Travis Lee Lyon


Travis Lee Lyon

Just want to see some of the world. I will be traveling Western Europe from Feb 2 to mid July. If your new “subscribe” so you don’t miss the fun and then go down and check out my post. Click on “Read The Full Story” to do just that.


The journey begins.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland December 28th 2011

So on my way up to Cooktown, which was about a 4 hour drive through the bush I saw my first Kangaroo. I also saw a few Wallabies, but they were road kill…but I did see a few grazing right next to the road, and I mean right next to the road. I nearly hit one before I saw him. They also let their cattle run free up here so there was cattle right next to the road, and I was one that had been hit. Even with the danger of hitting one of the two, I still cruised along at about 75. There was this hill that was called black mountain, it was covered with black boulders some the size of a house. I don’t know why but it looked vary strange. There are stories ... read more
watch out!

Antarctica December 20th 2011

So I’m back from Australia. I will be posting about it over the next week or two at the request of my family. If for some reason you are still getting emails about the blog and you don’t care about me anymore and don’t want to know what I’m up to, then by all means please ignore them. For the rest please enjoy. I left for Australia, my 5th continent and 24ish country, on NOV 28, I thought I was leaving on the 29th and long story short I ended up having 20 minutes to turn in my weapon, pack, and meet the bus. Well I was out of breath and my clothes were not folded but I made it. From Camp Buehring I went to an airforce base for the night, to get a flight ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour December 15th 2011

Well I ship back tomorrow night...I'll post pics when I get back. 1 pic below ↓↓↓↓... read more

Middle East » Kuwait October 22nd 2011

Here we go... Well, I have about a month before I get to go Downunder. Its been almost 3 years since I had the chance to see a new country (besides my little detour to the middle east). I am looking forward to it, and still have a lot of planing to do. Stay tuned to see the fun, also let me know who is still out there. Cheers! T... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica February 7th 2010

Blizzard 2010 So yeah, we got around 28ish inches of snow. Thats a lot, I guess. They are calling for 18 more inches on Tuesday...just kidding, but that would be awesome if we got another storm on top of all this snow. My dad, my brother, and I took 2 hour shifts last night to try and keep our roads somewhat cleared, but our little tractor had a hard time keeping up. The snow stopped around 4:00 PM so I took the horse out for a little ride, all the roads are still coverd in snow and haven't been plowed. Hopefully we can out last all of this weather...we'll see. T... read more
out back

North America » United States February 3rd 2010

WOO HOO!!!!! I'm back, yep it's been too long but I'm here. I'll post more later but here are a few pictures of the weekend before I when to basic. Also this day last year was my first day in London, good times. Cheers. T... read more
Good Spider-Man
Bad Spider-Man
run...I mean, look it's our friend...

North America » United States » Maryland » Annapolis August 19th 2009

So here are some pictures of what I've been doing this summer.... read more
Brandon's pose
my pose
yeah! we won!!!

North America » United States August 3rd 2009

Guns baby! Thats why I love U.S.... read more

North America » United States July 25th 2009

yo whats up people!!... read more

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