido was bustling with activity and there were actually lines waiting to get food. Again, we sat on the pool deck; but, well away from the window and drainage trough that nearly twisted Sharon’s ankle yesterday. “Did you intentionally choose this table?” Sharon inquires. I just smile. At the Main Desk there was another line. The daily News and Puzzles were not out and available; but, you could still get them from the front-desk staff. We weren’t scheduled to see the onboard immigration until about 9:15 AM and ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston August 16th 2018

New England 2017 Travelled with Jason, Kate, Alfie and Max Gatwick to Boston Travelled in Masschusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Stunning.... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 18th 2018

We awoke early again with the realization that this was the day that we’d been anticipating. Today we begin our cruise. Ruth had wished us a most enjoyable journey yesterday when we had the opportunity to visit with her in her home in Rhode Island. Sharon had mentioned to her how we’d met our previous Trivia Team at the Life Boat Drill; but, for this cruise I had made her sign-up for the roll call so that we could join a trivia team with some Canadians. If you can’t have school teachers on your team, then the next best thing are team members from Canada, Great Britain or Australia. Ruth has also played trivia; but, said that she sometimes takes umbrage with some of the questions and answers. One that particularly irked her was spawned by ... read more
New carpet inserts at intersections point to the front of the ship

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 16th 2018

We are definitely looking forward to getting on the ms Rotterdam in two days. Our bags are all full of freshly cleaned laundry and we’re dressing from cloths set aside for the next couple of days. I set the alarm last night for 5:30 AM so that we could be ready for an early breakfast when they open at 6:30 AM. I awoke early and briefly feared I was going to have a repeat of yesterday morning when I awoke with an eyelash in my eye that seemed to take me forever. Sharon tried to help; but, when I saw her coming at me with a Q-Tip, I decided, “That’s okay dear, I got this.” It’s sort of like when I offer to trim her bangs. How hard can that be? Well there is a family ... read more
Long Warf waiting for Whale Watch Boat
Restaurant Across Street from Warf
Sharon in John's old hat

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 15th 2018

We slept pretty good again, and again we awoke to the sun filtering in through our window overlooking the pool. I was hungry and looking forward to my omelet; and, I wasn’t disappointed. Sharon was pretty much looking forward to her scrambled eggs and roasted potato cubes which she’s been enjoying for a couple of days now; but, she was disappointed. Evidently, potatoes is a non-starter on Sundays. As expected, the central elevator is still non-operational… “They’re not going to fix it on the weekends.” Sharon Said so I said, “Well they might if they’re reading our blog!” We met a couple in the hall with a passel of kids and we noted, “It’s inconvenient about the elevators, isn’t it. They haven’t been working for several days now!” “That’s terrible,” she said. Then he added, “We ... read more
Organ Pipes at St Patricks (For Penny my piano teacher)
Outside of St. Patricks

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