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North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 21st 2019

blog 02-21-19 Departing Day The day before departing Flagler Beach I did some wash and enjoyed the beach then set out to put everything away. It was no small task after being here for 2 weeks, I had things all over. The inside was worse than the outside and it took some time to stow all my stuff and find a place for everything. My next door neighbors invited me to dinner so we had a lovely evening talking and eating and a little wine. After dinner we had dessert in their screen room and watched the moon rise again, spectacular. Picture The next morning I woke up early and after about 1/2 an hour I was ready to hook up the car and head west. My neighbors came by to say good bye and the ... read more
Marg getting in some last cuddles
tiny green plants on top of the water in Big Lagoon
lichen covered tree

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 18th 2019

02-18-19 Beach Day It promised to be a beautiful day although we started it late, sleeping in. We had a leasirly morning then headed to the beach. The destination was the beach down the road so Watson could come with us. We walked for a while then found a fairly shallow spot to cross a tidal pool so we could go further out where the sand was higher. Watson was a trooper and was not too upset about going through some water to go further out. Walking along the sand bar we discovered a very small crab about the size of a silver dollar and a fairly large jellyfish that met it's fate in the surf. Pictures We enjoyed the sea and sun then headed into town for a late lunch. Marg and I picked The ... read more
some swimming necessary
little crab

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 15th 2019

blog 02-15-19 Margie's arrival It was a beautiful day, temp about 68 with sun and clouds. After breakfast and a nice walk we had a little rest then it was time to pile into the car and head to Jacksonville to pick Margie up at the airport. Thankfully the traffic was not heavy and Watson and I were there at the appointed time. Marg's plane landed and she was waiting for us at the arrival doors when we got there. She was smothered in kisses from Watson and hugs from me then off to the beach we went. We took a walk then decided to head into Flagler for dinner. There was a place along the way that overlooked the ocean so we parked and claimed our seat on the upstairs deck with a gorgeous view. ... read more
finally at sunset the sky cleared a little
our camp for 2 weeks
The Funky Pelican rail

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 13th 2019

blog 02-12-19 Weather Roller coaster Happy Birthday Shannon Again, the sunrise was clouded over so another morning sleeping in. Eventually the skies cleared and the sun was increasing the temperature rapidly, so an early walk was in the plan. I had to stop at the ranger station to sign up for a basket weaving class on Thursday so after that Watson and I headed for the nature trail that winds through the "hammock". A hammock is a shady place and in this area is an area with small trees and palmetto. There are several other plants and anything off the trail was an impenetrable jungle. Pictures of the trail are included along with one of the pictures of red lichen on the trees. It was much cooler in the hammock so our walk was enjoyable. Back ... read more
red lichen
totem pole along the trail
the small oaks in the hammock

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 11th 2019

blog 02-11-19 Settling In No sunrise this morning it was foggy so I got to sleep in another hour. We moved slowly til the sun came out about 9:30 then it was get out and get moving. After breakfast and some housekeeping Watson and I went for a walk over to the river to see if the dredger was working, not today. There was a group hunting oysters for a count and 2 men fishing but nothing much else going on. We walked on the nature trail where it was cooler because with the sun came the warmer temperatures. Hooray. When I got back to the ocean side I was met by Diane, the camper from Canada I had talked about earlier. She wanted to know how I made out with the leak so we talked ... read more
loved the sparkling bubbles and the sanderling

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 10th 2019

blog 02-10-19 Organizing Day It's really hard to believe how fast things can get cluttered in a relatively small space. It seemed there were supplies all over with no home for them. I had to get a little creative but found places for all the loose ends. I felt much more relaxed with a neat and semi clean living space so Watson and I took the trash to the dumpster and walked to the river side of the park. There was a machine floating in the lagoon so of course I had to go investigate. It is a machine that dredges the water channels and floats useing large air tanks on the sides covered with pieces of wood looking like the tracks of a bulldozer. Pictures The bucket is wider and more shallow than a traditional ... read more
neat tracks
local flowers
and berries

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 8th 2019

blog 02-08-19 The Beach At first glance out the window it looked foggy so I laid back down for another hour of sleep. After a short time it got really bright so I opened the door and there was a beautiful red sky along the horizon and two bright stars or plants, Venus and something. I walked up to the observation deck, coffee in hand, and watched the dawn unfold. Pictures I headed out to Walmart to pick up some pills, stopped at an Ace hardware to get new bolts to anchor a handle that had broken off and found an indoor/outdoor thermometer. On the way home I stopped in Flagler at the farmers market and got some fruit and vegetables. Wow, all this before 11. It was a beautiful day so Watson and I sat ... read more
Dawn's glow
pelican flyby

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 7th 2019

blog 02-07-19 Wekiwa Springs to Flagler Beach Got my toes in the sand, cold drink in my hand, Life is Good ! But I'm jumping ahead. Back at Wekiwa Springs Wednesday dawned with brilliant sunshine and temps promising to reach 80. We walked early in as much shade as I could find then after a brief rest I headed for the springs again this time to paddle down the Spring Run. I rented a kayak and was brave enough to bring my camera with me hoping to get some beautiful pictures. They told me that the current would cause me to spend twice the time coming back as going down so with that in mind I headed out into the pool area then down the "run". The first thing that struck me was the clarity of ... read more
fire ant hills
great blue heron
on my way to the run

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 15th 2018

Blog 02-15-18 Beautiful Day The fog was present again this morning but it looked brighter and the wind was very light. By the time I had my shower and came back the fog bank had moved off the coast, the sun was bright, the sky a colbot blue, a gentle breeze blowing and it was already 70 degrees, perfect. We walked across the street to the river side of the park and still no birds, but the park service was launching an air boat so we hung around there for a while, then took a nature trail. It was our last full day at the beach so we had to get as much in as possible. Watson led the way down the road and through the gate as fast as we could go. The ocean was ... read more
the Inter-coastal Waterway
Osprey taking off after he missed
putting the boat in the water, maybe

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 14th 2018

Blog 02-14-18 Happy Valentine's Day The weather man did it again. Today was supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees, instead it was foggy, windy and 58 degrees. They are assuring us that tomorrow will be beautiful, again flexability is key. After my shower today I discovered that the washer was available so I hurried home and grabbed the laundry bag and ran back. Yes, the wash gets done today. While the dryer was running Watson and I took a walk to the dumpster. We talked to some campers on the way but discovered that many had left early in the day. My friends from Canada are leaving today so I said goodbye and wished them a safe and fun trip to Texas. They are going to Padra Island and don't know what to expect when ... read more
The upper section of the beach campground in the fog
looking at the wash house from my camp site
the end of the camp road and the gate to the beach

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