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North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 24th 2017

This was supposed to be the boring last post where we just got on the bike and rode the last 300 miles home on the flat, straight, boring Florida roads. Unfortunately, that's NOT what happened. We spent our last hotel night in an Embassy Suites in Savannah - Thanks again, Maureen. Embassy Suites has the best breakfast with made to order omelets. They were delicious! It was about 9:00 when we finally hit the road, the Garmin Lady had us getting home at 3:11 - Perfect! The first part of the ride was exactly what we expected - flat, straight and boring. The scenery began with typical southern strip mall, and eventually turned to southern rural. The sky started out ominous, but as the morning wore on, it cleared as it warmed. We were about 1.5 ... read more
Yes, That's a Bolt In My Tire!
Broken Air Conditioner
Final Bike Mileage

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 2nd 2017

We both woke up before the alarm. I went out on the balcony to watch the sunrise and Nikki got ready. Today was debarkation day. After we were ready, we went up to Windjammer Marketplace to get breakfast. We ate leisurely because our debarkation time was not estimated until 8:30. We strolled around the deck after breakfast and then went down to our stateroom to grab our bags and head to the Silk Dining Room to wait for them to call our debarkation group. We waited about 15 minutes and then got off the ship. It went fairly smoothly and we were in our rental car and on the way to Walt Disney World within an hour. We had decided to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom and see the new Pandora area of the park before ... read more
Pandora Map
Floating Mountains

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 10th 2017

Disney World You might think that giving a trip to Disney World, as a Christmas gift, to a 4 year old is extravagant and you wouldn't be alone as I thought the same when Kellie proposed this. Her logic was that we dragged the poor child across the world for 6 months, had endless fun, great experiences, amazing food, adventures, beach, loads of ice cream and so on. Obviously you have to say sorry for that. Well lets not linger on that for too long. I might have enjoyed it a little too… Our adventure started well. We had a nights sleep in Orlando and we wandered to the front desk inquiring where we could get discounted tickets (hey you should know me by now). And wasn't there just the man to help us. American/Italian salesman ... read more
20170113_160335 - Copy
DSC01462 - Copy

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 9th 2017

Since the date entry on these blogs doesn't work any more, hope it is clear that we went to Disney World in June of last year. My parents and I took our two oldest nephews to Disney World in 2014, so now it was time for their younger siblings to go. Originally I had just planned to take my mom and her cousin, but the cousin backed out and we were like, let's still go. Then as we thought on it, we thought we should take my niece. E was super excited and she is such a little princess - my only niece for four years, I couldn't wait to play with her at Disney. O was not even three yet when we went, but children under 3 get in for free, so, all it really ... read more
E after her makeover, dress #2 (Elsa)
Goofy and O
Our last day at Disney

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 19th 2016

It's our last full day at Disney, and I didn't expect to feel sad about that. I'd assumed we'd have fun on this trip, but, by the end, we'd be exhausted and ready to go home. Instead, I find myself wishing we had more time. There's still so much to see and do! Today is our day at Animal Kingdom. One of my oldest, closest friends, Stasa, lives in Miami, and so she drove up to spend the day with us at Animal Kingdom. Back in college, she'd had a Disney internship, and so she knows the parks well. Phuong and I once came down to visit her when she was working. I think that was back in 2003! I remember we went to Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs), and we briefly stopped at ... read more
Herbivore & Carnivore
DinoLand, USA!

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 18th 2016

It's the week before Thanksgiving, and all of the resorts are getting decorated for the holidays! One of the resorts I wanted to check out, if we had the time, was the Grand Floridian. I'd heard that they build a life-size gingerbread house every year, and they run it as a candy shop! We took Friday off from the parks as a day to rest. I'm so glad we did because I woke up feeling sick. I was feverish and felt chilled to the bone, and it felt as if all the lymph nodes in my head were swollen, making it difficult to breathe and swallow. It also felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing the inside of my ears with a pin. Miserable. I took a couple ibuprofen and a hot bath, and then I felt ... read more
Coronado Springs Resort's Christmas Tree
Trees at Polynesian Resort
Oliver at the Polynesian

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 18th 2016

I wasn't feeling well at all, but tonight was the night Paul & Colleen were taking the kids out to Disney Springs. Andrew and I had pre-paid for the Disney fireworks dessert cruise, called Ferrytale Wishes, as a special date night. So, I was determined to go! I napped all afternoon and took a few ibuprofen. Instead of wearing a nice dress I packed, I put on a comfortable top and jeans and called it good. It was date night, and were going to be fun! We ate dinner at Maya, a table service restaurant at our Coronado Springs Resort. The food was excellent, and there was a man playing an acoustic guitar which really added to the atmosphere. When we finished, we caught the bus to EPCOT. From there, we hopped on the monorail to ... read more
Magic Kingdom from the Ticket & Transportation Center
Ferrytale Wishes
On the Dessert Cruise!

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 17th 2016

Let me start off by saying, this wasn't a typical half day at Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom was set to close at 4:30pm on Thursday for a private event. This rarely happens. I wondered if the park would be a lot less crowded because most people wouldn't want to waste a ticket on a day the park closed so early. On the other hand, I wondered if thousands of other people would have the same idea, and so maybe there wouldn't be a big drop in crowds. We decided to take the gamble, and it paid off! We got to do so much during our Magic Kingdom half day. We arrived just before the 8am opening, and it took a bit of time to get through the main gates. Once we did, we booked it ... read more
The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Queue
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
They've been cast.

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 16th 2016

We decided to sleep in a bit this morning, since we were out late at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. We used some of the snack credits from our dining plan to get bagels and pastries from a little cafe at our resort. Our tumblers that we got from our free dining plan also allow us to have unlimited coffee refills, so we got our on-the-go breakfast for free! We hopped on the bus to EPCOT around 10 or so, and when we arrived, we went straight to Frozen Ever After, the new Frozen ride. It's located in the Norway section of EPCOT. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a Fastpass+ for this ride. Because it's so new and Frozen is so popular, it's not an easy one to get. I did have one glimmer of ... read more
Inside the Royal Sommerhus
I spy Anna & Elsa in the woodwork!
Meeting Anna

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 15th 2016

We're on a most magical adventure. Today, we went to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. This is a special event that requires a party ticket. Party-goers can arrive at the park at 4pm, and non-party visitors leave the park at 7pm. We arrived at 3:30pm, and we were let in shortly before 4pm. That worked out for us because we had dinner reservations at Beast's castle at 4:25. The restaurant is called "Be Our Guest," and it's a difficult reservation to get. Up until a few days before our trip, we only had a reservation for 2 because it was all we could find. Thankfully, one opened up for 4 people this week, and Andrew managed to snag it for us! Before we went to the castle, we stopped to use our ... read more
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Oliver's Gargoyle Face
Beast's Castle

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