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North America » United States » Florida » Fernandina Beach September 29th 2017

Ich bin jetzt seit 17.9. bei Terry and Mary. Abgesehen von einem kleinen Ausflug nach Orlando zur Party im Ace Cafe am 21.9. Und zu einem Besuch im Kennedy Space Center war ich damit beschäftigt, den Rücktransport von Paul in die Heimat zu organisieren. Firma 1, in Jacksonville, ca 40 km: ja. Das können wir machen. Ich gebe Ihnen die Telefonnummer von dem Agenten, an den Sie sich wenden müssen. Sie heißt Doina. Viele Anrufe. Endlich erreiche ich sie. Ja, das ist kein Problem. Ich brauche folgende Dokumente.... Ich emaile alle nötigen Dokumente. Lange Pause. Dann stellt sich heraus, dass Doina gar nicht im Lande ist, sie ist im Urlaub. Sie schickt noch einige Mails und gibt mir dann die Telefonnummer von Kyle. Sie habe ihm alles weitergeben, er wüsste Bescheid. Telefongespräch, Nein, er sei nicht ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fernandina Beach January 7th 2017

Fort Clinch State Park Fort Clinch is located in the State Park This is a great example of a fort used from 1794 to 1945.( thats right watched for German subs) The cannons were never fired in anger . There is a great group of re-enactors take care of the fort and put on demonstrations the 1st of every month. There is a Ranger that will answer questions. Go to the web site to learn more Quotations: "Common looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them."... read more
Pair of Rodman Columbiads
Work shed

Geo: 30.6699, -81.4636DH has to be one of the great Pen Pals out there. She will put a good deal of effort into maintaining contact with just about everyone she befriends along the way. This pays dividends as we travel given that we never seem to be too far away from interesting friends and acquaintances and it's always been great to catch up on the various life adventures led by all- in some cases it's been years between face-to-face contact and that was certainly the case as we headed for a multi-day stop in Lake Worth.In a former life (1988), DH found herself as a solo traveler going to a Club Med beach resort to meet men/beefcakes, and she found herself in cahoots with Pat W who was on a similar quest. Irresponsible drinking cemented the ... read more
Kennedy Space Center
Thanks To Becky & Alan For Hospitality
Space Rockets

North America » United States » Florida » Fernandina Beach November 16th 2013

Geo: 30.6699, -81.4636Strong winds and a need to regroup after the rush of getting down here made for a one week stay in Fernandina Beach. A couple of days were so windy that we didn't even get off the boat!! Nov. 18th, 2013 – We're in FLORIDA!!Well, thanks to the help of Randy and Jimmy, we are now in Fernandina Beach, Florida! The Sunshine State! I'm wearing shorts! I LOVE Florida!!! The boys began their drive home on Saturday morning. I'm pretty sure they had a good trip - a good adventure! After all, they did get to do the ocean passage that all three of them were so eager to do! I'm just happy that they got our boat to FLORIDA! Have I mentioned that I love Florida?!? :)Since the last time I wrote, I ... read more
walking around town
happy hour with friends
planning our next leg

North America » United States » Florida » Fernandina Beach January 22nd 2013

We left Georgetown Saturday the 19th of January at 7am. The winds were supposed to be changing quite often, but "anything but south" for the next 72 hours or more, and the sea in the morning was supposed to be maybe up to 5 feet but diminishing as the day progressed. We followed the tide out down the long passage back to the ocean with calm winds, but when we reached the end of the inside channel the waves picked up at an impressive pace...... these were definiately 5 feet and some were so high we figure they might have been up to 9 feet. the autopilot would do nothing in this situation, so I helmed through the outside ocean channel to safe water. From the cockpit it seemed like the nose of the boat rose ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fernandina Beach January 12th 2013

One of the perks of living in Florida is that occasionally you can get really nice weather outside of tourist season. We were lucky enough to have the stars align like this last weekend when we spent a long weekend on Amelia Island. Chris had to give a briefing at the Jacksonville airport, so we turned his two hour meeting into an excuse for a weekend away. Amelia Island is about 45 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, and just below the Georgia state line. Its claim to fame is that it's the only place in the US that has been under eight different flags. We had to google the flags because we didn't recognize several, like the North American Patriots one or the Latin American Patriots' Green Cross of Florida. Well, it turns out that tourists don't ... read more
Downtown Fernandina Beach
You've got to watch out for those pirates!
Downtown Fernandina Beach

North America » United States » Florida » Fernandina Beach October 23rd 2012

Déjà 2 semaines que nous avons quitté Annapolis et nous voilà rendu en Floride. Nous avions hâte d'être à la chaleur!!!! Nous avons navigué sur la Chesapeake bay et nous avons fait une partie de l'intracostal à partir de Norfolk en virginie jusqu'a Carolina beach en Caroline du nord. À partir de Carolina beach, nous avons fait une navigation de 48 heures en mer jusqu'a Fernandina Beach en Floride. C'étais la première fois ou nous avons passé 2 nuits en mer. Habituellement les sorties en mer qu'on avait fait était de 24 heures. À notre arrivée aujourd'hui (23 octobre), nous sommes très fatigués et épuisé mais heureux de l'avoir fait. Durant notre sortie en mer, nous avons eu la chance de voir des dizaines de dauphins jouer avec l'étrave de One Life. Il en avait partout! ... read more
Encore et encore!
Ils etaient plus d'une dizaine à la fois
MC entrain de filmé les dauphins

July 28, 2012 Fernandina Beach is a city in Nassau County in the state of Florida in the United States of America, on Amelia Island. It is among Florida's northernmost cities, and is one of the principal municipalities comprising Greater Jacksonville. The area was first inhabited by the Timucuan Indian tribe. Known as the "Isle of 8 Flags", it has had the flags of the following nations flown over it since 1562: France, Spain, Great Britain, Spain (again), the Patriots of Amelia Island, the Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, the Confederate States of America, and the United States. It is the only municipality in the United States that has flown eight different national flags. According to the 2010 census, the city population was 11,487. It is the county seat of Nassau County. Source: Wikipidia,_Florida... read more
Fernandina Beach, FL - USA
Fernandina Beach, FL - USA
Fernandina Beach, FL - USA

Hello friends. All is well. Our plan to leave Jacksonville and head further north worked well. We have a smooth, quiet trip out the St. John River and up the ICW yesterday. Just as we were catching a mooring ball the weather started to kick up. Winds and rain rocked the boat, the third night in a row but we were confident in our position. That was until the Coast Guard brought in 6 large cruisers from the ocean and we thought maybe they were expecting the worst as Tropical Depression Debbie moved inland across Florida. I have an interesting time also watching my AIS information. We have a neat system that shows large boats where we are and we can also see other boats that carry the same electronic identification system. I watched a struggling ... read more
Charming old town
Interesting Structure

My trip is almost over... I spent last night at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach just north of Jacksonville. Even though the weather report said that it wasn’t going to rain it did, however, sleeping in the van is terrific – nothing gets wet and no soggy tent to put away! I can only stay here one night because they stage a reenactment at the fort on the first weekend of every month, and I just happened to hit it, but I had a great time yesterday afternoon enjoying the fort, beach, and super bike trails. From atop the fort, across the mouth of the channel, I could see the southern tip of Cumberland Island Georgia. Before coming here I stayed 2 nights at Anastasia St Pk near St Augustine; and made sure my ... read more
Hotel Ponce de Leon now Flagler College
hotel lobby
wind sculpted

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