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North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead September 6th 2015

Day 1 The journey begins Saturday morning, Kirsten and I get up and head to Savannah GA. What… I though you were going to Italy. Yes we are, however momma is in Savannah so Kirsten and I decided to go and visit her for the afternoon and then drive to Atlanta and hop on the plane there. Kirsten and I crashed at my sister’s house in Atlanta and Sunday morning while having breakfast set up buddy passes to leave ATL and fly into FRA (Frankfurt Germany) the flights looked the best into Frankfurt around 12 noon. So from my sister’s house we walked over to the MARTA station and hopped a ride to the airport. The train was full of young and old folks dressed in an odd way. I overheard them talking about they were ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead March 4th 2012

It's been a year since my last blog, mostly because I haven't been traveling! I've been studying International Relations at a university in Atlanta and haven't had time to leave the country. Life's brought a lot of new experiences in the last year, but none that take me abroad: until now. In about a week I'm headed to Jordan for 2 months to study Arabic, so expect more blogs! In Atlanta I did a bit of sightseeing, but studying has taken up a lot of my time. Atlanta is a huge change from what I’m used to, especially in terms of size; even Munich wasn’t so big. With the exception of NYC, I’m not used to sightseeing in the US, but I have been to a few of Atlanta’s major tourist attractions. They have the biggest ... read more
Homecoming with Laila
World of Coke
Manta Ray back flip

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead August 30th 2011

Well, today's flight was not to be. Delta overbooked and offered $600 to fly tomorrow which was too tempting. Since I really had a rest day in Frankfurt for the most part, I will just skip the night there and just spend the day on Thursday before being picked up. The only concern I had was where to keep my luggage but I found out the Frankfurt airport will store it for 7euros for up to 24 hours, so no problem.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead May 9th 2011

Today was my first day in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is famous in the popular imagination as the city that General Sherman burned to the ground near the end of the Civil War. Local businessmen would rather that people view Atlanta as the city that quickly came back from that experience, and is now the premier city in the entire South. Arch-rival Charlotte (see ) will have something to say about that, of course, but Atlanta does have a reasonable claim. Atlanta History Center The place to explore Atlanta’s history is the Atlanta History Center. It’s located in Buckhead, the city’s wealthiest neighborhood. Significantly, Buckhead is the furthest neighborhood north of downtown. Getting here requires driving past an endless parade of mansions, not all of them the url= read more
Atlanta battlefield map
Atlanta boosterism
Civil War Medicine

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead June 30th 2009

The story of the “desaparecidos” and what went on in the ESMA concentration camp is so tragic that I have started wondering why I had not heard much about it in the United States. And even, among Argentines, unless you bring up the subject, it is an episode that people do not tend to talk about as much. After reading the “Children of Cain” I have, once again, confirmed my conclusion on how hypocritical Post Cold War U.S foreign policy is and has been. According to Rosenberg, it is clear that U.S not only provided substantial financial aid to the ESMA, but also “military” training to Argentine Junta’s officers in the U.S. So, I wonder, is this why many Argentines do not have a very favorable image of America? Probably! I say so because that is ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead June 30th 2009

Race is very controversial subject to discuss, even more when it has to do to with racism and the perception every individual and culture has of it. As a person who was raised in Colombia, race was never a very present aspect in my life, but after living for more than ten years in the United States, my understanding of race and racism dramatically changed. After being in Rio de Janeiro and studying more about this culture, I discovered a different way of analyzing how the subject of race is understood and handled based on my experience in America. Even though America and Brazil have both suffered from significant racial discrimination throughout the history, in Brazil this issue has not been as stressed and pointed out as in the States. In America, racial discrimination has been ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead June 30th 2009

The definition of soccer in Brazil takes a completely different dimension compared to the one in other countries. Brazilians see soccer as an art demonstration through which their character and personality is supposed to be reflected and represented. Because of this, it is interesting to note how for Brazilian soccer fans, the results of every match are not as important as the way the game is played by their players. They take a lot of pride on their rhythmical and skillful style of playing soccer. For them, a good player is not only the one who is efficient and obtains positive results for the team, but also the one who plays in a specific way. As it is explained in “The Realm of the Possible: Remembering Brazilian Futebol” what is considered by others as an “irresponsible ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead June 30th 2009

It is amazing how two bordering countries such as Brazil and Argentina can be so close to each other and yet be so different at the same time. I would say that the only thing they have in common is their passion for soccer. This passion is clearly explained in “The Beautiful Game”. Part of this reading describes how soccer defeats and victories have had the power to greatly affect Brazilians. The most relevant example given on this was what happened in 1950 at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro when Brazil was defeated by Uruguay in the World Cup final. The disappointment was such, that the results were perceived not only as a tragedy but also as a punishment. From that moment on, a lot of different superstitions were born. It is well known ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead June 7th 2009

The fascination that Argentines have towards soccer is very amazing, but more amazing is the fascination that many of them have towards Diego Armando Maradona. It is undeniable that he has been one of the best soccer players in the history of this sport, however, they way he has managed his personal life has been quite messy. People think of him as an idol, and that is understandable; however, what I find particularly interesting, considering the fact that to many youngsters he is seen as a role model, is how Maradona’s fans tend to overlook and perhaps, justify his misbehavior. During one of the soccer lectures given by Dr. Bowman, two Argentine students who were there as guests confirmed this statement; when they were asked what they thought about Maradona’s behavior and conduct, they expressed that ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead June 4th 2009

Before coming to Buenos Aires, I had an idea how important soccer is within the Argentine culture, as well as for most of the South American Countries and Mexico; however, I really did not expect soccer to be such a strong source of identity for Angentines. Outside of Argentina, Argentines identify themselves by their nationality, but in Buenos Aires, Portenos identify themselves by their favorite soccer team; such as Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, and others. As a South American, I have an understanding of how culturally important soccer is within our culture. Except for Venezuela, soccer is our national sport regardless of how well our national teams perform at an international level. Soccer has the immense power of moving masses and gathering people despite any political, racial, or religious differences. In Argentina, I have noticed ... read more

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