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North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne May 31st 2018

This morning started out like any other—get dressed, carry out your bag, eat breakfast and coffee on a floor, carry out your bike, finish overnight crew (vacuuming, sweeping, pouring out Ryan’s lone coffee, etc), followed by route meeting from Aiden, town facts by Annie, and sweep assigned to Noah and Beth. With Noah as sweep, it broke up the three amigos so I saw it as an opportunity to ride with and get to know Michaela and Sarah, who normally always ride and hang with Noah. We cruised well together on and off a bike path to bike lane, stopping once to pee & fix my saddle height, and talked about studying abroad, our siblings/families, and favorite tv shows. The swee challenge today was to find the best beard and take a picture with them. When ... read more
Beards & Beach!
Beachside lunch spots!
Up the coast instead of coast to coast! 😍

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne May 31st 2018

This morning we had a special treat—real breakfast!! The find folks of Unity Church of Melbourne cooked us bacon, eggs, & coffee—could I be dreaming?! It was mad delish! We then shuttled off to the Melbourne H4H ReStore where we got a tour, heard about the affiliate from Diane, & took some photos. We then got to work on moving stuff from their receiving floor to the display floor—bed frames, windows, doors, couches, fancy dining room sets, fridges, you name it! The girls and I were focused on being strong women and doing it without any of the guys help—and boy we’re we determined! We got ‘er done and enjoyed the ego boost (or not?) to our pride. We ate vegetable soup, pulled pork, watermelon, & brown rice. A high school soon-to-be senior stopped by and ... read more
The before shot
Girls. Lift. Heavy. Things.
Do we look cool??

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne December 4th 2013

Geo: 28.0794, -80.6069... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne August 22nd 2010

I just recently turned 28 yrs. old and all I could really think about is how much closer to 30 I was getting. Everyone kept asking, "So what are you planning for you birthday this year ?" I wasn't really sure, I didn't have anything planned. I certainly wasn't going to go out and get wasted like I did when I was 21. It would take me almost a week to recover from that. The only thing that really excites me anymore is traveling and really I just wanted to get away for my birthday. Then out of no where it hit me, The Florida Keys! I then began to wonder, how is it that I've spent my whole entire life living in Florida and never made it to the keys. Well, I know why ... read more
Sandspur Beach
Bahia Honda State Park
My Birthday Sunset

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne September 10th 2009

The following day, the 16th of June, 2009 we headed up to Melbourne, Florida. Its about 2 and a half hours from Tampa. Its beautiful weather and we listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and other road tripping music on the way up. Good times. We get to Melbourne at about 1pm and then I get to meet Alyson's family. Her family is really cool really friendly straight up and I feel pretty much at home after a couple of hours. We grab a snack then head up to the beach in Melbourne. We grab some kites along the way from the chemist as well as some lollies. At the beach after our swim we have a lie down in the sun and then grab the kites. Alyson's one is killing it after like 10 minutes ... read more
Turtle TIme
Ben and Jerry's yummo!
I was lucky to see a Manatee

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne January 13th 2009

The trip south from St. Augustine was warm and friendly to us. We still have to contend with strong currents, especially around bridges. The wildlife viewing has been great - lots of porpoises every day; manatees are now quite common, a variety of birds including our first sighting of wild flamingos - pelicans are a favourite as they make crash dives to nab unsuspecting fish. We have met up with old friends Rick and Donna here in Fort Pierce - they are ready to launch "Lorbas" and head south too - we may buddy boat with them to Biscayne Bay... read more
white pelicans

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne January 8th 2009

Okay, for the four of you who are reading this, things are going great but the trip is coming to an end so we are starting to get the blues. Last Saturday night we went over to the Werner’s house to eat and burn their playhouse. I posted a video of me jumping over the fire on my first post, I was the first to jump the fire. Last night we went bowling for free…yeah. I bowled a 139. Who really cares? Today we went over to the west coast so Trey could see his mom. So, I dropped them off at her house, and went south to the “Shark tooth capitol of the world” where I was going to search for teeth. When I got there I realized I had no idea where to start ... read more
Watchful eye

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne January 7th 2009

Mid 70's Okay, so this road trip is my warm up for my trip to Europe. First the weather has been heavenly, mid 70’s, and overall things have been going well. The drive down was long, really long, but the traffic was terrific and we made good time. To help break up the monotony we stop at an airfield in South Carolina, that was used by the army in WWII as a training facility, and also a German POW camp, where around 150 prisoners were kept. We have just been hanging out not really doing much. Today we when to a museum with a replica of the liberty bell, which we got to ring (if you didn’t know Mark and Trey came with me). I also meet this cute girl there, check out the photos. Mrs. ... read more
So tired…
Army Airfield
Liberty bell

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne January 4th 2009

Road Trip 2009 YEAH! Okay this is my first blog just testing things out. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Melbourne March 31st 2008

We are so enjoying the summer weather in Florida, especially as we hear of all the snow and storms in Michigan. Sun, warmth, walks outside, flowers, and wildlife can't be beat. And central Florida has little traffic (and not that many places to go locally, but lots of peace and quiet.) Before leaving Wauchula, FL we visited Solomon's Castle, located in a nearby swamp and built with pieces and parts of existing discarded machinery and materials. It showcases clever creations, many with moving parts (including an elevator) and a straight-backed chair made of 250 aluminum cans, all created by one determined artist. It's a fun, one-time tourist experience. That's me on the photo of the Trojan Horse! Our visit to the Fantasy Air Museum in Polk City was well worth the entry fee. It is distinguished ... read more
Windsurfing in Melbourne,FL
Bok Sanctuary Tower
Nancy on Trojan Horse

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