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February 14th 2018
Published: February 15th 2018
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Blog 02-14-18 Happy Valentine's Day

The weather man did it again. Today was supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees, instead it was foggy, windy and 58 degrees. They are assuring us that tomorrow will be beautiful, again flexability is key.

After my shower today I discovered that the washer was available so I hurried home and grabbed the laundry bag and ran back. Yes, the wash gets done today. While the dryer was running Watson and I took a walk to the dumpster. We talked to some campers on the way but discovered that many had left early in the day. My friends from Canada are leaving today so I said goodbye and wished them a safe and fun trip to Texas. They are going to Padra Island and don't know what to expect when they get there but that is what travel is all about.

Wash was done, the dog walked so I I decided to try to find some birds to photograph. There are a couple of back water wetlands that I discovered last year so off I went. The air was foggy and the wind was blowing so I didn't hold out much hope. At least the ride was pleasant, no luck on the birds. They must have flown to the sunny areas.

Back at the beach I let Watson out of prison and he was happy to be out watching the world go by. A park ranger was adjusting the water supply next to me so of course Watson had to bark at him. He came over and said he knew how dachshunds act and said hi and petted him. That was all Watson needed, he ran and got his ball and the game was on. Cute, nice man. I said I had heard that there is an influx of Portuguese man of war here at the beach and he said there is usually a bunch this time of year. He described the sting as a very painful experience and it leaves a mark for life. Hey, it's 58 degrees, I'm not going swimming.

It was time to string some shells for the wind chimes and after an hour of that I gave in to Watson's whines and took him to the beach. It is a longer walk now because the close set of beach stairs was damaged in the storm in Sept. Once down on the beach there were shells just begging to be picked up so we walked slowly along, Watson smelling, me shelling. A wave caught me by surprise and my feet got wet and that ended the beach trip. By that time Watson was dragging me back anyway, it is almost 4 o'clock, dinner time. I'm beginning to wonder who is in charge here.

After putting outside things away I went in to read my book. I had to turn the heat on inside I'm so cold. Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter.

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