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North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis August 23rd 2020

The "Greatest Spectacle in Racing" will now take place on Sunday, August 23, instead of the traditional Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. But I will look forward to the race, as it brings back some wonderful memories. This article is from 2010. About the only change is that about half of the engines are Chevrolets, half are still Hondas. And of the top nine qualifiers, eight are Honda engines! The start of the race is a powerful and exciting event, 33 high powered engines, revving up to about 230 mph, 3 racers wide, 11 rows. The noise is deafening, ear plugs must be worn, the vibration shakes the grandstands and your soul, as the crowd noise tries to match the roar of engines. No matter how hard I try, I cannot imagine ... read more
My brother Bob, and I at the 500
Indy 500 Parade
Exciting race day

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis May 19th 2018

Indianapolis was more of a stopping/sleeping place for me. The Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Indianapolis Colts play, was a few hundred yards from my hotel. Looked like a new modern stadium. I drove and checked out the Indianapolis 500 Speedway. By the time I got in there, things were pretty well closed. They were doing time trials for the race on Memorial Day. For dinner, I went to a very old fashion deli that has been in a family for four generations. The sandwich was tremendous.... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis May 11th 2018

Well, it is now Thursday and we are still rolling. We got up this morning in Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio from Cincinnati. A friend, Debbie Ballew, recommended that we tour the Roebling Murals before departing. We are happy that we did. Very creative and informative. They are located close to where we were staying and never knew as we drove by that they were there. After this tour, we headed north towards Indianapolis. The roads were good and the landscape interesting. This is a rural state. We have never seen so much cultivated landscape. It is clear that only now have they been plowed and ready for planting. Much different in South Georgia. As we moved north from Ohio the land flattened out. We searched on-line for something to see in Indianapolis and found the ... read more
Roebling Murals
Roebling Murals
Roebling Murals

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis June 22nd 2017

Well mom and dad got me to Indianapolis international airport about three hours before my plane took off. Grab a bite to eat at the airport restaurant, Granite City. Waiting for the plane to depart to Washington Dulles. ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis June 3rd 2017

After a great night's sleep and a good breakfast we were ready to hit the road heading north about 7:30 this morning. We're trying to escape the South today and head north to Indianapolis. We will make a stop along the way at our last cave for a while in Bedford, IN. So we cranked up Credence Clearwater Revival on the stereo and headed up KY-185. Ky-85 became KY-79 and they were both just wonderful roads. Two lane country roads between farms with just enough twists and turns, ups and downs to keep ut interesting. The scenery was beautiful, and we passed through all sorts of small towns along the way. There was mostly very little traffic, though we did follow a good old boy in a pickup truck who seemed to know the roads pretty ... read more
Blue Spring Cavern - Out Front
Blue Spring Cavern - Heading Into The Cave
Blue Spring Cavern - A Look Into The Cave

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis August 20th 2016

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd'hui je viens de rentrer dans le vingtième État de ce périple. Avec les 2 années précédentes j'aurais emmené mon "char" dans 48 États. Il y à 2 ans c'était l'Alaska. Au compteur il en manquera 2 pour faire les 50. Le North Dakota, et Hawaï. il est certain que je n'emmènerais pas mon "char" à Hawaï, mais pour le Dakota du Nord ce sera peut être l'an prochain si je peux retourner en Alaska, et Hawaï, fera l'objet d'un autre projet. Pour la première fois depuis bien longtemps, ce matin le ciel est noir, mais avec 25°. Je prends le risque d'ouvrir le toit, qui va resté ouvert toute la journée et je fini avec 30°. En quittant St Louis, on traverse le Mississipi, qui est la limite avec l'Illinois. En Illinois ... read more
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Capitol Indianapolis
Indiana World War Memorial

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis August 12th 2015

We have spent the last 3 days at Camp Atterbury just south of Indianapolis. Yesterday we headed north to Indianapolis. First stop was the stadium where the Indiana Colts play. It's called Lucas Oil Stadium and there is evidence all over the stadium who the main sponsor is... We took a tour of the stadium, yes even the locker room of the Colts. Those ice baths they all go in after the games look like they barely would fit me. We went to the top where the press box was and the view was awesome from that point. Joe got excited when he got to go through the tunnel onto the field. They were doing field prep for the upcoming pre-season games so we could only go on the outskirts of the field. It's a pretty ... read more
Indiana here we are
The smal town south of Indianapolis

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis May 19th 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 found me making a relatively short trip from the Add-More Campground in Clarksville IN to the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis IN. The trip to Indianapolis metro was totally uneventful. Some might call the trip boring, but I prefer calling it a great relocation day! The fairgrounds property itself, however, was a beehive of activity. Mecum Auction Company was conducting an automobile auction the likes of which this country bumpkin has never before seen! Over the course of my one-week stay, I saw virtually every category of automobile ever made. Had my plate not been so full on the days the weather was cooperative, I might have paid the admission fee just to have observed. My first stop on Thursday, May 14, 2015 was the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site in Indianapolis. Benjamin ... read more
The Carriage House Welcome Center Has A Nice Exhibition Of Political Cartoons From Harrison’s Era
Benjamin Harrison’s Grandfather William Henry Harrison, Our Ninth President
One Of The First Home Workout Centers

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis February 8th 2015

Winter can put damper on taking an excursion because nobody wants to drive in snow and cold weather! After pulling the covers over my head and pouting from boredom, my hubby came to the rescue saying "Get up! Get Dressed! I'm taking you somewhere.". Of course I grumbled all while slipping into a pair of jeans and a sweater. He wouldn't tell me anything other than it was going to be "like going to memory lane"., 15 minutes later we pulled up at the German Haus off of Pedleton Pike. It doesn't look impressive from the outside and I told myself just to go with the flow because the hubby was putting an effort to save me from myself. However, when we walked in and I saw the ladies dressed in traditional German festival attire, I ... read more
Brats and Potato salad..yummy!
light fixture

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis February 2nd 2015

My quick overview of our time in Central Illinois to Indiana & back to Chicago. Jan 1st – traveled to Mahomet, IL stayed with Alyssa (1st cousin) & Nathan and saw Caitlin (1st cousin) & Sam as they were having a movie marathon weekend. Watched the Oregon Ducks kick Florida State Seminoles booty in the Rose Bowl which advanced the Ducks to the 1st Annual College Football National Championship Game (ahem-won't talk about the results of that game). Jan 2nd – Bennett turned 9 months old & we traveled to his 7th state visited, Indiana. Rented from Enterprise Rent A Car in Champaign, IL and drove to Indianapolis, IN to visit Laurence & Carli and Kali’s family. We were excited to learn the news that Laurence & Carli are expecting their 1st born June 29th. Bennett ... read more
Friends in Indy
Son's 7th state
1st Cousin lives in suburbs of Indy

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