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Our adventure at Animal Kingdom and a semi-private 3-hour tour, Wild Africa Trek. Best day ever! I was the first one in the park! Mark wrangled another set of tickets to Disney World, and I knew exactly what to plan for our day. I have always wanted to go on the Wild Africa Trek, a 3-hour tour for a group of 12 guests through the back pathways of the savanna. Knowing the afternoon would be too warm, Mark and I signed up for the earliest tour. We checked in with our guides in front of the turnstiles at 7:30 am; there were already 100 guests waiting in line for early magic hours. Once half the group was present, we were escorted into the park, and I was the first one in! Gearing up The tour meeting ... read more
Wild Africa Trek
Wild Africa Trek
Wild Africa Trek

Tuesday was spent at Epcot mainly. I was made an honorary cast member as I had scuba assisted snorkel booked. Not knowing that diving would be on offer, I hadn't brought my dive certificate card. The lady on the phone would not let me book the dive, so I asked the dive team inside the park by the aquarium if I could dive. They told me that I could if they checked my qualifications online. Which they did and I was able to book it at Guest Relations. My friend had the same problem but having been through it once we solved it the same way. Once underwater we were stars. No wonder we were honorary cast members. It was like being on stage. The guests in the park all waved at us and the kids ... read more

On Monday we went to Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. It had a wave pool and water slides and a long lazy river. I went on the slides that weren't too scary. I even bought a bucket and spade ice cream. It's meant for sharing but my friend refused to share stating that beer would not mix with ice cream so I had to throw most of it away. We left around 4pm and I went off to Disney Spring on my own to do some shopping. I was after Jasmine Beckett Griffith T-shirts which I found in the Co-op shop.... read more

I'm sorry I haven't done a blog post the last few days. We have been to Disney Hollywood studios it's full of Star Wars fans (and ordinary Disney fans of course) though I'm not brave enough for the rides. It's a small park so most of the day we are hanging around until our next Fast Pass time. We juggled the times around a bit as I wasn't feeling too great. At one point I had to be wheelchaired to First Aid so I could lie down and get some rest. I was feeling really dizzy and sleepy and nauseous. 30 minutes lying down and a Power Aid drink and I was fit to leave. It was a combination of lack of sleep and the heat. We went back to the hotel to change and had ... read more

Friday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom. We saw the animals in the park and used a fast pass on the ride we wanted to do. The Safari was fun. I'm not into thrill rides so I won't do Everest. Dinner was at a themed diner, 50s drive-in style, where you sit in cars and watch SciFi clips on a movie screen... read more

Saturday was Epcot. We walked around the World Showcase and I spent money in Japan. I bought some cute paper kits and some pocky and a ramune pineapple to drink. I was in my BTSSB dress as I was hoping to meet Alice in England and indeed I did meet her. You get some photo pass pics of her. She called me Alice 2. Then off for some more rides and though I continue to chicken out of thrill rides I surprised myself. I managed a ride called Test Track and not only lived to tell the tale, but loved it. Next, Spaceship Earth and we used our fast pass for the World Showcase fire works. I got a bit tiddlywinks on a Bailey latte. Naughty me!... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 30th 2016

Hi guys. Just to let you know to protect privacy. I am not running this blog I am emailing a friend who is editing and running the blog for me. I haven't got time to polish grammar and spelling and anyway I'm too busy doing Disney fun. The different time zone doesn't help either. Thanks for understanding... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 30th 2016

Thursday was Manic Kingdom day. We had three fast passes for rides and used the Disney app to look for the ones with the shortest queues. it was a long tiring day... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 28th 2016

After a long day we arrived in Orlando airport, got through the gates and got the Disney Express to our hotel, where we checked in, got our Magic Bands and unpacked. We wandered round the hotel, got our refillable mugs and in the evening we went off to the Magic Kingdom, that being the park that was open till 1am. We fell into bed at 12:30 am... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 23rd 2016

Mark and I had reached a defining moment in our relationship – we were planning a day at Disney World. Through his work connections, Mark scored a pair of Disney park hopper tickets. Within an hour, I had dinner reservations made in the park. This was going to be awesome. Part One – Hollywood Studios Donning Star Wars t-shirts, Mark and I headed off to Hollywood Studios. Since he’s not too much of a ride guy, I thought Mark would enjoy the shows and character experiences in HS. Our first stop, however, was just for me. Like a gentleman, Mark walked with me through the queue of my favorite HS ride, the Tower of Terror. I love the lobby, expertly covered in dust and cobwebs. We parted at the loading platform, where he was escorted down ... read more
Tower of Terror
Kylo Ren greeting
Star Wars Launch Bay

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