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North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 6th 2017

Sunday was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to the girls and head to the next campground. We packed up quickly and had a chance to visit one last time before we left Thousand Trails in Clermont. At 11 am we headed out for Flagler Beach to stay in a state park there. The campground is on a spit of sand on the beach and the campsites are very small. I was a little nervous about being able to fit on the site with my new camper but we snuggled right in and fit with 6 " to spare. There is vegetation behind me then the ocean so it lulls us to sleep. There is a walkway to a beach overlook right next to us and I was able to incorporate that fence with ... read more
beach campsite
the beach took a beating from Hurricane Mathew
path to the campground from the beach

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach June 18th 2013

Waking up slowly on our last day of vacation. We have a half day to play on the beach and then off we go to head home. We stop at the Golden Lyon in Flagler Beach for the best lunch ever. 20 years of the best fish n chips ever! A great trip, perfect weather, a perfect first vacation for the grandparents and Lorelei together. Now we are Home Sweet Home! Next year our next oldest granddaughter, Morgan will be going in to 1st Grade, so we hope she can join us on an excellent adventure too! Leah is only 3, so she will have to wait a few more years for her first vacation before big girls school! We love you all!... read more
one last morning surf
The best sand ever
I love this beach

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach June 17th 2013

Woke up so late that Kitty had to scream at each of us 3 times before we would get up to feed her and Jax. Lorelei made blueberry muffins, and off to the beach! What a perfect day. Lorelei's new BFF is Savannah, a 7 year old who hangs out with us all day. After we are in the sun all morning, we spend the afternoon under the canopy playing Yahtzee, horseshoes, jump-rope, tic-tac-toe, and more games than I can remember. When Katherine comes over, everyone goes inside to play with the dolls. Kitty and Jax have turned positively friendly with all the kids! When the 3 year old boy, Jackson comes by, they all play very nicely together. Once the sun goes over behind the RV, we can go back down to the beach, for ... read more
Blueberry Muffins for breakfast!
Boogie Board in the Atlantic Ocean
Oupa & Lorelei

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach June 16th 2013

Day 5- Another special Lorelei breakfast, Eggscellent Pizza, yum! Time to pack up and move on to Beverly Beach, which is just north of Flagler Beach. We have a 6-7 hour drive ahead, and the GPS stopped working, so now the Navigator has to rely on the Mapquest that Grandma printed out, and the map that Oupa is teaching her to read. There was even quite a bit of math to figure out how far to the next exit, and how long till we get there. All this Navigating has exhausted Lorelei. We arrive at Beverly Beach RV Resort and we are parked right in front of the Atlantic Ocean. Parked next to us are 3 RV's each with a girl 7 & 8 years old. We have another friend a few spaces over who is ... read more
Navigating is exhausting!
watching the navigator is also exhausting
We made it! Beverly Beach!!

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach March 1st 2011

When I told my dear old friend Deb Williams that I was going to Florida in February (the dreaded month of cold and darkness) she said I should wait until it warmed up a bit and then go down… NO WAY! But then, she promised to try and meet me toward the end of the month; and boy did we get some nice weather. YAY! Deb has been telling me about her cousin Shannon and Shannon’s husband Danny for years. It has been a pleasure to spend the last few days enjoying their kind hospitality. These do-it-yourselfers have built (mostly by themselves) a fabulous home on the marsh at Flagler Beach and I have enjoyed every minute of my visit. Tomorrow I am headed up to St. Augustine and Anastasia State Park. ... read more
Deb on upper deck w/morning coffee
Shannon & Deb on the patio
Danny's garden

North America » United States » Florida » Flagler Beach February 25th 2011

When you travel by yourself you get to make your own decisions, but when you travel with someone else you have to negotiate outcomes... both are important things to experience and to learn how to do (with grace!). My latest dilemma, aside from deciding which camp site to choose, was whether to stay in Titusville to see the space shuttle take off, or to keep going another 60+ miles to Alexander Springs, a campground recommended in my travel guide. It was a tough decision… if I had stayed to watch the launch it would have been a big party. I saw the campers staking out their territories as I came across the bridge toward Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which was recommended to me when Gail and I were in Cedar Key. The timing wasn’t quite ... read more
5 stars for beauty!
people enjoying spring pool
retaining wall had steps into pool

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